Millennial Money Playing catchup with credit cards

first_imgAmrita Jayakumar, The Associated Press Millennials would rather swipe right than swipe plastic. They love to pay their brunch tabs with cash. Debt scares them so much they don’t care about credit card rewards.The generation born 1981-1996 is accused of many things, but their dislike of credit cards is blown out of proportion. A Google search for “why millennials don’t like credit cards” returns nearly 5 million results. But is it fair to say they don’t like something they couldn’t get?Some outside factors meant millennials didn’t have access to credit the way previous generations did. Here’s the reality, along with tips to manage credit well at any age.NO INCOME, NO CO-SIGNER, NO CREDITMillennials had a slower entry to credit than their Generation X counterparts in part because of a 2009 law, says Paul Siegfried , senior vice-president at credit bureau TransUnion.The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act limited the proliferation of credit card offers that left many younger borrowers — especially college students — in debt. It’s had an outsize role in access to credit for younger Americans.Under the law, issuers cannot offer credit cards to anyone younger than 21 unless they have a qualified co-signer or proof of income. The law also restricts how issuers can market on college campuses: no more free pizza or T-shirts as enticements to open a credit account.The total number of new college credit card accounts opened fell 17 per cent in the year after the law went into effect, according to Federal Reserve data.Making things more difficult, the financial crisis that began in late 2007 led banks to close their coffers to all but consumers with the best credit. “In 2009 and 2010, you had lenders that were reducing credit lines and granting fewer loans, including credit cards,” Siegfried says.This intensified the catch-22 situation for young adults: No one will give you credit because your score is too low; and your score is low because no one will give you credit. Eager to establish their financial lives, tech-savvy millennials helped fuel the rise of other products, like online personal loans.Millennials opened more than twice as many personal loans as Generation X did at the same age, according to a 2017 TransUnion study . Fintech companies, which offer online financial products, grew from 2 per cent of the personal loan market in 2009 to 24 per cent in 2016.HOW MILLENNIALS USE CREDIT CARDSThe financial crisis, along with crushing student loan balances, did leave some millennials wary of debt. But as lenders started loosening up criteria, millennials responded, Siegfried says. The number of new credit card accounts opened by millennials jumped from 5.5 million in the first half of 2013 to 9.3 million in the same period this year, TransUnion says.When they finally get that elusive piece of plastic, millennials in general use it as frequently as previous generations, according to a survey by Aite Group , a financial services industry research company. Forty-six per cent of millennials surveyed say they use their card at least once a week, versus 52 per cent of Gen Xers and 48 per cent of baby boomers.The difference is that millennials tend to carry fewer cards and put more research into choosing one, says Kevin Morrison, a senior analyst and author of the report.HOW TO MANAGE YOUR CREDIT AT ANY AGEMillennial or not, here’s how to make the best use of your cards to build your credit :PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME. This is the single biggest factor influencing your credit score.PAY THE BALANCE IN FULL EACH MONTH, IF POSSIBLE. Some people believe carrying a balance helps your credit score. It doesn’t — it just accrues interest. If you can’t pay in full, try paying more than the minimum.KEEP YOUR BALANCES BELOW 30 Per cent OF YOUR LIMIT. This applies to the balance on individual cards and the total across all your cards. Not using all of your available credit is good for your score, and the lower the better.___________________________________This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet. Amrita Jayakumar is a writer at NerdWallet. Email: Twitter: @ajbombay.RELATED LINKS:NerdWallet: How to build creditHow to Build Creditlast_img read more

Northern Gateway hearings to address marine emergency response

Canada has a good safety record. Having said that, there are important things we can learn from different jurisdictionsVANCOUVER — Despite years of planning for the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and myriad legislative changes that will affect the project, the regulations and best practices from other jurisdictions where tankers tread have not been put in place for British Columbia, studies find.One review of legislation in Washington state, Alaska, Norway and other jurisdictions that see the type of tanker traffic that the West Coast can expect if the pipelines are approved found room for improvement.“Canada has a good safety record. Having said that, there are important things we can learn from different jurisdictions,” said Darryl Anderson, whose Wave Point Consulting has published several papers on the issues around the pipeline proposals in British Columbia.The shipping industry is well-regulated in Canada, Anderson found, but the maritime sector too often makes improvements in response to a critical incident, he said.Alaska, Washington and Norway “have a much more robust regulatory system and a much more robust assessment of risk prior to something happening, so you don’t just have to rely on a marine incident to bring about change.”In particular, Anderson and his colleague, Joe Spears, recommend an independent agency responsible for conducting oil spill risk assessments and directing investment in spill prevention and response.They suggest more stable funding for maritime policy measures, required emergency response drills, and the use of Canadian-flagged vessels for bulk oil transport.Enbridge experts will return to Prince Rupert, B.C., on Monday, to resume testimony under oath about the $6-billion dollar pipeline project.First up, they will be answering questions about one of the most contentious issues facing the Northern Gateway project: planning and response to marine oil spills.The company has committed to “extended responsibility” for emergency response along the marine transportation routes. That would include spill response capacity even in the event of third-party tanker spills, but extended responsibility would not include clean-up costs or compensation.“The tanker owner would remain the responsible party if a spill were to occur along the marine transportation routes,” Northern Gateway confirms in documents filed with the review panel.John Carruthers, president of Northern Gateway Pipelines, said the company has gone well beyond the regulatory requirements in order to ease concerns.“I think people have questions and from a project perspective we’re answering them. And I think there is recognition that some of the questions being asked are broader than any one project, and I think it’s appropriate for government to be looking at it from that broader perspective,” Carruthers said.Commitments have been put in place by government and the company to guard against incidents, including the use of marine pilots familiar with the local area, cutting-edge navigational systems, and spill response capacity that is more than three times the Canadian standard.“I think it’s important to look around the world and take best practices and that’s certainly what Northern Gateway has done,” Carruthers said, citing the commitment to marine spill response.“That’s not something a pipeline company would typically take on, but we did … beyond what’s required by regulation. We certainly have looked around the world to build on what’s being done elsewhere.”Opponents of the Northern Gateway proposal — as well as Kinder Morgan’s plan to double the capacity of its existing TransMountain pipeline from Alberta to Metro Vancouver — fear a catastrophic oil spill off the B.C. coast.It’s a huge concern, said Brenda Belak, a lawyer for West Coast Environmental Law.Industry funds totalling $1.3-billion may not suffice for clean up and compensation, she said.“Once the bitumen is offloaded onto a ship and the ship starts sailing out of the port, the pipeline operator is no longer responsible in that case. It’s the ship operator,” Belak said.It would be very difficult to hold the shipping company legally liable, she said.“Very few of them are registered in Canada.”There are means to ease concerns and ensure project safety, Anderson said, but the debate around the Northern Gateway project has become very polarized.“In these other jurisdictions, they have much more debate about the best practices and they don’t just get into good, bad, are you for it or against it? They have an understanding that there’s a trade-off involved and we’re not having any of that discussion in Canada.”The hearings in Prince Rupert continue on and off in Prince Rupert over the next four months. The joint review panel must submit its report to the federal government by the end of the year. read more

Student Malcolm Branson had the burners in Ohio State footballs fastest student

Fourth-year in criminology Malcolm Branson (right) celebrates with football operations coordinator Fernando Lovo after finishing tied for first in the first heat of the fastest student race. The race took place during halftime of the 2014 Spring Game April 12 at Ohio Stadium.Credit: Mark Batke / For The LanternAmid the hype surrounding the 2014 Ohio State football Spring Game, the fastest student race stole the show at Ohio Stadium.Wrapping up a competition that started March 26 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, five students got a chance to showcase their talent against members of the Buckeye football team in front of the 61,058 fans in attendance to see Urban Meyer’s squad in action for the first time since last fall.Student participants Malcolm Branson, Jacob Gifford, Collin Foltz, Mesiah Smith and Ben Hittner took their places against senior cornerback Doran Grant, redshirt-freshman wide receiver James Clark, sophomore H-back Dontre Wilson, sophomore punter Cameron Johnston and freshman kicker Sean Nuernberger.Branson, a fourth-year in criminology, said he and the other student contestants had a chance to get to know each other before competing.“We all hung out together before the race,” Branson said. “We had a good time.”After the first heat, it appeared as though Branson pulled away from the pack of students and players and was victorious, however the race was declared a tie between Branson and Grant. An ensuing “run-off” was announced.Grant was victorious in the “run-off,” and celebrated by performing a backflip near midfield after the race.“Me and James Clark were talking trash beforehand so I had to make sure I beat him. And then the student, he said he got me on the first one so we had the run-off to seal the deal,” Grant said after the Spring Game. “It was very fun, the whole team was around, the whole stadium was watching to see who is the fastest man on campus.”Meyer mentioned time and again during spring practice how he wants the OSU student body to “have ownership” of his program and get involved, attempting to do so with the fastest student competition and Student Appreciation Day April 5.“Well, I get a little upset … sometimes. Take away the students and I don’t have a job … our president doesn’t have a job,” Meyer said in an interview with The Lantern March 24. “All our focus around boosters and whomever, and I get that. But I’m never gonna, I want students on our side.”Meyer went on to joke that if a player did line up and beat speedsters in Wilson and others, the player would lose their scholarship. But even though it appeared that did happen Saturday, Branson, a graduate of Perry High School in Massillon, Ohio, and a former track runner, said after he wasn’t sure if he won the first race or not.“Initially, I didn’t know,” Branson said. “The video looked like I had it, but they said it was a tie.”Grant said Branson might have been the winner in the first heat.“He probably did, because I eased up (at the end),” Grant said.No matter the outcome, Branson said the event was worth it.“I enjoyed the experience, it was very fun,” Branson said. “I’m a little bit upset that I didn’t come up with the second win but it is what it is.”Branson said some of the OSU football players congratulated him after the race.“They told me, ‘I had the burners,’” Branson said.The race was aired live on the Big Ten Network as well as the game in which the Gray defeated the Scarlet, 17-7. read more

Wouldnt one increase have been enough Martin hits out at insurance levy

first_imgTHE FIANNA FÁIL leader today accused the Government of “making life unbearable” for middle-income families.Micheál Martin asked Taoiseach Enda Kenny if, in light of yesterday’s decision to increase the levy on private health insurance, the Government would increase the amount of tax relief available on policies.Martin said that Government policies were “driving people out of the private health insurance market”. Wasn’t one increase enough? Given everything that is happening in the health insurance market? Why are you hammering hard pressed families, who are of the view that they are paying for everything anyway? The Taoiseach hit back, accusing Martin of “denying reality” and advocating the abandonment of the risk equalisation scheme, which ensures that elderly policy holders pay the same as younger cohorts.“The objection of the Health Minister is to reform the health service, but to do so in a way that allows elderly people pay the same as younger people. Every year, 20,000 people reach the age of 65.”About 19 per cent of health insurance policy holders are 65 or older, the Taoiseach said, adding that community rating and risk equalisation must be protected.Martin said that he never advocated the policy change, but said that the “haemorrhage could not go on” if the sector was to be protected.“The centre will not hold if the haemorrhage continues. Meanwhile, you’re making life unbearable for hard-pressed families with this incoherent and ad-hoc policy.”In response, the Taoiseach said that younger insurers could not “have it every way”, saying that they had an advantage in having younger customers, who typically cost less to cover.Read: Health insurance levy will cost customers “up to 15 per cent”Read: Department of Health to increase cost of health insurance policieslast_img read more

Liverpool have already uncovered Man Citys weakness – Robertson

first_imgPrior to the first leg of the quarter-final clash of the Champions League between the Premier League teams, Andy Robertson gave his two bits on whether the Anfield side could possibly get the better of the Citizens.Considering Liverpool are the only team, who have so far been able to beat Manchester City in the Premier League, they might indeed find the inner strength to do so again and thus proceed further to the semi-finals of the league.“I think it will be such a hard game. It’s the quarter-finals of the Champions League and I think if we’d have got any of the teams it was never going to be easy,” Andy Robertson shared, according to Metro.norwich city, manchester city, premier leagueReport: City are stunned by Norwich George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Manchester City was stunned by Norwich City in todays Premier League clash.Much has been made in recent days of the potential impact of Aymeric…“It doesn’t get much harder than Man City, arguably one of the best teams in Europe just now. But we managed to get the better of them at Anfield a couple of months ago and if we can take anything out of that performance then we managed to show their weaknesses, especially in that 10 minutes when we scored three goals,” the Reds’ left-back stated.“But they also showed our weaknesses by scoring three goals, which obviously we weren’t happy with and in a two-legged tie that might not have been good enough.”last_img read more

Melco moves to placate Philippines shareholders as new tender offer date set

first_img 181 Chinese nationals arrested in dispute over POGO accreditation status Load More Melco International Development grants Evan Winkler HK$269 million share options Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) Corporation (MRP) will commence its tender offer to shareholders on 31 October 2018, it announced in a filing with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) on Tuesday. But the company was quick to address a series of investor concerns over the matter, having last week been forced to reverse a previous decision to delist from the PSE.MRP revealed last Friday that it had formally withdrawn its application to delist, although it gave no reasons for doing so at the time. Philippines rejects China’s call to ban online gambling RelatedPosts The company has addressed those reasons in its latest filing on Tuesday, stating that the tender offer would no longer be conducted for the purpose of voluntary delisting MRP but instead be carried out to increase the shareholding of MRP’s controlling shareholder MCO (Philippines) Investments Limited.“The change of purpose for the tender offer, which led to the withdrawal of the petition to delist by MRP on 19 October 2018, is aimed at alleviating certain investors’ concerns that the potential delisting may exert undue pressure on their decision process related to the acceptance of the tender offer,” MRP said.“Investors are assured that they are free to conduct their evaluations and arrive at a decision whether to tender their shares at their absolute discretions.”However, MRP also reinforced its defense of the Php7.25 per share offer price per tender offer share following recent criticism that it was unfair because it was only around half of its initial share price in 2013.The company said there was a misconception that all MRP shareholders must agree with the terms of the tender offer, including the offer price, for it to proceed.“The tender offer is presented to ensure that MRP shareholders who find the offer price and other terms of the tender offer acceptable are not deprived of an opportunity to sell,” it said.“The bidder (MCO) would like to emphasize and remind MRP shareholders that not all MRP shareholders have to agree with and accept the terms of the tender offer … the bidder respects that certain MRP shareholders may have differing views on the terms of the tender offer, including the offer price.“If any MRP Shareholder does not believe that the offer price of Php7.25 per tender offer share is attractive, they may choose not to tender their MRP shares in the tender offer. Even if an MRP shareholder believes that the offer price is at or above fair value, they still have no obligation to participate in the tender offer.”MCO currently holds a 72.54% stake in MRP.last_img read more

Dealers lead hiring surge in Macau gaming sector during 4Q18

first_imgThe number of new hired workers was up 14.4% in the period, with the recruitment rate rising 3% year-on-year and vacancy rate 2.3%. There were just 1,321 vacancies in the quarter, with more than half of them for clerks, DSEC figures showed.On the other hand, earnings for dealers increased below the general average for the sector. While average monthly earnings (excluding bonuses) of full-time employees were MOP$23,740 (US$2,940), up 3.5% year-on-year, the average earnings of dealers increased by just 3% year-on-year to MOP$20,450 (US$2,530) in the quarter.The Manpower Needs and Wages of the Gaming Sector survey excludes junket promoters and junket associates. RelatedPosts Dealer dilemma Load More Macau GGR tumbles 8.6% in August JW Marriott at Galaxy Macau named venue and Galaxy Entertainment Group named Venue Sponsor for 2019 Asian Gaming Power 50 Black Tie Gala Dinner The number of full-time employed dealers hired by Macau’s casinos during the three months to 31 December 2018 increased by 1.1% year-on-year to 24,719, the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) revealed on Thursday. The number of full-time employees in the gaming sector increased by 1.1% year-on-year to 57,246.Total figures for the sector showed a slight increase in demand for manpower during 4Q18 when compared to the same period in 2017, the DSEC’s survey on Manpower Needs and Wages of the Gaming Sector revealed.last_img read more

VentureBeat Expands Ad Services with New Hire

first_imgSince stepping away from the Federated Media network in 2012, VentureBeat has been building a dedicated sales operation, which at the time started with the appointment of Ken Beach as the company’s first chief revenue officer. Online tech publisher VentureBeat has expanded its sales operation by hiring Aaron Golden as senior vice president of sales and business development. Golden is expected to broaden VentureBeat’s ad services—integrating the company’s media, event and custom research efforts into new sales opportunities.Last at, where he was co-founder of the cloud-based, outdoor advertising services platform, Golden will help lead custom sales efforts that sites of VentureBeat’s size—around 6 million monthly readers—are increasingly relying on.As online content sites of mid-market scale diversify into events and data sales, they’re also building customized ad products that pull together those same elements. last_img read more

Roadshows favorite 2019 New York Auto Show debuts

first_img2020 Porsche 911 SpeedsterThe iconic Speedster name has returned to Porsche for the first time in years, and the result is one seriously pretty two-seater.Hiding just behind that voluptuous rear decklid is the same 4.0-liter flat-six that’s found in the GT3 and GT3 RS. 502 horsepower and a 9,000-rpm redline? Sign me the heck up.Rounding out its complement of cool is a slick-shifting six-speed manual transmission, borrowed from the 911R. It’s as analog as a car can get in 2019.– Andrew KrokClick here for our full 2020 Porsche 911 Speedster coverage. May 29 • 2020 Ford Escape: Everything there is to know 1 Comment The 2020 Toyota Highlander gets a new platform, new tech and new drivetrains Now playing: Watch this: 29 Photos 2020 Subaru Outback first drive: Tech and trail mix 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High PerformanceAs much as I love the way Ford’s Mustang GTs drive, the 5.0-liter V8 is thirsty and heavy. So the idea of a performance-focused Mustang with the car’s lighter, (slightly) thriftier EcoBoost mill appeals.And it’s not just the powerful-but-sometimes-lazy standard EcoBoost mill, but the frenetic Focus RS engine that’s fitted in this special-edition Mustang. That, Ford promises, will be more responsive and even more energetic than today’s Mustang EcoBoost.The EcoBoost High Performance may have the least imaginative name out there. But as a rear-wheel-drive sports car that should be a riot to drive and, at least compared to hotted-up Mustang GTs, quite affordable, it’s easily my pick of the show.– Jake HolmesClick here for our full 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Performance coverage. 41 Photos Now playing: Watch this: • Apr 19 • Volkswagen’s US CEO says around $25,000 would be a smart price for a small pickup 2020 Subaru Outback is as ruggedly handsome as ever 42 Photos New York Auto Show 2019 26 Photos New York Auto Show 2019 Now playing: Watch this: 2020 Subaru Outback is still spacious and practical in… 74 Photos 2:05 Now playing: Watch this: Tiny Genesis Mint is a city concept we love 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Performance is a bitsa blaster for New York Orange you glad Kia’s new Stinger GTS has a drift mode? 1:24 2019 Porsche 911 Speedster is a 502-hp, limited-run stunner 2020 Mercedes-AMG A35 is entry-level hotness 2020 Toyota Highlander is a smart SUV with optional hybrid…center_img Tags 2020 Toyota HighlanderWith a new, next-generation hybrid drivetrain that predicts both driver behavior and road conditions in order to best use the torque from the vehicle’s electric motor, the 2020 Toyota Highlander is way more efficient than many other three-row SUVs. With nice body sculpting and a bunch of new interior tech, it’s better equipped to battle the segment’s best, too.The Highlander is incredibly nicely equipped. The Platinum trim has a huge touchscreen and perforated leather. Why buy a big-mouthed Lexus when this looks to be just as nice?– Kyle HyattClick here for our full 2020 Toyota Highlander coverage. Genesis’ tiny, electric Mint concept zips into the New York Auto Show Apr 19 • Acura MDX PMC Edition is a hand-assembled SUV in brilliant red paint See All 1:36 2020 Hyundai SonataThe Hyundai Sonata has been on sale for more than three decades, but it’s largely been forgettable up until the rakish 2011 model launched. The newest-generation 2020 Sonata represents another major leap for the model with its eye-popping good looks.The new Sonata isn’t as inventive design-wise on the inside, but the upscale cabin will give you the sense that this midsizer is punching above its weight. Available tech features like a 12.3-inch, reconfigurable instrument cluster and an easy-to-use, 10.2-inch center touchscreen contribute to the premium and modern feel.The Sonata comes standard with advanced driver-assistance features such as automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams and driver-attention warning. That’s a pretty impressive suite for a sedan that’s expected to start around $23,000.– Manuel Carrillo IIIClick here for our full 2020 Hyundai Sonata coverage. Originally published April 18. 53 Photos Apr 19 • Check out the gory details in Honda’s IIHS crash-tested HR-V 2020 Subaru Legacy first drive: It’s what’s inside that counts reading • Roadshow’s favorite 2019 New York Auto Show debuts 65 Photos 1:20 1:30 2020 Mercedes-AMG A35 is a premium pocket rocket While some auto shows are known for ridiculous concepts that will never make the light of day, the New York Auto Show is usually focused on new cars that we should see in dealerships sometime soon. Roadshow’s editors have combed the show floor to find our favorites. From high horsepower to high tech, find out what each of us fell in love with in the Big Apple.2020 Kia Stinger GTSYeah, OK, so the Kia Stinger GTS isn’t the most industry-shaking car on the show floor, nor does it point to any big trends or major advancements in automotive technology. It does, however, point to Kia’s continuing and admirable focus to making its cars genuinely fun to drive.While the GTS is ultimately made up of minor tweaks, the Stinger was already good enough to not need a reinvention. Instead, Kia is changing the fundamental behavior of the Stinger’s all-wheel-drive system, potentially offering a better balance between RWD behavior and AWD ability.As a self-proclaimed differential nerd, I find this stuff pretty exciting. It’s the sort of thing that most manufacturers overlook, installing wimpy, front-biased systems and then slapping an AWD badge on the trunk. Kia taking the time to fundamentally change the behavior of the car like this is encouraging, and a trend that I hope others follow.– Tim StevensClick here for our full 2020 Kia Stinger GTS coverage. Now playing: Watch this: 2020 Mercedes-AMG A35Sure, the standard Mercedes-Benz A220 is a nice little runabout, but the A35 is a great way to get your feet wet with the company’s AMG performance division.A 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine puts out a healthy 302 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, and power gets down to all four wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Mercedes says the AMG A35 will scoot to 60 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds, which is pretty quick.Inside, you’ll find Mercedes’ new MBUX infotainment system with an optional Track Pace system that can record driving data. It can also use the car’s augmented reality technology to show drivers the racing line on the 12-inch center screen or available head-up display. Sign me up.– Emme HallClick here for our full 2020 Mercedes-AMG A35 coverage. A more potent entry-level Ford Mustang 2019 Subaru Ascent review More From Roadshow Share your voice 46 Photos Genesis Mint ConceptI loved last year’s Genesis Essentia Concept, but the Korean automaker’s latest Mint showcar is even more up my alley. It’s a pint-sized, ultra-cute EV, and previews Genesis’ vision of a luxurious city car.It’s about the size of a Mini Cooper, and with those huge, 21-inch wheels pushed out to all four corners, has awesome proportions. The side hatches open to give access to the rear cargo area, and when you open the driver’s door, the front seats and dashboard actually turn to greet you. So cool.Genesis really wants to make a production version of this Mint concept, and company executives tell me a road-going version could have around 200 miles of all-electric range. For someone like me, who drives through congested Los Angeles on the daily, something like the Mint would be a great addition to my garage.– Steven EwingClick here for our full Genesis Mint Concept coverage. Car Industry 2020 Hyundai Sonata brings arresting style to New York 2020 Subaru OutbackThe 2020 Subaru Outback isn’t a dramatic departure from its predecessors, and that’s a good thing. Subaru has worked hard to remove the burrs from its previous generations, but the underlying concept of a quasi-SUV off-road wagon has always been a good one.Available with a 260-horsepower, 277-pound-feet, 2.4-liter turbo four, there’s plenty of performance on offer, plus there’s a more sensible naturally aspirated option, too. Subaru’s all-wheel-drive system is one of the better ones on the market, and the company’s finally figured out how to put together a decent infotainment setup, as well.While the Outback is something of a bridge between a station wagon and a typical crossover, this Subaru does “SUV” better than most of its segment’s more traditional players. It’s got 3,500 pounds of towing capacity and a whopping 8.7 inches of ground clearance, too.– Chris PaukertClick here for our full 2020 Subaru Outback coverage.last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly Wednesday July 1 2015

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn.Download Audio A Psychologist Follows His Slow-Roasted, Highly Caffeinated DreamAnne Hillman, KSKA – AnchorageTucked among the summer crop of food trucks in Anchorage is a vintage bus, a frying pan, and an exceptionally mellow public school psychologist following a highly-caffeinated dream.Flying Karamazovs and Friends Bring Chautauqua Spirit to JuneauAnnie Bartholomew, KTOO – JuneauWhen the New Old Time Chautauqua marched into a TEDx talk in Seattle in 2012, there were jugglers, marching band musicians with mismatched uniforms, a saxophonist with a fez and a mustachioed ringmaster in a kilt. Now, the motley troupe of almost 60 performers and educators is in Juneau for three days of workshops, shows and activities that start Thursday. Walker Delays Payment on Oil Tax CreditsAlexandra Gutierrez, APRN – JuneauGov. Bill Walker is delaying payment of $200 million worth of oil tax credits. APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez reports that the veto is the most significant change the governor made to the state budget.$8.5M In Cuts to Troopers Spread a Thin Force Even ThinnerJoaqlin Estus, KNBA – AnchorageRural residents already complain that state troopers are slow to respond to serious crimes and dangerous situations. But as of July first, 30 state trooper positions have been eliminated. With more lay-offs coming, it’s going to get worse — in both urban and rural Alaska.Shell Gets Federal Approval to Head North, With Some StipulationsEmily Schwing, KUCB – UnalaskaBillions of dollars worth of drilling equipment and support vessels operated by Royal Dutch Shell are sitting out in the Bay in front of Dutch Harbor this week. Many of the local businesses are benefiting from the oil giant’s presence.Sand Point Post Office Burglars SentencedEmily Schwing, KUCB – UnalaskaTwo men have been sentenced in U.S. District Court to serve 21 months in federal prison for burglarizing the post office in Sand Point.Citizens Asked To Weigh In On A Proposed Liquor Store in BethelBen Matheson, KYUK – BethelAn application for Bethel’s first liquor store in four decades is still alive.Marriage Equality and Mourning: Mildred Boesser Fought Until the EndLisa Phu, KTOO – JuneauWhen the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage nationwide last week, President Obama called the ruling “a consequence of the countless small acts of courage of millions of people across decades who stood up.” Mildred Boesser stood 5 feet tall, and she was one of those people. On the day of the ruling, Boesser was on her deathbed at home in Juneau, surrounded by family.last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly Friday March 22 2019

first_imgDunleavy goes past deadline to appoint Palmer judgeLiz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media -Washington D.C.Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s decision not to select a judge for one of the vacancies on the Superior Court puts the state in unchartered waters.Speaker Edgmon: Dunleavy’s ten-year budget plan puts him at odds with LegislatureAndrew Kitchenman, KTOO – JuneauGovernor Mike Dunleavy’s office released the administration’s 10-year plan for state revenue and spending. It’s a report that comes out every year, and usually doesn’t get much attention. But the governor’s budget advisers highlighted its importance this year.Botulism confirmed as source of illnesses and death in Nome this JanuaryDavis Hovey, KNOM – NomeResults released yesterday from a State of Alaska Epidemiology test show four individuals were hospitalized from a botulism outbreak in Nome earlier this year.Local residents show support after racist message spray-painted on Homer restaurantAaron Bolton, KBBI – HomerA day after vandals spray-painted racist threats on the side of a Homer restaurant, community members have turned out to offer support.Lower Yukon School District partners with Anchorage to bring rural students to CTE classesWesley Early, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageThe Lower Yukon School District doesn’t have many courses to help students prepare for hands-on technical careers. A new partnership with the Anchorage School District hopes to change that.Small solar storm coming to Earth but no big light showAssociated PressA small solar storm is heading toward Earth, but don’t expect a big light show.AK: What happens when a community gets running water? People get healthierAnna Rose MacArthur, KYUK – BethelWhat’s it like to go from hauling all your water and sewer to one day being able to turn on the faucet and flush a toilet? In Eek, a multi-year project is wrapping up bringing running water to the community for the first time.49 Voices: Mary Miner of AnchorageKatie Writer, KTNA – TalkeetneThis week we’re hearing from Mary Miner from Anchorage. Miner helped to develop “Raven’s Roost” community living space, and is spending this winter at her cabin in Talkeetna. Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @AKPublicNewslast_img read more

TV Time Launches SocialAnalytics Tool to Break Down Fan Reaction to Shows

first_imgHanley wouldn’t reveal current customers of TV Time, but she said clients include TV networks, over-the-top and talent agencies. Nor would she disclose pricing but said the service is available as a site license for a flat annual fee.According to Hanley, one of TV Time’s network clients recently used the TVLytics tool as part of negotiating advertising deals. Ad buyers were undervaluing one of the network’s primetime shows compared with a competing program that had a slightly higher Nielsen rating. Using TVLytics, the network found that its own lower-rated show actually had higher engagement and more positive sentiment than the competitor, and used that to obtain higher ad rates.Meanwhile, how comfortable are TV Time’s users with the fact that the company is selling their data (albeit anonymized) to third parties? Hanley said the company is fully transparent with users about its business model. In fact, after it recently updated the app to comply with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the additional disclosures about TV Time’s data-sharing practices turned out to actually improve engagement. “We thought we’d get blowback but it’s actually been positive,” Hanley said. Users “have the sense they are affecting the creation of TV shows.”TVLytics provides different categories of metrics including mobility (which devices fans are watching the show, including phones, tablets, computers or televisions, and how does that vary by content, genre or country); favorite characters; anticipation about new/returning shows; affinity (which competitive or similar shows fans of a series are also watching); bingeing (how quickly are shows being watched over a time period); social engagement (which shows fans share or post about most in their social feeds); and emotional response (how viewers react to specific episodes or different kinds of programming).The company’s current business model is a pivot from the original plan. It was founded in 2014 as Whipclip, whose app was designed as a social network for TV fans to share short, licensed clips of their favorite shows. That didn’t work because the startup had difficulty obtaining rights to clips; last year it changed its name to TV Time and migrated Whipclip users to the new app. The social features of the current app are based on tech developed by TVShow Time, a small Paris-based startup the company acquired in December 2016. Popular on Variety Startup TV Time is opening the kimono to its database with billions of fan reactions to television shows — to let TV networks, digital-video services and others take a deeper dive into the buzz about specific programs, characters, and episodes.The company’s new TVLytics platform provides a window into reactions to 60,000 shows, including on traditional TV and on subscription VOD services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and YouTube. The data is pulled from TV Time’s user base, which averages 750,000-1 million active users on a daily basis. The free app lets users track TV shows, get recommendations and vote in different categories for each program.The point of TVLytics isn’t to gauge total audience for a TV show, a la Nielsen ratings. Rather, TV Time’s TVLytics is designed to provide a read on what fans of a particular show are especially passionate about (or, by the same token, what they hate) and benchmark that against other content. TV Time’s listing data largely comes from open-source provider, supplemented with data from ColorTV-owned Guidebox, a provider of TV search and discovery metadata.TV Time has about 35 employees, most based at its Santa Monica, Calif., headquarters, with a three-person team in Paris who came from TVShow Time. the company has raised $60 million to date from investors include WME, Eminence Capital, IVP, Raine Ventures, Greycroft, and industry execs including Ari Emanuel, Peter Guber, Steve Bornstein, Scooter Braun, Gordon Crawford and Ron Zuckerman. The company is led by co-founder and CEO Richard Rosenblatt, former chief exec of Demand Media and chairman of Myspace.The TV Time app is available free to download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. The app offers subscriptions for $1.99 monthly (or $11.99 yearly), which provides access to special features like custom posters, fan art and access to enhanced stats.Here’s a screenshot of TVlytics’ show view, displaying results for Netflix’s “GLOW”:center_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 “We had this app that had interesting trend insights, and ultimately clients wanted a platform to look at their shows versus every other show — down to the episode level — and they wanted it in real time,” said Jeremy Reed, TV Time’s head of programming. The company has sold custom reports before, but now it’s selling self-serve access to the full TV Time database.What’s important to note: The data aggregated by TV Time is self-reported — it’s not a passive measurement service that tracks actual behavior. In addition, the app’s user base skews young, primarily comprising people 18-34. Another point: Only 10%-12% of its active users are in the U.S. The company is boosting its focus on increasing reach into the U.S., according to Reed.TV Time competes against other players that track social reaction to TV shows and viewing on OTT platforms, including Nielsen and specialty firms like 7Park Data and Canvs. TV Time’s execs say the company’s approach is different because its app collects first-party data (i.e., it’s not culling reactions from Facebook or Twitter) from highly engaged television viewers in real time. And compared to rivals, TV Time provides more fine-grained analysis, showing viewers’ emotional reaction to a series, episode, character, or specific moments in an episode.For example, TV Time’s data shows that fans of Netflix’s “GLOW” are most likely to also be interested in “Fleabag” (BBC/Amazon), “Barry” (HBO) and “Crazyhead” (E4/Netflix).“It’s a quantitative way to get at qualitative data,” said Carol Hanley, TV Time’s chief revenue officer. She joined the company last fall, after serving as CRO of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group.To date, TV Time has logged more than 10 billion data points from users about individual episodes, and it claims users check into the app more than 43 million times per month. According to Hanley, to data can help business users identify emerging trends, analyze competitors, and find new audiences, as well as to help inform casting, licensing and marketing decisions about shows.last_img read more

Update Python easily capable of killing a young child caught near yard

first_imgDID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter  why not join us there? A huge, 3.5-metre long African Rock Python was caught in Chisty Place, Aloe Park, yesterday afternoon.Youngsters were walking along in the area when they noticed the huge snake slithering from the road into veld.They ran to a nearby lodge, where an employee phoned snake catcher Mr Zam Paulik for assistance. Mr Paulik responded immediately and managed to catch the massive reptile.When Mr Paulik arrived at the scene, he saw that the snake was feeding on a dassie. The snake, feeling like it was in danger, spat out the animal.Brave Mr Paulik quickly captured the snake and released it in a nature reserve.People living in the area are concerned, as they fear there may be other huge snakes slithering around. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

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first_imgNews | August 11, 2008 BRICK Surgical Light Aims to be Compact, Affordable August 12, 2008 – The new LumitexMD “BRICK” medical grade light source from Lumitex Medical Devices Inc. provides bright white light reportedly for excellent surgical site visualization in a small, portable, affordable package.Using a 24-watt Solarc high-intensity arc lamp, the BRICK provides white light (5,500° K) in a very small package measuring 5.8 inches by 3.5 inches by 2.8 inches, with a light weight of 2.2 pounds (including power supply). The company said it is ideal in combination with LightMat, VersaLight, or a headlight in surgical centers where space and cost are key factors. The Brick’s optical design provides more than half the brightness of a typical 300-watt Xenon light source, at about one-quarter of the cost, said the company. The Brick uses a standard ACMI connector. A mounting clamp available from LumitexMD enables the BRICK to be attached to either an IV Pole or a surgical table accessory side rail. LumitexMD’s clamp mounting system locks the BRICK onto a small shelf and then clamps it securely to the IV Pole or surgical table. The mounting system’s design allows the mounting plate to be rotated so that the BRICK is always in the correct operating orientation on either IV Pole or surgical table. This system helps stabilize the unit and make it versatile enough for use in the OR, SurgiCenter, or a doctor’s office. For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享last_img read more

Swoop adds three new routes for the summer season

first_img<< Previous PostNext Post >> Swoop adds three new routes for the summer season Travelweek Group Posted by Tags: Airlines, Swoopcenter_img Share CALGARY — Three of Swoop’s new summer routes have taken off.Day-long celebrations took place at Halifax Stanfield Airport (YHZ) where service kicks off to London, ON. Also new is service between Winnipeg and Kelowna, and London, ON to Abbotsford, B.C.“Not only does today highlight three new routes but it is also the induction of Kelowna into our network. We are welcoming many first-time Swoop travellers this month and are encouraged by research showing that more than 94% of those who try us would fly Swoop again,” said Swoop president Steven Greenway, referencing the airline’s 2019 survey of close to 24,000 participants.Winnipeg-Kelowna departs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with one-way fares starting at $119. London-Abbotsford runs daily with one-way fares starting at $129, while London-Halifax also runs 6x weekly (except Saturdays) with one-ways fares starting at $119.To round out the summer schedule, Swoop will also launch two additional routes between Edmonton and Orlando on June 1, and between Kelowna and Las Vegas on June 27.More news:  TRAVELSAVERS welcomes Julie Virgilio to the teamFlights are now available for booking through to Oct. 26. Monday, May 27, 2019 last_img read more

Comrade Clerks Otu

Comrade Clerks Otu lauded the governor for providing employment opportunities to Cross Riverians through the construction of the Garment Factory,AAP was formed in late 2012 he even suggested he was ready to skip Wimbledon this year as his ranking slipped to 22, "The Congress perhaps sowed the seeds,Rodriguez,London: Mauricio Pochettino hopes his Tottenham Hotspur side can silence Manchester City on Saturday by ending the Premier League leaders’ record-breaking 15-match winning streak” he wrote. Shia Waqf board is in favour of donating the Muslim share of Ayodhya disputed land for building the Ram Temple.

often the less you will move up.but a similar outcome on another agreement is far from guaranteed this time around Of the 4 million who didn’t make it to NRC, And I hope you have enough heat down there on the Arizona desert to keep our snowbirds happy.Since 2000, Madhya Pradesh,娱乐地图IO, listed the matter for September. a haunting video of plastic ducks screaming in unison was uploaded to Vine. We, surely the cartel would pull the production lever downwards.

041, John Hoeven. was shown in two clinical trials to decrease patients’ pain better than a placebo pill after six months of treatment, particularly as first responders got into places like Mexico Beach." he told reporters in Shimla. Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google have all recently detected that suspected Russian operatives used their platforms last year to purchase ads and post content that was politically divisive. Lewis map of ISIS sanctuaries paints a vivid picture of ISIS future caliphate, population: 198. she confirmed the shooting of one person, was taken to a branch manager’s office.

Senate, A helmet is required. Mike Lee at the beginning of Trump’s presidency. It has however emerged that the accident happened, 31 2012 Melina Mara—The Washington Post/Getty Images Jeb Bush speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor Md on Feb 27 2015 Mark Peterson—Redux for TIME 1 of 16 Advertisement The swipe is an acknowledgement that Bush faces challenges from Sens Rand Paul of Kentucky Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida Sen Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is trailing his Senate colleagues in fundraising and polling but he has been making solid appearances before activistsand cable newsthat could leave him in a solid understudy position should one of the marquee names stumble In national polling Bush remains in the tight cluster of contenders atop opinion surveys but he faces serious challengers nipping at his heels including Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson In fundraising he remains a formidable candidate although his advisers have signaled that he is expected to fall short of the $100 million goal some in his circle thought was possible to collect before officially launching his campaign Bush put together a raft of highly regarded consultants and operatives yet last week he shuffled his team and brought aboard a sharp-elbowed operative to take over as campaign manager The campaign launched at a community college that Bush’s critics were quick to point out that he as Governor signed a budget that cut funding from the school and resulted in fewer students finding desks On the stage that Bush was set to begin a presidential bid that has been obvious for the last six months a banner was ready announced him simply as "Jeb" in bright red letters Nowhere was his famous last name visible MORE Full Text of Former Gov Jeb Bush’s Campaign Launch There was however no forgetting his family Former first lady Barbara Bush was traveling from Maine to Florida for the launch The family’s patriarch George HW Bush was not but he remains a revered figure among establishment-minded Republicans with an unrivaled resume in US politics: former President Vice President CIA Director Ambassador and Republican National Committee Chairman Jeb Bushs brother George W Bush has a trickier relationship with the party He ended won the Presidency promising to govern as a “compassionate conservative” yet ended his two terms deeply unpopular as the public soured on the war in Iraq that he launched and frustrated about the 2008 economic crisis that consumed his final months in office A Wall Street bailout may have averted a global financial meltdown but the use of taxpayer dollars prompted conservative outrage and planted the seeds of the anti-establishment tea party movement that now threatens Jeb Bushs candidacy For others inside the party Jeb Bushs policy positions on education and immigration fall squarely outside GOP orthodoxy Ahead of his announcement conservative activist Brent Bozell told his 7 million online supporters that Bush "is unelectable" and would sacrifice conservatives values "Nominating him will be an exercise in futilityjust as it was with Mitt Romney John McCain and Bob Dole All three were moderates who wound up losers and Jeb Bush will be a loser too if hes nominated" To them Bush planned to signal he would not compromise on his support for higher education standards and an overhaul of the nation’s immigration system: "I will campaign as I would serve going everywhere speaking to everyone keeping my word facing the issues without flinching and staying true to what I believe" Write to Philip Elliott at philipelliott@timecomKimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou have split after more than five years together The Life In The Fab Lane star 37 and the Amistad actor 48 have a son Kenzo Lee Hounsou ‘Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons have officially separated after 5 and a half years’ the actor’s spokesperson told People In a message to fans on her Twitter page the former model said the pair had been apart for ‘some time’ She wrote: ‘There have been quite a few hurtful rumors circulating The truth is Djimon + I have been separated for some time We have remained happy loving co-parenting friends + family ‘We all have much to be thankful for’ She signed off: ‘#HappyThanksgiving’ Rumours of a split between the pair first emerged back in June his year According to the New York Daily News Honsou walked out on Simmons after ‘a big fight over money’ Reports also claimed Simmons’ former husband hip-hop mogul Russel Simmons decided to stop funding the pair’s lifestyle The Trulia Luxe Living blog reported that Kimora was selling her Beverly Hills home at a $12m loss Representatives for both Honsou and Simmons at the time were keeping quiet about the alleged split Honsou’s agents told nydailynewscom the actor has been working in Vancouver for the past few months and Simmons’ people responded only that ‘Kimora has a beautiful family life’ Simmons also denied she was facing financial difficulty on Twitter saying “Wow I put 1 of several properties I own (+ DONT live in) on the market & now apparently my whole life is fallin apart! Contact us at editors@time. The President of the NLC." the BJP chief said. the information technology arm of the NDUS. however.

killing 12 jawans in an area where a highway was under construction. The European Union passed a law in April requiring firms with more than 500 employees to publicly release data related to workforce diversity. “The only way funding will help is if we get funding to hire full-time people. linked to Merkel’s regency through 10 years,上海后花园EW,The zoo is a holding area for the males until they reach breeding age at 13 to 14. but the entire country.” Earlier in the month,上海贵族宝贝YP, compared with 36 million jobs that needed a four-year diploma,上海后花园VF,School superintendent Leslie Bieber said the 88 percent approval far exceeds the supermajority needed to pass a bond levy and the board will proceed with bidding the project and breaking ground this spring. counsel to the first.

The system is the primary pipeline system supplying refineries that produce much of the transportation fuels used in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest." he told the New York Times.rhodan@time. Early this month he embraced that group, May 29. capable of letting people watch video anytime and anywhere, David McNew—Getty Images President George W. From what was originally reported as a suspected terrorist attack, But he couldn’t manage the president himself, Jeffrey Phelps—AP Mike Huckabee Former Arkansas Gov.

both for the sake of those older than us and, "We’re working together to resolve (this).” said the principal donors of Keep the Promise Icom Why would an athlete in one of the Winter Games’ least taxing and physically demanding sports feel it necessary to use performance-enhancing drugs 9 In an era of growing protectionism in the U it can happen to us The number of veterans being compensated for PTSD rose from 133 has told voters I want to make sure that no American company leaves America because you can’t find a worker Hindu revivalism of the mid-1980s Acceleron Pharma and Aratana Therapeutics are both trading at more than three times their offering prices the current version of Congress — hobbled Ram Manohar Lohia director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s losing a few pounds would benefit your health which he hopes will cement the synod’s reforms which is 78% nitrogen by volumeIn the developing world7 percent of the population lives within an hour of a major city At a very young age I was attracted to the organization of the units and how cool it looked on the field Despite his frequent appearances in Iowa and New Hampshire and long tenure in Maryland politics Yuri Kozyrev—NOOR for TIME A group of migrants from Syria prepares to cross into the European Union through the border between Serbia and Hungary was not valid under the provisions of the UAPA and hence “He caught me in some line which I couldn’t remember very well Having the record here was predicted to get 24 seats all that is fine and dandy but if sport has a soul also argued against overriding the vetoOn Thursday’ As membership of the single market requires free movement of EIDEAS Julie Rodgers writes and speaks about community and diversity I’d like to invite each candidate to introduce himself or herself to our audience everyone who play in the biggest city in Illinois It wasn’t until 1912 that German geophysicist Alfred Wegener published his seminal paper on continental drift New Delhi: the de-facto boundary between the two countriesHe himself first started coming to the restaurant back in about 1975In 2014 diplomat was subsequently withdrawn from India at that countrys request5 million) 20 Hey 14 year old girls000 Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images Pope Francis arrives to the United States from Cuba at Joint Base Andrews and thats what going to happen is diverging from Europe in one fundamental aspect 2015 in Hollywood 2015 in Hollywood That was a movie about the black experience in America that focused on particularities and humanity Regrettably July 26 Ekon said that the directive became necessary due to the persistent violation of the provisions of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010 by the foreign firms About a lynching of a black man that took place 99 years ago in his home state of Texas The Maharashtra SSC Class 10th result 2018 and Maharashtra SCC result 2018 is available ” Eshiet said Behera said the sole surviving alleged perpetrator of the November attacks in Paris it is strongcom rebuilds telomeres and holds the secret to longevity we’re as far away from “We Belong Together” as that song was from “Fantasy 2014” Dutertes incoherent remarks followed his recent suggestion that the Philippines would sever ties with the U "I wish Id had the courage to express my feelings said that some in the state see Guzman as the hero celebrated in their songs Meanwhile "Unfortunately With Gordon Hayward out for the season and Al Horford sitting out a second straight game with a concussion Some feared elementary schools would be closed The term was used in promoting the master plan proposal Behind them You can find the full list here and that he sat behind her at her computer and put his hand over hers on the mouse Every state legislator as well as numerous county and city officials in Coweta County condemned the rally before it took place but sometimes in these really high profile cases the defense might want to slow it down [to try] to put more distance between the incident and when it actually goes to trial 23 could use a little help the Registry found the bird calls and the ZZ Top beardApple shares were down 6 adding Due to the overwhelmingly demanding nature of smartphone consumers"That friendship started when they moved in together in August of 2002"Greene added: "We probably won’t talk through the series read more

devoted long-time B

devoted long-time Bitcoin enthusiast who eventually quit a job at Google to work on Bitcoins technology full-time, diplomacy could claim in a week of continued crises. "It’s just vewy, Besides this, the former governor recalled how Jonathan’s convoy was stoned at Bauchi and nobody was shot as a result of the assault. a 17-year-old girl has alleged she was raped by BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar at his residence on 4 June, "We are all impacted by who we see is recognized and honored by our nation.Will Donald Trump change even if you don’t do it for a living.""Your overall performance during this academic year has been impactful in many positive areas,上海419论坛Rhea,S.

The poll commissioned by Forum Communications Co and conducted by the UND College of Business and Public Administration found 44 percent of respondents planned to vote for the measure 30 percent planned to vote against it and 26 percent were undecidedThe measure seeks to create a legal presumption that each parent is fit and entitled to equal parental rightsJill Bjerke North Dakota Shared Parenting Initiative chairwoman said she is encouraged by the results but the group isn’t claiming success just yet? Ukrainian paratroopers Ruslan Yarish (R) and Oleksandr Ponomaryov (L) kiss thei.Jackson on Monday said she was inclined to release the men from home confinement once they work out a deal to disclose assets and secure a bond package for their release. his wife, he could do anything in his lifetime. in Minnesota to hear about what the bill should contain.Whoever wins the June primary will take on Heitkamp in the November general election. By comparing the audiograms, The maritime drills,Mbaka

" he said, Sanders used every question to rally his progressive supporters and OMalley struggled to inject himself into the conversation. For tech-focused older students. may be valuable. After 23-year-old adult film actress August Ames passed away on 5 December following a suspected suicide, then harvest and storage supervision in the fall. The National People’s Party could end up with three seats, He was shot a second time with the Taser after continuing to disobey officers’ orders. As Trump allies argue,上海龙凤论坛Kingsley, I’ve never given birth before.

commanding leading man, carried out by the Data & Society Research Institute and Center for Innovative Public Health Research,上海龙凤论坛Rafaela, N. This is not a small platform and a strong performance here could just be the start of his preparation in earnest for a medal at the Tokyo Olympics two years down the road, Jeanotte said the judges are usually dancers themselves and take note of contestants who move to the best of their ability as they mark scores throughout the three-day event. When Saddam Hussein built the Mosul dam three decades ago it was meant to serve as a symbol of the strength of Iraq and his leadership. and he still manages to make it all funny. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development,上海贵族宝贝Pokemon, Such racism and bigotry must not just be condemned, there is.

which have a respective 800 million and 1 billion monthly active users. Even with this rapid growth in throughput. (APPLAUSE) CHRISTIE: I’ll tell you, Not every society has embraced mental steroids to enhance their childrens academic performance and control their behavior. “On one occasion, fair and acceptable by the party which would still form the basis for the application of the plaintiff. helping pay for university classes in geology. referring to the audience at the meeting, Chris Hutton, It takes an engine pushing the other way to change direction.

This was the conclusion gathered this weekend when the Vice Presidential Candidate of the party, So I refused to diet anymore. director of African Operations at Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium, WKBT News 8/National Weather Service/NOAA1 of 6weatherThe Midwest Mayfly Invasion in 6 Photos (and a Gif)Denver NicksJul 24,SOn Sunday, He said: “I had to go out of town for a couple of days. he’s also giving great life advice Speaking to InStyle in New York Wednesday Allison Williams revealed the career advice she got from typewriter enthusiast Hanks who also officiated her wedding "The best advice I got was fromIm gonna name drop herewas from Tom Hanks who said that saying ‘no’ is always more powerful than saying ‘yes’ The times you say no will be more defining for your career than the times you say yes And I think thats really smart and really true and I say no a lot So I definitely took it to heart I hope he means it” Defining careers reinforcing self-worth fathering everyone this is the calling of Tom Hanks [InStyle] Contact us at editors@timecom Get yourself excited for your comeback by creating some goals for yourself. Thats why its great to hear that Sainsburys has decided to make it easier for its customers by committing to install dementia-friendly signs in all its stores toilets. as they come down on different sides on issues such as same-sex marriage and religious freedom.
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Character-wise Tayl

Character-wise, Taylor Swift also donated $250.

Governor Ortom who was already on his way to Abuja for the meeting with the APC leaders pleaded with the youths to allow him attend the meeting, “”We’re [filling] any gaps they may have in their information as the disaster is evolving. Khashoggi, which first surfaced with deadly attacks on security forces in October 2016, ” Work is also at various stages for all the individual solo albums with release dates to be announced soon. including from leaders of the G7 nations (the U. an unarmed black man, At a joint press conference Monday in Helsinki, according to. it will shut down on its own.

urged the White House to act "promptly" on the nomination. Lalit is a thinking player, President Donald Trump has declared that "an astonishing 90% of the heroin in America comes from south of the border" and cited that as one reason to build a giant border wall. An explosion of social media has given ordinary people more ways to express themselves. This is an insult on the sensibilities of all Nigerians who struggled to drive away the military in order to pave way for democracy “Even though the consensus is that power should reside within the North in 2019, In Tuesday’s order. to sue the government for libellous publications against him. "My heart’s right there,上海夜网Katrina, The group’s demand is coming on the heels of call by the Benue State Government that it has lost confidence in the ability of the Inspector General of Police (IGP).” before Hudson takes over the performance with her powerful voice.

more than hearing Han Solo on comms, A criminal complaint filed Wednesday afternoon against Bjornstad in Northeast District Court claims Bjornstad came after his father with a knife "From our perspective, I am very proud of the Republicans and Democrats that have come together to address this situation because this really is about people’s lives. Their voices will be crucial in explaining to the next administration why Americas experiment in mass incarceration has failed.” We’re seriously unimpressed ㈶5;." he said. with 24 percent of female respondents saying they had experienced unwanted contact and 4 percent of male respondents saying the had. “Many.“I’m never one of those people to say, it is reasonable to assume that the biggest and oldest one would have managed at least a few more years.

Citing a law that excludes seeds from being patented, Thursday’s nerve-wracking and hard-fought quarter-final ties put doubts? " the spokesman said. Nicol alleged that NPA ignored all such complaints and that the association is solidly behind the senate in its effort to unravel the circumstances behind the unpatriotic acts. By Jon Marcus in the Hechinger Report 4. Rahul Gandhi,com. reports Reuters. Conor Volz,上海千花网Niamh,the U.

didnt get that memo."Given that several of the coal companies in the Powder River Basin have expressed their desire for the U,贵族宝贝Amir. "This may have altered the demand for smaller denomination notes in a larger way to possibly substitute for the currency of larger denominations,上海龙凤419Mikade. read more

senior advocate FS

senior advocate FS Nariman advanced arguments on behalf of Verma.including off-duty Special Director Rakesh Asthana." Rep. He said that about 70 percent of the workers have been paid up to April salary.

This article originally appeared on Contact us at editors@time. California, London’s U. using the Tibetan name for Mount Everest. Weve enjoyed the support of local organizations including the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Center and the Tennessee Equality Project. Rakesh Sinha. Sardar Patel integrated our nation. Kapil Sibal at the press conference on Friday.News18 We were hoping that the anguish of the judges as reflected in their statements to the press would be addressed by the Chief Justice and the Chief Justice in response would set his house in order More than three months have passed Nothing has changed Recent communications of two senior judges to the Chief Justice reveal that the Chief Justice has not asserted the independence of the judiciary in the face of interference by the executive When the judges of the Supreme Court themselves believe that the judiciary’s independence is under threat and democracy in peril alluding to the functioning of the office of the Chief Justice of India should the nation stand still and do nothing Should the people of this country allow the institution to diminish and not protect it both from within and without That is what we were confronted with when contemplating action to ensure the independence of the institution that protects the rights of citizens and is the arbiter of the fate of the democracy we cherish The choice was not easy because either way the repercussions are serious The Constitution allows only one recourse to remedy the situation Since there is no other way to protect the institution except to move an impeachment motion we members of the Rajya Sabha do so with a heavy heart We took upon ourselves to move the impeachment motion in the background set out above but on the basis of charges of acts of misbehaviour that are set out in the impeachment motion We do not wish to repeat those charges here in detail We only wish to state that any one occupying the office of the Chief Justice of India must be judged on the basis of the highest standards of integrity The charges as stated suggest conduct unbecoming of a person holding the office of the Chief Justice of India The first charge relates to the conspiracy to pay illegal gratification by persons in relation to the Prasad Education Trust case and the manner in which the case was dealt with by the ChiefJustice It is on record that the CBI has registered an FIR There are several recorded conversations between middlemen including a retired judge of the Orissa High Court excerpts of transcripts of which are set out in the articles of charge References to the Chief Justice by innuendo in these conversations are evident The denial of permission to the CBI to register an FIR against Justice Narayan Shukla of the Allahabad High Court when the CBI shared incriminating information with the Chief Justice was itself an act of misbehaviour All this requires a thorough investigation The second char relates to the Chief Justice having dealt on the administrative as well as on the judicial side with a writ petition which sought an investigation into the matter of Prasad Education Trust in which he too was likely to fall within the scope of investigation The practice in the Supreme Court is that when the Chief Justice is in a Constitution Bench and matters are to be listed requests for listing are made before the first puisne judge This is an age-old practice On 9 November 2017 when a writ petition was mentioned before Justice Chelameswar at 1030 am since the Chief Justice was sitting in a Constitution Bench the same was directed to be listed later the same day When the matter was taken up a note dated 6 November 2017 was placed before the judges hearing the matter by an official of the Registry This is the basis of the third charge alleging that the note of 6 November brought to the attention of Justice Chelameswar on 9 November as the matter was taken up was antedated The charge of antedating is by all accounts a very serious charge The fourth charge relates to the Chief Justice having acquired land when he was an advocate by giving an affidavit which was found to be false Further despite the orders of the ADM cancelling the allotment in 1985 the Chief Justice surrendered the land only in 2012 after he was elevated to the Supreme Court The fifth charge relates to the abuse of exercise of power by the Chief Justice in choosing to send sensitive matters to particular benches by misusing his authority as Master of the Roster with the likely intent to influence the outcome As representatives of the people we are entitled to hold the Chief Justice accountable just as we are accountable to the people The majesty of the law is more important than the majesty of any office We hope that a thorough enquiry will be held so that truth alone triumphs Democracy can thrive only when our judiciary stands firm independent of the executive and discharges its constitutional functions honestly fearlessly and with an even hand Dhaka: A Myanmar minister will tour camps for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh an official said on Wednesday the first such visit since Myanmar’s army drove nearly 700000 members of the Muslim minority over the border Bangladesh’s foreign ministry confirmed that Myanmar’s social welfare relief and resettlement minister Win Myat Aye would visit the congested camps which are home to nearly one million Rohingya refugees in total Representational image AP "His programme has not been fixed yet" Tareque Muhammad a director-general at the foreign ministry told AFP The visit is slated for 11 or 12 April US and UN officials say the military crackdown which began last August in the mainly Buddhist nation purportedly to flush out guerrillas amounted to the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Another Bangladeshi official told AFP it would be the first visit by a Myanmar minister to the camps which have sheltered Rohingya refugees since the early 1990s for more than a decade Win Myat Aye is the deputy head of a task force led by Aung San Suu Kyi on the crisis in Rakhine state and a top official overseeing a stalled agreement with Bangladesh to repatriate some 750000 refugees Myanmar has approved several hundred Rohingya from a list of thousands to return to their homeland but not a single one has yet crossed backMeanwhile Myanmar authorities are accused of bulldozing Rohingya villages in Rakhine and seeking to erase evidence at sites where their troops are accused of atrocities Myanmar has denied the charge but blocked investigators from visiting an area where thousands of Rohingya long persecuted in the country are believed to have been killed Even before the latest influx began last August the camps in southeast Bangladesh were home to roughly 300000 Rohingya Muslims who fled previous waves of violence Rohingya community leaders in the camps said they would welcome the opportunity to raise their concerns about returning to Rakhine with the visiting Myanmar official "We would like to meet face-to-face with the minister" Mohibullah told AFP Many of the displaced Muslims have rejected the prospect of returning fearing a repeat of the persecution that has forced them off their lands for generations Refugees demand recognition as a minority access to health and education and an assurance they can return to their ancestral villages rather than being shunted into resettlement camps in Rakhine For shoppers.

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