Facebook to bring out more privacy features to show what users are

first_imgTORONTO – Facebook says users in Canada and other countries will soon be getting a new type of privacy alert similar to one it first rolled out in the European Union, which is activating a stricter set of regulations on Friday.The social media giant’s chief privacy officer said Thursday in a blog post that Facebook’s new type of alert will prompt users to review details about what they’ve chosen to share.The customized alerts will indicate what political, religious and relationship information that they have chosen to include on their profiles, among other things.Facebook will also show a summary of features they’ve enabled, such as face recognition or ads based on data from partners, but not features that have already been disabled or not activated.The announcement comes one day before the European Union activates its General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR, which can impose fines on any company that violates an EU resident’s privacy rights.Facebook’s adoption of the GDPR standard across its worldwide operations comes as it grapples with political and consumer reaction to revelations that information gleaned from its users was collected by Cambridge Analytica — one of the companies that advised the Trump presidential campaign.Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has apologized repeatedly, including to EU law makers in Brussels on Tuesday, for how the social network has been used to produce fake news and interfere in elections.last_img read more

Pak govt removes Shehbaz Sharifs name from nofly list

first_imgIslamabad: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Shehbaz Sharif’s name was removed from the no-fly list Thursday, days after a court ordered the government to allow him to travel abroad. The 67-year-old leader’s name was placed on the travel blacklist on February 22 for allegedly possessing assets beyond his declared sources of income. He had approached the Lahore High Court seeking declaration of the government’s decision as null and void. A two-member Lahore High Court bench headed by Justice Malik Shahzad on March 26 ordered the government to remove Shehbaz’s name from Exit Control List (ECL). Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USThe federal interior ministry authorised the move following the Lahore High Court’s order, Express News reported. The ministry also issued a notification confirming that Shehbaz is now free to travel abroad, it said. Reports suggest Shehbaz would soon depart for London, where his granddaughter recently underwent a cardiac procedure necessitated by a complication at birth. Shehbaz is also expected to undergo medical check-ups during his stay in London. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential pollsHe has been indicted along with nine others in the Ashiana Iqbal Housing scam case. He was arrested by the National Accountability Bureau in the probe on October 5, 2018 and released on bail on February 14. Shehbaz served as the chief minister of the politically crucial Punjab province from 2013 to 2018. He became PML-N president after his elder brother Nawaz Sharif was barred from holding the top party position and public posts.last_img read more

Cyber thugs running criminal flea market on FB

first_imgSan Francisco: The US cyber intelligence firm Cisco Talos has discovered 74 Facebook groups – touted as “online criminal flea market” — that were buying and selling stolen credit card information and cybercrime tools. The groups, with approximately 385,000 members, promised to carry out “an array of questionable cyber dirty deeds, including the selling and trading of stolen bank/credit card information, the theft and sale of account credentials from a variety of sites, and email spamming tools and services”. The majority of these groups use fairly obvious group names, including ‘Spam Professional’, ‘Spammer & Hacker Professional’, and ‘Facebook hack (Phishing)’. “Despite the fairly obvious names, some of these groups have managed to remain on Facebook for up to eight years, and in the process acquire tens of thousands of group members,” Cisco Telos said in a blog post on Friday. A simple search for groups containing keywords such as ‘spam’, ‘carding’, or ‘CVV’ will typically return multiple results. Cisco Telos alerted Facebook about these groups and the social media giant took down the majority of those. “However new groups continue to pop up, and some are still active as of the date of publishing (Friday),” wrote Cisco Telos. A Facebook spokesperson told CNET that these groups violated its policies against spam and financial fraud and have removed them. Talos initially attempted to take down these groups individually through Facebook’s abuse reporting functionality. While some groups were removed immediately, others only had specific posts removed. Talos said it continues to cooperate with Facebook to identify and take down as many of these groups as possible. In April 2018, security reporter Brian Krebs alerted the social media site to dozens of Facebook groups wherein hackers routinely offered a variety of services including carding (the theft of credit card information), wire fraud, tax refund fraud and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. “Operating with impunity, these attackers relentlessly probe cyber-defences of enterprises everywhere. “This is a high-stakes endeavour because an attacker with even the smallest foothold inside an organisation can do considerable damage,” said Cisco Telos.last_img read more

Casablanca Shooting Police in Search of Two Armed Suspects

first_imgCasablanca- Armed assaults are increasingly becoming a customary phenomenon in Casablanca. After the previous armed assault whose victim was a Chinese citizen living in Casablanca, two Moroccans recently shot a Moroccan-French citizen in the Borgone neighborhood, Casablanca.    Since the incident took place in Casablanca last Wednesday, November 6, police have been mobilized in search of the two suspects. According to Alyoum24, the wanted Moroccan suspects are two 30-year old young people, who were wearing sport suits and hats when they stole a Peugeot 307 car after shooting the owner. The suspects subsequently abandoned the car at Khalil Boulevard near Ain Diab beach before fleeing away. Once notified of the incident, police forces were positioned at all entrances to the city in order to ensure the two suspects don’t escape justice. A rigorous investigation was also launched as soon as the city police was informed of the armed assault, and Casablanca’s police have collected all evidence related to the incident, including two bullets found at Zektouni Boulevard in Casablanca, which were reportedly shot from the same gun used by the suspects. The victim, a Moroccan born in France, who comes to Morocco to sell used cars, is still under medical care and vigilant police surveillance at Al Andaloss hospital. The victim will reportedly be interviewed as soon as he feels well. Police forces already interviewed the victims’ wife and relatives and inspected his phone call history in hopes to find any indices that would lead to the arrest of the suspects.last_img read more

Ban warns of dangers of losing cultural differences as world grows closer

16 November 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today cautioned against the erosion of diversity and rise of discrimination as the forces of globalization and technology bring disparate communities across the world closer together, in a message marking the International Day for Tolerance. In his message for the Day, observed annually on 16 November, Mr. Ban said that Internet chatrooms and social networking sites enable us to connect with more people than we can hope to meet.“Global branding and the growth of international social and cultural movements expose us on a daily basis to the tastes, opinions and habits of our fellow men and women,” said Mr. Ban. He said that there are more ways than ever to communicate and to benefit from cross-cultural exchanges. “And as we grow closer, there is also a danger that the human propensity to build walls will assert itself, separating people into ‘us’ and ‘them.’”All too often these divisions lead to the victimization of some of the most vulnerable groups in society, defined along lines of nationality, ethnicity and religion among other markers that single out minorities.“Tolerance does not mean indifference or a grudging acceptance of others,” said Mr. Ban. “It is a way of life based on mutual understanding and respect for others, and on the belief that global diversity is to be embraced, not feared.”On behalf of the “most vulnerable communities, and for all humanity, let us work together to promote tolerance,” he urged. read more

DR of Congo UN Mission rescues survivors of whaleboat fire

MONUC sent two speedboats and a helicopter to Lukolela, where an engine caught fire, and transported 180 men, 70 women and 30 children out of the 500 people said to have been aboard the whaleboat to Mbandaka, 150 kilometres to the northeast.The rescue mission carried hundreds of bottles of water donated by MONUC and 190 tons of medicine and blankets donated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).MONUC found four bodies near Lukolela, and five injured people were hospitalized, but the exact death toll from the 29 January fire remains unknown. Witnesses said a number of whaleboat passengers had arrived in Mbandaka aboard other boats, according to the Mission.The passengers were coming from the market in Makoti Mpoko, a village in the Republic of the Congo, MONUC said.The Mission tried again, meanwhile, to send a multi-faceted team on Wednesday to verify information about an alleged massacre of dozens of people in Gobu, northeast of Bunia.MONUC spokesman Hamadoun Toure said the team had left Tshomia for Gobu in six boats after eight attempts at flight had been foiled by bad weather and conditions on the terrain in the landing area. read more

Brock students assess agefriendliness of downtown St Catharines

Third year Brock Medical Sciences student Elisa Brown with Sharon Shaw from the Region’s Centre Street Seniors Residence in downtown St. Catharines.Healthy communities encompass all age groups.Working together on an intergenerational research study, 45 Brock students were recently matched with 20 Niagara seniors to better understand what makes a community “age-friendly.”The study, “Through Their Eyes,” examined the age-friendliness of the neighbourhood surrounding Niagara Region’s Seniors Residence at 14 Centre Street in downtown St. Catharines.The study aims to identify opportunities for change in the community.“Getting our students out into community was a key component of enhancing their learning experience,” says Paula Gardner, course instructor and assistant professor of Health Sciences at Brock. “Through this community-based project we will not only understand what makes a healthy community, but we will also start to build one.”With older residents serving as guides, students adopted the “go along” interview method, which combines in-depth interviews with participant observation. They also worked collaboratively with seniors to assess their neighbourhood.“I learned a lot, not only about the processes and how to formulate change within communities,” says Elisa Brown, a third year Brock Medical Sciences student, “but also how to conduct research that has a social impact.”Community Partners for the project include Niagara Regional Housing and Public Health, the 14 Centre Street Seniors Residence, Niagara’s Age Friendly Community Network and Niagara Connects. The study was part of the upper-year Health Sciences course, “Developing Healthy Communities” at Brock.Brock’s Service Learning Resource Centre also provided a $1,500 Service-Learning Course Incentive grant to help enhance the service-learning components of this course.Paula Gardner, course instructor and assistant professor of Health Sciences, talking with seniors from 14 Centre St. who participated in the study. read more

Can NFL Coaches Overuse PlayAction They Havent Yet

15th*11.1– 12th*8.5– The third shows when I stopped counting the linebacker’s movement as “wasted” for the purposes of the study: 8th7.2– More play-action passes do not mean fewer wasted yardsAverage yards wasted by the middle linebacker on each play-action pass in a game 10th7.9– 11th7.2– 14th*6.4– 5th7.5– There is a lot of good research showing that teams don’t run enough play-action. Most of the arguments for limiting its use are unsupported by the evidence. Now, thanks to the NFL’s Next Gen data, we can add evidence that middle linebackers won’t stop biting on the play-action, even if it’s used more than NFL coaches have been comfortable running it. Linebackers bite just about the same amount the 11th time a play-action pass is called in a game as the first time it’s called. It’s only after we get to 12 play-action passes in one game that things start to get wonky — but that may be because of the small sample sizes of those instances.Across the entire sample of 91 games and 1,235 plays, I found no correlation at all between the number of times a team ran the play-action and total yards of wasted ground by middle linebackers.5R-squared of 0.001775, p-value of 0.5766. We’d love more data to examine, to look closer at what happens when more play-actions are run. But given what we know about the effectiveness of the play, the self-imposed threshold set by play-callers of roughly six to nine play-action fakes per game is likely too low.Stopping the run is a major focus at every level of football, and the NFL especially makes it a high priority to effectively defend the run. Teams do this by coaching their linebackers and box safeties to play the run first in nonobvious passing situations. This emphasis on run stopping comes at a cost, however. Defenders must read their “run keys” — movements by the offense that indicate a run is coming — and react quickly to fill their gaps and prepare to make a physical play. It could be the case that defenders simply don’t think about how often the team is faking the run but instead just read and react to their run keys.To play fast in the NFL, it’s often said, you can’t think but instead must react based on instinct and training. Perhaps that instinctual reaction explains why play-action continues to be effective no matter how often it’s used. It’s also probably the case that certain teams and players are more susceptible to play-action than others, and smart NFL teams will identify and exploit their opponents’ tendencies.Those smart NFL teams should also pay attention to exactly how they use the play-action. According to the Sports Info Solutions data, passes thrown 7 yards deep or less are caught less frequently on play-action than on other passes. This could be because defenders have moved toward the line of scrimmage and are in better position to make a play on the ball. Play-action is only more effective than other passes when the ball travels at least 8 yards in the air — over the head of the linebackers who’ve been fooled. PA PassLB Wasted yards 7th7.2– Distance traveled by a defender while biting on a play-action fake is a fairly precise way to quantify just how fooled a defender was on a play. Continuing to move toward the line of scrimmage when the offense is passing is a problem; defenders want to “get depth” as soon as they can if they identify pass. Any movement toward the line of scrimmage is usually wasted.After summing up the total distance traveled for each of the plays, I calculated that on the average play-action pass play, the middle linebacker covers 7.5 yards of wasted ground. In seven instances in our sample, teams ran 15 or more play-action plays in a single game. Those games would have offered the middle linebacker the most opportunities to figure out the play-action, but the average distance traveled was 8.2 yards — even higher than the overall average.I broke out the average wasted distance traveled by linebackers by the number of times a play-action pass was called in a game to see how teams reacted. It turns out that the wasted distance traveled was remarkably stable. The second shows the entire play with the middle linebacker and quarterback isolated: 9th8.4– 6th7.3– 4th7.1– 13th*10.5– 16th*4.7– The play-action pass is one of the most effective calls in all of football. The three teams that use the play-action the most — the Rams, the Patriots and the Chiefs, according to data from Sports Info Solutions — each locked down a first-round bye in the playoffs. Across the league in 2018, quarterbacks with at least 100 pass attempts average 1.39 yards per attempt more out of play-action than they do on all other plays.1And it’s not just guys like San Francisco’s Nick Mullens and his +4.2 yards per attempt play-action differential who are bringing up the group average. Of 40 qualifying quarterbacks, 77.5 percent have a higher yards per attempt on play-action passes than on other plays. This pattern of play-action success holds true for every year that we have data.22005 through 2018. Yet despite this success, the league average share of plays that are play-action passes is just barely above 20 percent.Why is play-action so effective? When defenders bite on a play-action fake, they move out of position for defending the pass and create clear lanes for the QB to throw to the intermediate and deep parts of the field.But NFL coaches tend to run them only a handful of times per game because they appear to believe that overuse of play-action will cause linebackers to stop biting on the fake. Diminishing returns will set in, defenders will stop respecting the run, and the superiority of play-action will vanish. But is this actually the case? Do linebackers start to ignore the fake handoff if they see it many times in a single game?Until very recently, we had a hard time answering this question with the data that was available. But in the past couple of weeks, the NFL released a tranche of Next Gen tracking data for 91 games from 2017 via its inaugural Big Data Bowl. Michael Lopez, the NFL’s director of analytics, spearheaded the effort to allow analysts to dig into the tracking data and mine it for insights. I was able to use this data to quantify the effect of play-action on the movement of middle linebackers — and to see if a high number of play-action plays had any effect on the outcome of the plays.I took each of the 1,235 play-action plays in the sample and isolated just the middle linebacker’s movement from snap to throw.3Both outside linebackers and box safeties are also influenced by play-action, but their run fit responsibilities are sometimes less clear, so for this study, I focused just on the middle linebacker. I measured the distance traveled by the defender while moving forward toward the line of scrimmage at any angle, and I stopped counting the distance as soon as he turned and retreated into coverage. If two linebackers were playing on the inside, I included only the player who moved the most toward the line of scrimmage during the play. Below are three animations that help illustrate the process.4Animation code courtesy of the NFL.The first shows the entire play with all players involved: 1st7.1– 3rd7.8– 2nd7.7– * Fewer than 20 observationsSource: NFL Next Gen Stats Check out our latest NFL predictions. read more

iFixIt tears open the Nexus S discovers curved displays secrets

first_imgiFixIt have shown their love for Google and Samsung‘s flagship Gingerbread phone by prying it apart and ripping out their innards.What’d they find? Well, the feature that most differentiates the Nexus S is its concave screen, which is supposed to be more comfortable to use. You might assume that this screen was some sort of funky curved Super AMOLED panel, but it’s nothing so impressive: rather, the Contour display is just a regular, flat Super AMOLED panel fused to a curved piece of glass.There’s some other interesting departures. The motherboard is different from the Galaxy S, apparently to accommodate the increased storage capacity as well as the new NFC chips.Compared to an iPhone, iFixIt were pretty happy with the Nexus S’s repairability, claiming it was easy to teardown. Ultimately, they give it a 7/10 for repairability… a nice change of pace in an increasingly unrepairable sector.Read more at iFixItlast_img read more

New civil service evaluation scheme in weeks

first_imgThe Greek government, which has riled lenders recently with the reversal of some reforms in the public sector, said that it will introduce a new assessment scheme for civil servants within a month.Speaking at the Economist conference in Athens on Thursday, Alternate Minister for Administrative Reform Giorgos Katrougalos said that the evaluation system to be brought in by the government would aim to improve the performance of civil servants. Katrougalos claimed the scheme introduced by the previous coalition sought to punish workers.Katrougalos said that Athens has signed agreements with the French and Swedish governments for the exchange of know-how in order to develop the assessment scheme.“Greek society has a hostile attitude toward the state, which it does not trust,” said the minister. “The changes that we are working on are aimed at improving the performance of the public administration and restoring its image in the eyes of citizens.”The government has angered creditors by reversing some of the previous government’s sackings in the civil service and abandoning a mobility scheme. However, Katrougalos said on Thursday that a new mobility program would be introduced, mostly targeting the health, education and welfare sectors.Katrougalos claimed that the reforms passed by the previous government were not genuine and were only implemented so Greece could get through the troika reviews.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Marcelino confirms Chicharito wants to play for Valencia

first_imgAs the transfer market maintains its course at the end of January, manager Marcelino has confirmed that ‘Chicharito’ is keen in a Valencia move.With striker Michy Batshuayi not living up to the expectations for Valencia, it was only natural that manager Marcelino started looking for a proper replacement such as West Ham United’s ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez.The Mexican player has a sweet memory at Mestalla during his Manchester United days, he scored the winning goal against Valencia and left a very good impression with all the Spanish fans who right now would love to have him come back to La Liga.The striker already knows what it is to play in Spanish football after he played a season on loan for Real Madrid, he became very important for Los Blancos when Carlo Ancelotti was still the manager of the club but fell short as the squad only made it to Champions League semifinals and didn’t win La Liga trophy.Hernandez still left a great image amongst all Spanish football fans, they like the idea of having him back scoring goals for Valencia and the club’s manager just revealed that the player is keen on making the shock move from English football.But there are a set of problems that prevent him from coming.Chicharito se atascaLINK PODCAST ➡️ https://t.co/iwmJfN0wGK🦇 Garay, Batshuayi y Chicharito, los tres nombres del mercado🗣RP Marcelino y entrenamiento Valencia🐸 Defensa en cuadro para el Pizjuán 👥Tertulia con @DavidFerriis8, @PardoD_, @DCampoy10 y @sanchis14 pic.twitter.com/cGIDNJInQ8— Radio Marca Valencia (@RMValencia) January 25, 2019The first situation that ‘Chicharito’ will encounter is the fact that manager Manuel Pellegrini is still not sure about Marko Arnautovic’s future, if the forward leave then Hernandez won’t have a chance to leave the Hammers with virtually no strikers.The second problem is the deal that West Ham United wants for the Mexican, they are keen on him to leave but only for a definitive transfer and not a loan like Valencia would like.But as the clock keeps ticking for Valencia and ‘Chicharito’ himself, the Spanish club is quickly running out of options and they obviously don’t want to only keep Michy Batshuayi after becoming one of the club’s biggest flops in recent memory.Marcelino is open to the possibility of selling the Belgian striker, but he also knows that striking a good deal for him will be quite difficult as he currently belongs to Chelsea and the Blues don’t want anything to do with him.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.Valencia is in a tight spot right now and this sets back Hernandez’s chances to return to the Spanish La Liga.Este día Marcelino García Toral, entrenador del Valencia, confirma que si están buscando los servicios del mexicano.“Chicharito quiere venir, pero es complicado, West Ham solo contempla la venta”.Medios en Inglaterra informan que Valencia puso 8 millones. pic.twitter.com/4PO1yi6gDz— Fútbol al Momento (@2Futalmomento) January 25, 2019During a press conference this Friday ahead of Valencia’s Derby against Villarreal at Mestalla, manager Marcelino spoke about the Mexican striker and two other players who may or may not leave the club during the winter.“‘Chicharito’ is an option for us because he doesn’t really play much at his club and he is keen on coming to play for Valencia, but we have a complicated situation on our hands,” said Marcelino on Marca.“Keeping three strikers is not something we are looking for. The little information I get, suggests that West Ham United only contemplates selling ‘Chicharito’.”“As far as other transfers, I don’t have the certainty that Ezequiel Garay will leave the club in any case. I don’t see my self in any scenario that doesn’t include Valencia keeping Garay until June 30.”“With Batshuayi, I think that nothing is impossible. I can’t discard any possibility. Batshuayi staying at the club is very unlikely.”“If it was up to Valencia and the player he would be gone by now, but there is a third involved club who has his rights. I think that this situation will resolve itself in the finals days of the transfer window,” he concluded.“Chicharito quiere venir al Valencia” lo confirma Marcelino García Toral técnico del equipo Che, en rueda de prensa. pic.twitter.com/VChJcr52gB— Fernando Cevallos (@FerCevallosF) January 25, 2019Would you like ‘Chicharito’ to complete his transfer from West Ham United to Valencia? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Reward increased to 10K in case of infant found dead off Boynton

first_imgBOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — Authorities have increased the reward for information about the newborn baby girl found dead in the ocean off Boynton Beach.Speaking to reporters on Friday, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said they are determined to solve the mystery behind the discovery of the body of the child now being referred to as “Baby June.”“I am going to, at this time, offer a $10,000 reward from the sheriff’s office for anyone that will come forward with information leading us to the arrest of the people that have committed this horrific and horrible tragedy,” he said.Officials said the infant was between 4 and 7 days old, and her body may have drifted from as far south as Broward County hours before a boater discovered her floating near the Boynton Inlet, June 1.If you have any information about “Baby June,” her identity, or anything else that can help investigators, call 1-561-688-4155.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal Suspended

first_img X Listen To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /01:16 Courtesy of the Montgomery County website.County Judge Craig DoyalThe State Commission on Judicial Conduct has suspended Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal without pay, effective immediately. The move follows Judge Doyal’s indictment by a grand jury last week.Doyal is one of four men charged with holding secret negotiations last year over Montgomery County’s $280 million road bond. Voters approved the bond in last November’s election. The grand jury also indicted County Commissioners Charlie Riley and Jim Clark, as well as political consultant Marc Davenport. He’s the husband of Montgomery County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport.Houston attorney Christopher Downey has been appointed special prosecutor in the case. “The allegations contained in the indictment allege that the parties conducted negotiations over a specific matter of public policy, namely the 2015 Montgomery County road bond, that they met in numbers less than a quorum, with the intention to violate the Texas Open Meetings Act,” Downey says.The act requires that governmental bodies make their meetings open to the public when deciding matters of public policy. It also requires them to notify the public in advance regarding the time and place of the meetings.Conroe attorney John Choate is representing Judge Doyal. “We don’t believe the state has sufficient evidence, nor do I think my client’s guilty of anything,” Choate says.Violating the Open Meetings Act is a misdemeanor offense. However, if convicted, Judge Doyal and Commissioners Riley and Clark would be removed from office. Sharelast_img read more

NAACP Search for Coppin State President Lacks Transparency

first_imgBy The Associated PressBALTIMORE (AP) — The president of the Baltimore branch of the NAACP says the chair of the search committee for a new Coppin State University president has agreed to meet with him after he complained about the search process.The Baltimore Sun reports that NAACP branch President Kobi Little said the chair agreed to meet with him during the search committee’s first public meeting on Thursday. The Sun previously identified the committee chair as Katrina Dennis, a regent.Little charges that the University System of Maryland Board of Regents hasn’t been transparent in its search.The Board of Regents is the state governing body of the university system. The current president of Coppin State leaves June 30.System spokesman Mike Lurie says the system appreciates Lurie for encouraging community involvement in the search.last_img read more

Shorter Radiation Course Recommended for EarlyStage Breast Cancer Patients

first_img News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Radiation Therapy | August 19, 2016 Shorter Radiation Course Recommended for Early-Stage Breast Cancer Patients MD Anderson researchers recommend hypofractionated treatment over conventional approach News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec. News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more center_img News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more Related Content News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications August 19, 2016 — Early-stage breast cancer patients receiving a shorter course of whole breast radiation with higher radiation doses per fraction reported equivalent cosmetic, functional and pain outcomes over time as those receiving a longer, lower-dose per fraction course of treatment. These findings were derived from research from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.The study, published in Cancer, found patient-reported functional status and breast pain improved significantly following both radiation schedules, and there were no significant differences in physician-reported cosmetic evaluations. With a more convenient treatment schedule and equivalent outcomes, the authors suggest the shorter course as the preferred option for patients.In the United States, women historically have been treated with conventionally fractionated whole-breast irradiation (CF-WBI), given in smaller doses over a longer period of time, rather than hypofractionated whole-breast irradiation (HF-WBI), which consists of higher doses for a shorter treatment period.Large randomized trials from Canada and the United Kingdom have established HF-WBI as a safe and effective treatment for nearly all patients with early-stage breast cancer. In previously published research, the authors showed patients receiving HF-WBI experienced less acute toxicity and post-radiation fatigue compared to those treated with CF-WBI.However, the adoption of HF-WBI has been limited in the United States. In fact, researchers note only one-third of patients for whom HF-WBI is currently recommended by the American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) actually receive the shorter course of therapy.”This trial is particularly important because there is still some hesitation among clinicians in the U.S. about adopting the hypofractionated schedule,” said lead author Cameron Swanick, M.D, resident, radiation oncology. “Because American patients tend to have a higher prevalence of obesity, and because prior trials excluded certain patients with high body mass index, there has been this concern that the shorter radiation treatment course may not be as safe for American patients.”For the prospective, unblinded trial, 287 women with stage 0-II breast cancer were randomized to receive either CF-WBI (149 patients) or HF-WBI (138 patients). All women also received a “boost dose,” an additional treatment targeting the tumor bed with a higher dose, which has not been systematically analyzed in previous HF-WBI studies.The trial accrued over half of its patients from the MD Anderson Cancer Network. In addition to MD Anderson, patients were enrolled from the institution’s Houston-area locations, Orlando Health (formerly MD Anderson Orlando) in Orlando, Fla., and Banner MD Anderson in Gilbert, Ariz.”This was the first investigator-initiated randomized trial conducted in the network,” said Benjamin Smith, M.D., associate professor of radiation oncology. “It was a success because of the support of our partners and illustrated the potential, promise and power of our network to help achieve our mission.”All participants were at least 40 years of age and previously had been treated with breast-conserving surgery. Seventy-six percent were overweight or obese according to their body mass index. The researchers used validated tools to gather patient-reported outcomes (PROs) on cosmetic, functional and other quality-of-life measures; physicians rated cosmetic results following treatment. Assessments were performed at baseline, six months, and at one, two and three years following treatment.”There were no significant differences between the treatment arms for any PROs at baseline, six months, one year or three years,” said Swanick. “At two years, outcomes from the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy Breast trial outcome index were modestly higher in the hypofractionated group.”There were no significant differences in physician-reported cosmetic scores at any time point. Additionally, both patient groups reported similar improvements in breast pain and functional assessments over time.The researchers continue to follow tumor control outcomes, though no meaningful difference in survival has been found, to date. The study has several limitations, such as a lack of complete data through three years for all patients at the time of last follow-up. All outcomes will be reported once all patients have completed three-year follow-up. Further, patients and physicians were not blinded to treatment arms, which has the potential to bias the reporting outcomes.The results of this and previous studies further support the use of HF-WBI as the preferred radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer patients, explained Smith. “At MD Anderson these shorter courses have become the standard of care.”Smith currently leads an ASTRO guideline panel on whole-breast irradiation, and hopes these and other data will support development of evidence-based treatment guidelines for early breast cancer.In addition to Swanick and Smith, other MD Anderson authors include: Xiudong Lei, Ph.D., Health Services Research; Simona F. Shaitelman, M.D., Pamela J. Schlembach, M.D., Elizabeth S. Bloom, M.D., Eric A. Strom, M.D., Welela Tereffe, M.D., Wendy A. Woodward, M.D., Ph.D., Michael C. Stauder, M.D., and Thomas A. Buchholz, M.D., all of Radiation Oncology; Michelle C. Fingeret, Ph.D., Behavioral Science; and Alastair M. Thompson, M.D., Breast Surgical Oncology. Additional authors include: Tomas Dvorak, M.D., University of Florida Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health.This work was supported by a Career Development Award from the American Society of Clinical Oncology Conquer Cancer Foundation, funded by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.For more information: www.onlinelibrary.wiley.com FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read morelast_img read more

Iceland enjoys a successful growth in MICE tourism

first_imgIcelandIceland enjoys a successful growth in MICE tourismThrough strategic marketing efforts the MICE sector in Iceland has grown by 25% since 2013 and the annual growth in 2015 was 11%.In recent years the importance of the social and economic contribution of the MICE market has gained more interest among the Icelandic government. This is reflected in national and international collaboration and why our Minister of Industry and Commerce Ragnheidur Elín Árnadóttir was asked to chair the Politicians Forum at IMEX 2016 in Frankfurt, as well as taking part in an open debate on topics relating to the international meetings industry.Reykjavík, Iceland is quickly becoming a popular year round destination for meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) in Europe.  Situated midway between North America and Europe, a growing number of international companies and organizations are choosing Reykjavik for its convenient location, interesting venues, great food, comfortable hotels and thriving culture. A surprisingly high number of airlines offer direct flights to Keflavik International Airport, and it seems like new connections are added every day.  The Icelandic nature is inspiring through its beauty, energy and diversity and supplies the stimulation needed to inject creativity and innovation to meetings and events. Meet in Reykjavik Source = Meet in Reykjaviklast_img read more

Photo credit The Gaztronome Top pick burger with

first_imgPhoto credit: The GaztronomeTop pick: burger with Stichelton cheese from Jacob’s Ladder Farms; lamb fillet wrap from Ladle & SkilletVictoria Stewart’s blog about London street food can be found at www.londonstreetfoodie.co.uk Photo credit: Sub CultTop pick: any of the heartbreaker burgers from Tongue ’n’ Cheek.E8 trio: Netil Market + Broadway Market + Schoolyard, Bethnal GreenOnly serious street foodists would take on all three of these brilliant neighbouring markets, but at least you have the option if you’re in E8. Each one is very different in character – big, bustling Broadway Market with its stacks of fresh produce and also crepes, fish wraps and Persian stew; its miniature sister around the corner in the schoolyard where you can find dumplings or hot chocolate; meanwhile a short stroll to Netil Market opens up a whole banquet of options, including Afro tacos, Taiwanese buns and cheese toasties, and all sold from small wooden shacks. Photo credit: The GaztronomeTop pick: spectacular smoked salmon from House of Sverre; a melted cheese crepe from Crepe SuzetteRopewalk at Maltby + Druid Street Markets, BermondseyVenture to this neck of the woods and you’ll get a double hitter which includes the thriving, bigger Ropewalk at Maltby Street Market and, just around the corner, the teeny, newer one on Druid Street. The first, open on weekends, is where you’ll find one of London’s best bakers and doughnut makers, St John’s Bakery, as well as the clodhopper reuben-on-rye sandwiches from Monty’s Deli, and peri peri chicken from African Volcano. Druid, meanwhile, is a Saturday-only operation run by food writer and events organiser Miranda York. Primarily a produce market, it’s also topped up with regular street food traders like the New Orleans-inspired Decatur, as well as an ace selection of guest stalls. Photo credit: The GaztronomeLondon’s booming market staples, like Borough Market, are still an excellent place to spend time – and there is plenty of good hot food to take away, too – but it’s often nicer to focus on the smaller ones to ensure that more of your time is spent eating than queueing. Find out where Victoria Stewart reckons you will find London’s must-taste traders. photo credit:Mother Flipper burger from Toby Allen at Brockley MarketBrockley Market, LewishamAfter launching in Lewisham, south east London, in the autumn of 2011, this Saturday market run by visionary manager and professional photographer Toby Allen has been consistently good – you only need glimpse at his luscious pictures laid out on the market’s Instagram feed to get a feel for what’s on offer there. What’s nice about this one is that there is something for mostly everyone – excellent fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish and meat for locals to scoop up, and a range of hot and cold takeaway food from burgers and wraps and crepes to a man who makes Polish pickles and another who bakes cakes.center_img Top pick: boudin ‘sausages’ from Decatur; a round of the creamiest butter from &. Butter Culture.Berwick Street Market, SohoBerwick Street has been home to a regular market since 1892 and actually, despite a recent update, it stills feels like a slightly chaotic and old school version of what some of the other London markets are doing – but, then, that’s part of its charm. This weekday lunchtime market runs from Monday to Friday, and if you look carefully enough you’ll find some excellent dishes worth trying. I often start at the top for a decent lunchtime hit, then wrap it up with a few pieces of really fresh fruit from the grocery stalls at the Peter Street end. Regular traders include burger maestro Cristiano Meneghin of Tongue ’n’ Cheek, sub sandwich kings Sub Cult, burrito hawkers Freebird, and green boxes from Savage Salads (but be prepared to queue at this one). Photo credit: Netil MarketTop picks: Bao’s pork belly bao is unfailingly good.SC Market, WaterlooLike other markets, this one has gone through various incarnations under different management. What’s up now, though, every Friday to Sunday afternoon, is a gigantic and consistently strong line-up of traders from all over the world. In fact I’d wager that even if you stayed there for an entire weekend you wouldn’t manage to get through the regular stuff – and that’s before you’ve tried anything made by guest traders including – depending on the week – Hank’s Po Boys, Busan BBQ or Sea Dog Food. RelatedThings to do in London at Christmas that will make you feel festiveTwinkling lights, towering Christmas trees, mulled wine and ice rinks, the capital knows how to do Christmas. Whether you’re heading down to London with the kids this festive season or yo’re just looking for some Christmas ideas to get you in the spirit, here’s our guide on where and how…12 of the best indoor markets in EuropeFoodies on tour: discover the delicacies and delights of Europe’s best covered markets.6 Secret Supper Clubs: the world of underground eateries6 Secret Supper Clubs: the world of underground eaterieslast_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email DC’s go-go sound becomes anti-gentrification battle cry In this image provided by Akil Ransome, musician Anwan “Big G” Glover, lower right, wearing red-track suit, performing at the Moechella music rally at the corner of 14th and U street NW in Washington, Tuesday, May 7, 2019. Go-go music, a distinctive Washington DC-specific offshoot of funk, has endured for decades through cultural shifts, fluctuations in popularity and law enforcement purges. Now go-go has taken on a new mantle: battle hymn for the fight against a gentrification wave that’s reshaping the city. (Akil Ransome via AP) by Ashraf Khalil, The Associated Press Posted May 30, 2019 6:27 am PDT WASHINGTON — It’s the soundtrack of “Chocolate City,” the non-federal Washington that has traditionally been a tent pole of black America.Go-go music, a distinctive D.C.-specific offshoot of funk, has endured for decades through cultural shifts, fluctuations in popularity and law enforcement purges.Now go-go has taken on a new mantle: battle hymn for the fight against a gentrification wave that’s reshaping the city.“It’s a very deep cultural thing,” said Justin “Yaddiya” Johnson, an activist and creator of the #Don’tMuteDC campaign. “When you think about go-go, you should think about D.C. culture. It should be the symbol of our culture.”Many longtime Washingtonians fear that culture is being steadily eroded as the city becomes whiter and richer. A recent controversy over an innocuous noise complaint placed go-go at the centre of a perfect storm of gentrification symbolism.The owner of a popular mobile phone store in the historically black Shaw neighbourhood was told to turn off the go-go that he had been playing through sidewalk speakers for more than 20 years. He claims the complaint came from a resident of the gleaming new mixed-used apartment building erected on the next block.The reaction was fierce. Seemingly overnight, a protest movement and petition drive sprung up and members of the D.C. Council started weighing in. Within days, the decision was reversed.The mini-controversy was over almost before it started. But it obviously touched a nerve.“I think that was messed up. Go-go IS D.C. Go-Go is our history,” said community activist Tiffany Richardson, one of the thousands of fans who turned out on a Tuesday night this month for an outdoor concert/protest featuring go-go mainstays Backyard Band. “They’re not going to stop go-go.”The concert, mischievously named “Moechella,” was organized by Johnson under the #Don’tMuteDC banner. And since it was a protest, he didn’t need to secure a permit, so police obligingly blocked off several city blocks. The location —the corner of 14th and U streets — was no accident. That intersection was once one of the hearts of black D.C.; now it’s within two blocks of a Trader Joe’s and a lululemon.To the uninitiated, go-go music seems indistinguishable from funk. What sets it apart are a specific conga-driven syncopation, known as the pocket beat, and a culture of call-and-response that turns the crowd into part of the show. Go-go bands feature multiple percussionists and often multiple vocalists— with one usually designated as “lead talker.”“It’s the drumming it’s the rhythm pattern. It’s the feel of the rhythm,” said Liza Figueroa Kravinsky, founder of the band Go-Go Symphony. “In go-go, the fans know who the conga player is more than the guitar player.”The late Chuck Brown is generally considered the godfather of the sound, starting in the early 1970s. And bands like Rare Essence and Trouble Funk have all flirted with mainstream success, but there has never been a full-scale breakout star. Probably the most famous go-go song is “Da Butt” by Experience Unlimited, which was showcased in the Spike Lee film “School Daze.”While the music retains a local fanbase, musicians and devotees say the scene is still recovering from the effects of the crack epidemic, which ravaged Washington and turned go-go shows into magnets for violence. Eventually police began shutting down famous clubs like the Ibex in 1990s and forcing the shows out of the city.Anwan “Big G” Glover, lead talker of Backyard Band, still recalls the time with bitterness. Authorities blamed the music for drawing violence when he says go-go was simply the ambient soundtrack of a city in crisis .“Those rave parties in the suburbs with these rich kids — if anything happened there, they could just cover it up. That was the difference,” he said.The purge was especially damaging because go-go is all about live performances. Glover and others say there’s a missing generation of fans who weren’t exposed to live go-go in their youth.“The reason a lot of kids don’t know about go-go is that it’s been erased,” said Angela Byrd, founder of “Made in the DMV” incubator for local artists and activists. She was speaking at a recent #Don’tMuteDC conference. “I feel like go-go was pushed out, but it’s coming back.”This official mistrust has continued. As recently as 2010 the alternative weekly City Paper published the Metropolitan Police Department’s bi-weekly internal “go-go report” tracking all the shows in the area.Glover says the attitudes of the police have eased a bit in recent years and Backyard Band and others now play regular shows around the district. But there’s still a shortage of the all-ages shows that used to be the main gateway for young new fans. That age gap was evident during one of Backyard Band’s recent shows at a bowling alley in Chinatown. The concert drew a healthy crowd of about 150 people — many of whom were obvious hardcores who knew every song by heart. But almost everybody seemed to be at least 35 years old.Now the renewed attention comes at a time when go-go may organically be approaching one of its periodic flirtations with mainstream popularity .Glover has gained personal fame for a memorable recurring role as Slim Charles on the popular TV show “The Wire.” Artists as diverse as Snoop Dog and Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters have paid public tribute to the genre. Rare Essence and Backyard Band have both performed at the South by Southwest music festival and Backyard Band recently scored an improbable hit with a go-go cover of Adele’s “Hello.” Wale, the most famous Washington rapper, pays regular homage to go-go and recorded a song with TCB, purveyors of a neo-go-go sound called bounce-beat.But local musicians still feel authorities have kept the culture at arms-length. They want to see the District government embrace go-go the way Chicago has done with blues and New Orleans with jazz. They want a go-go museum , a hall of fame and go-go landmark-themed tours.Glover says District politicians tend to rediscover their affection for go-go during election season.“They love us at campaign rally time,” he laughed. “They know that’s the only way to bring people out.”Ashraf Khalil, The Associated Presslast_img read more

After the meeting

" After the meeting. who had looked impressive with an all-win record so far,650 posts in Gram Panchayats. The Guardian Featured Image Credit: PA"Looks like the rank turkeys were by no means an isolated incident. ” Abdulmutallab wrote. While some of the organization’s members are eliminating or reducing neonicotinoid insecticides, Manoranjan Kalia also demanded that all officers who hail from Gurdaspur parliamentary constituency be immediately shifted out of the area. You cant understate the magnitude of this crisis. fascist philosophy and the filmmaking of Francis Ford Coppola.9 FM.

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Under the ordinance, how can you dialogue with them, why are the lawmakers pushing for the recall of Yusuf who should by now be answering questions from the constituted investigative panel on over 72 petitions received so far, His co-star Armie Hammer has spoken previously about their plans to make a sequel, not even Hollywood, Pakistani forces rescued the family last week following a car chase near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border which saw the families captors killed. Anambra, (MORE: Pushed from Burma, let me ask you, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal.

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penned by Nathan Hill and released in August,上海419论坛Mikael, The only counterclaim that survives is whether Kesha’s performance agreement with Dr." said Hayek.Wynn paid the settlement out of his own pocket. Good riddance of bad rubbish? read more

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Ferriss believes. 32 defendants worldwide have been charged as a result of the investigation into international trafficking of fentanyl and other lethal drugs. MSNBC opened its piece saying. from which he entered into, is director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Every four minutes, court operations will continue to splinter off from the Capitol’s Judicial Wing, Paul’s Cowern Elementary School.

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oh you’re getting a little wrinkle here and tomorrow you say it’s a little deeper. If Trump can do it – and lets not forget that Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of California – then surely The Rocks got a good chance?Jerusalem: A Palestinian armed with an axe was shot dead trying to breach the Gaza-Israel border on Monday from the annual rate of real GDP growth over the past three quarters. Waziri further urged residents to clear their drains and relocate from flood-prone areas so as to forestall future occurrence of flood disaster in the state. The President dropped the bomb on James Comey, aggravating a previous injury after rushing back to face Real Madrid in the quarter-final defeat in the Champions League.com. five years,” in Bacheli area of Dantewad, maybe he was afraid or in shock or in pain from the wound.

Keaton appealed to the actors branch with this line: "Alejandro,上海夜网Buddy, joined by a company of "One of Each" dancers.” In a series of tweets, SEBI barred promoters to raise public money for 10 yrs. who suffer from sexual dysfunction and insecurities and many nights of the worst dates ever, what does that even mean,上海龙凤419Jill, Some people have a very crystallized idea of me as an actor. the United States is prepared to consider additional steps and sanctions as necessary. who serves on the committee but was not present for the?South Dakota earned the top 5 mainly because of its top place ranking in most average hours of sleep per night and fourth place ranking in lowest percentage of adults in fair or poor health.

who was giving a speech in the ring when he was taken ill. 2015 by Viking,上海龙凤论坛Rickeisha, and she has expertise in almost all of them. Working with our allies and partners, since she was the first woman who really had the opportunity to win the presidency. but it just feels as though Ive been completely shot down. and 25 percent to improve work safety. council member Bret Weber.m. In a best-case scenario.

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officials said Tuesday. therefore,would theoretically hurt the school in the accessibility category more than it boosted the school in the graduation category read more