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Network network appeared China Wine meeting to share Ecological Marketing Strategy under the big P

January 7th -8, the theme of cross-border · fusion · interoperability, the 2017 China wine conference held in Beijing, Badaling International Convention and Exhibition center. From France, Bordeaux, Chile, Saint Emilion and other world-renowned producing products that represent the coming out of the venue, COFCO Zhuang Hui, Moutai, network network, brewmaster network and many other well-known wine enterprises in attendance. Mr. Ren Jian, vice president of network wine network LETV wine channel editor Ms. Zhao Jiping was invited to attend, to discuss with the scene of industry communication and innovation culture in the China Wine. read more

Henan hand in hand to open the world’s largest O2O online experience center

April 21st, cross-border electricity supplier in Henan, global strategic cooperation, we are the world, the theme of the press conference and the signing of a global supplier of the ceremony held smoothly. At the meeting, the world and the provincial press and publication of radio and television reached a strategic agreement,

vice governor of Henan province Mr. Zhang Guangzhi, governor of Lublin Province, Poland Slawomir · Mr. Sosnoff J Ki attended the meeting and delivered a speech speech, expressed hope that a better vision and eagerly look forward to more overseas business and brand in Henan on the strategic cooperation. In addition, Mr. Zhu Xiayan, director of Henan Provincial Bureau of press and publication of Zhengzhou mayor Ma Yi, leadership and the relevant customs entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau leaders also witnessed the Zhengzhou in the development of cross-border electricity supplier on the road to a major turning point in the scene. read more

Tmall Medical Library April transcripts store sales fell

news June 15th, before the information released the "April Tmall Medical Museum TOP30 business sales and increase". Data show that in April, Tmall medical in 30 flagship stores, sales of more than 10 million yuan of 8. The Kang’ai to 54 million 746 thousand and 200 yuan sales rank champion.

It is reported that

, the sales ranking of the top five were: Kang’ai, Bai Xiu, drunk breeze, one pharmacy and seven Lok Kang, the increase was 1.07%, -2.93%, -10.86%, -9.13%, -9.71%.

a very obvious phenomenon is that the vast majority of stores have sales decline. Data show that a small decline in the business top 30 sales increase overall, and the decline of more than 20% of the health network, Jiading, people, deshengtang, DASHENLIN, NUS, angsheng, Jin kang. Among them, deshengtang ranked 17 or 38.18%, have fallen the most. read more

SaaS a new round of reshuffle will be the climax of e-commerce detonated

recently, according to the famous software company eabax insiders broke the news, said the Department’s recent performance is not ideal, even last year for a period of time wages, airborne CEO Zhang Houqi also was an internal power struggle, soon after class. The internal force and jittery, many people flocked to the industry leader in the wecoo network.

a new round of reshuffle soon, SAAS chaotic pattern

from eabax recent problems can see, SAAS industry will face a new round of reshuffle, the lack of financial strength and technological strength of small and medium-sized SAAS manufacturers will not develop the market test, have surrendered. Survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest. Left at the end, is the real practicing good internal strength, market-oriented, customer-centric business. read more

Fan Xinhong also talk about Social Travel and my entrepreneurial experience from the windmill

a business as a tourist direction, windmill an on-line download and install the IOS application, for the to enter the tourism industry has been very concerned about, after all, as a grassroots entrepreneurs, large companies are likely to wind sways grass determines our life and death.

July 21st see windmill net CEO Chen Xiaofeng tech2IPO published a windmill net failure article, is pleasantly surprised, in addition to reading first heard "old Mrs Chen" this is engaged in call appeared several times in the original (I also have a lot of to listen to their colleagues, more consistent view is the boss is a businessman, not entrepreneurs, I haven’t heard them with this name). read more

Taobao University let me believe in myself

I do not have time, I really do not have time to get up at 6 every day, go to work at noon to rest for about 1 hours, to eat on the way home. Afternoon to pick up my daughter from school, home to 6 general points, after I go home the first thing is to open the computer to make landing Taobao business forum and then open my computer notebook look at today’s task, and then choose to carry out the most important, these days are the first to write the original article, then to do the "devil training camp" for 15 days, a day after questions should be in after 8. This time I went to eat after the meal to do other things, I even have a week without taking my daughter to go out to play, but when my daughter begged me to take her out to play, I would say: "Yuri Huang good, Dad busy these days with you go to the square". Really, really like to spend more time with my family, but I cannot, because I am a man, the man will for the future plan, to make their own family after the better, so I will fight. I often say to myself, "men have to be ruthless". read more

Taobao second jingfangxingju business integrity of the road of yellow light

recently Alibaba integrity enforcement action, the first batch of permanent closing = and enter the judicial process of the network from the list, the electricity supplier facing the integrity of the road Yeliang the yellow light, everyone should draw on this ring. For those who have jingfangxingju 2, we can only say that they don’t deserve to do business, because they violate one of the traditional virtues of honesty in business, with the interest earned against dishonesty, really unworthy of society, let alone to make contribution to the society, it is a social moth read more

Taobao digital shop to teach you how to create a story brand promotion

Hello, I am the wind leaf Gu city. Today, we talk about how to create a digital class shop baby story brand promotion.

What is the brand of

, as the name suggests, the brand will be able to do word-of-mouth brand. Refers to the degree of consumer awareness of the product and product line. A star on the brand platform mechanism the biggest thanks to TV media, because the information platform for the dissemination of the platform is still the mainstream of society.

, however, with the popularity of the Internet, especially in the mature e-commerce market in recent years, a large number of enterprises have the transition into the Internet market, which makes the network media limelight gradually overshadowed the traditional media platform. read more

Behind the rural electricity supplier behind the farmers how much profit

Abstract: Hot rural electricity supplier, in just the beginning of the stage, it has changed the taste.

due to policy and other reasons, the rural electricity supplier has become the most wanted to do thousands of county village. Financial support, preferential policies on business myth worship, on the real business disappointment and let this become the interests and needs of the bursting of the market. Due to the combination of emerging industries, coupled with the local people are not familiar with the electricity supplier, a variety of hidden behind the benefits of light transport becomes more frequent. Hot rural electricity supplier, has just started in the beginning stage, began to change the taste. read more

Higher my life’s second fortune

just came into contact with the network is in the third year, the real access to the Internet after high school, there was a period of time once addicted to the Internet, academic performance has been good! This is mom and dad have been very worried about, ah, after all, my generation family farm for a living, no source of income, is not easy a father of the importance of knowledge, determined to make a child to adult, every day facing loess back into the air, three meals a day is not willing to eat their own homely fare, not willing to wear their own just several of our brothers and sisters to school (tears…. .)! The teacher urged tuition he personally go to the teacher for meals, not to their own dignity and down to borrow, occasionally have a heavy cold only know how to buy the cheapest Banlangen to flush the boiling water to drink, never never say what to buy things for themselves (cry T_T). Our best! The wish is to meet his father’s wish, the university entrance exam read more

Ten essential skills for social media marketing consultants

social media marketing consultant’s role is to enhance the level of enterprise network marketing through a variety of social networking channels. Social media marketing is becoming one of the best jobs for people who are interested in online marketing, and social media consultants are still in short supply. Here I would like to offer 10 tips for learning to social media marketers.

1 online marketing knowledge rich network marketing knowledge is the most basic condition of social media consultant. read more

nternet marketing has become the leading edge of the multinational market competition focus

  according to the "investigation report" the number of Internet information resources China 2005 data show that online resources in China is growing rapidly, "a total of about 2 billion 400 million compared to the same period, an increase of 269%, which fully shows that the rapid growth of network information resources in China in 2005. According to the nature of the site and service content, the number of Web sites accounted for 60.4% of the total number of sites, personal web site reached 21.9%, educational research sites, government sites were followed by 5.1%, 4.4%.

  with the Internet economy, Web2.0, P2P, broadband services and other services will be the Internet into a new stage of development, the Internet is more and more a large number of excellent enterprises and personal website. Network management has become the front edge and the focus of competition for multinational enterprises, in the United States, 60% of small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises, more than 90% of large enterprises use the Internet to carry out business activities in. In China, 40% companies on the site needs is not clear, but expect to establish a website can increase the sales of enterprises accounted for 25%, there are about 22% of the companies expressed doubts about the role of the site. Therefore, the number of the most large, should have the most commercial value of the enterprise website has not been completely broke.

  a good corporate Web site can help companies with strong visibility, a higher market share, to create their own brand benefits. Personal website is different from the blog, it can just build a platform for communication between you and a network, a good personal website is not only a platform to display their own, it can get some economic benefits from. However, because of this kind of site itself is different from the portal site, so the server’s hardware requirements are not very large, but can not get rid of the shackles of speed. So a new kind of product was born, that is virtual host.

  according to the reporter, in the domestic market on the part of virtual hosting service providers have been aware of the needs of the market, have launched a virtual host for individuals, enterprises website, Internet Era ( upgrade version business host launched, support a variety of scripts, optional room, for personal and business users tailored to purchase the host presented GCDN network mirror acceleration engine, so as to better solve the problem of communication between North and south. Meet the actual needs of individuals and enterprises.

  times Internet (, general manager Qiu Yuling said that the establishment of the enterprise site, it should be done in a well-known brand. One of the purposes of the enterprise is to release the product information on the Internet, increase sales and expand the business, e-commerce is also more convenient. Brand website allows the exchange of information on the Internet more convenient, timely and accurate. In today’s Internet infrastructure is increasingly perfect today, only our terminal construction to promote the development of e-commerce.
read more

Courier industry cross-border e-commerce must have three conditions

today, the rapid development of electronic commerce, express has become the development of e-commerce "chicken ribs", in the face of this situation, not only for large-scale Alibaba self logistics, even Jingdong are also financing at logistics.

to the e-commerce giant cross-border move, the logistics sector have also been involved in the test of electronic commerce, such as online merchandise sales platform "for the E purchase ZJS", SF launched a shopping website of SF E circle, STO launched the "long ticketing network" train ticket sales, want to share a piece of cake in the electronic commerce industry. read more

Google AdSense for content new ad style

Google AdSense AdSense the number of days before the recommendation seems to be a problem, only the text link can display, button image advertising has not shown, finally in August 5th back to back to normal.

recently released Google AdSense official blog not what news, only released several successful cases with all optimization sub station to these sites, Simon also translated one on the forum to optimize the success of -MegaGames forum.

to official blog does not publish news Simon not AdSense what to write? Of course not, Simon and Google on draft AdSense offline success rate of Google conversion inference, AdSense recommended to introduce 2 more links… Google AdSense theme of the article is not. Busy recently, AGLOCO and Text-Link-Ads made "placed in sub domain and AGLOCO Chinese recommended advertising icon. Of course, everywhere around the site, stroll around the Simon found a new AdSense for content new ad style, also found that Google AdSense recommended link 2 and revised. read more

Three people Li Rubin, Jin Xin and Yao Jinbo for the past 14 years

2001, Yao Jinbo, Hunan, Shandong, Li Rubin, Beijing, the people of, set up an education and training company, listed in 2010, the market capitalization of $1 billion. During the 2005, Hunan people Yao and set up another company, listed in 2013, the market value of more than 4 billion u.s.. In 14 years, to three a good gay friend took a different path? This is a character, fate and friendship story.

three people, Li Rubin, Yao Jinbo, and the two listed companies, the big education and the city of 58 in the city of. Education for three people or 58 city, Yao Jinbo alone built; the former market is declining, fell to $1 billion from the current less than $300 million, which has a market value of more than $4 billion. read more

What are the experiences of an entrepreneur

everyone wants to be the boss, but the boss’s seat is not good to do, on the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs have 10 hardships, like 10 mountains, only read them, entrepreneurship can be successful.

first: no money

said that after 70, 80, the courage to fight hard fight only after 90 entrepreneurs start empty-handed competition of family background, lack most is money, no money is hard enough to find good people, can not continue, as the first mountain of entrepreneurship. read more

Public class Entrepreneur Yao Jinbo Xu Weihao staged a three season on O2O Wan Yong

lead: 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, CEO Xu Weihao, the radius of life aunt help CEO Wan Yong and Carradine CEO season to share in the O2O industry’s most recent thinking and opinions.

In November 20th

, with O2O as the theme of the third stage entrepreneurial state open class (BangClass) in a wonderful lecture theater stars. 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, the radius of life CEO Xu Weihao, aunt to help CEO Wan Yong, CEO season as an important speaker to the audience to share their latest thinking and perception in the O2O industry. read more

Speed disk an excellent free original network hard disk service provider

speed disk ( the name of the network hard disk service provider is estimated that many people may not be familiar with or even heard of, in fact, as early as the beginning of the operating speed of the line in early 2010!

speed disk distributed network hard disk storage system was developed in the second half of 2009, after six months of research and development in early 2010 formally launched


now the market has a lot of network hard disk management software, why do you want to spend a lot of effort to speed up the development of independent research and development, taking into account the requirements of the network hard disk later technical requirements are relatively high, read more

Google multi test mobile phone AdSense advertising services

      Beijing on July 14th news, according to foreign media reports, Google confirmed on Friday, has begun testing AdSense mobile phone advertising services in 13 countries around the world, to provide users with more useful information, and bring new opportunities for advertisers.

Google spokesman said that the mobile AdSense advertising service is in the testing phase, the future will be based on feedback from users, publishers and advertisers to improve. Google AdWords said the information service center, AdSense mobile phone advertising test has been opened in 13 countries, namely the United States, Britain, Germany, France, China, Italy, Japan, Holland, Spain, Ireland, India, Russia and australia. Google said that advertisers can be targeted for different countries to release mobile advertising, and the cost of PC users for the standard network advertising roughly the same. read more