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The Techweb domain was locked for 2 weeks and finally returned to normal access

webmaster network February 2nd news, there are users to reflect the Admin5 webmaster network, the famous IT site – techweb site to resume normal access.

then contacted the staff of the techweb site, according to techweb officials said that due to the domain name and the management has been in place, the site on the evening of February 1st to resume normal access.

techweb was founded by the famous veteran Internet experts Zhu Zhijun and Gu Xiaobin in 2005, by the end of 2009 web team developed to more than and 30 people, the website mainly provides IT information technology reports and it industry exchange platform services, has a certain influence in the industry. The website in January 21st due to suspected violations and other issues involving community review taking Xiamen 35 Internet domain name was registered Polytron Technologies Inc to stop parsing by the backup domain name, but because the site users have become accustomed to the old domain, the official after 2 weeks of working to make the site before the Spring Festival finally reopened, is a major event of popular techweb users. read more

P address and domain name for the new domain name suffix extension of all sorts of strange things

internet name and number distribution company 13, about 2000 new applications for the domain name suffix, which shows both commercial competition, but also the performance of cultural ideas, and even funny and absurd.

internet name and number distribution company (ICANN) headquartered in the United States, is responsible for the global Internet IP address allocation and domain name allocation. This year, is an extension of the IP address and domain name, the original IPv4 protocol based on the IP address will be transformed into the IPv6 protocol; the original single.Com domain name to the personalized development. read more

Cn domain name on Wednesday 3 search engines included record

my station is, you can check the WHOIS, registration time is July 16th, the station is 18 lane, has now been three major search engines. Although not particularly fast, but I think it is necessary to talk about the experience, after all, some friends of the station has been refused to search engine.

I summed up the following points:

1 best in the first day of the station to go to the major search engine registration

2 do links to find some quality links, I do not link much, 3 links around read more

Godaddy today officially supports Alipay payment

from the United States host detective news, Godaddy today officially supports Alipay payment, the authors note that Alipay payment options have appeared in the Godaddy payment, from today, you can through the Alipay GoDaddy to purchase the domain name space.

with Alipay to buy GoDaddy products, and the use of Alipay to buy domestic products of the process is basically the same. The first payment options to the GoDaddy website, Alipay, and Alipay will turn to the page, Alipay will GoDaddy US dollars into RMB amount, check the correct login Alipay payment, we only need to pay RMB into dollars, Alipay will pay godaddy. The whole process is simple. read more

The first easy to drink cup, the original owners of soft Wen Zhi contest officially opened

2009 for many webmaster is a net thing yesterday cannot bear to think of the past have many webmaster, have experienced Baidu K station in this year, the record was canceled and IDC’s space is sealed off the stage. And several months of experience in the network during the crackdown, many webmaster because of unbearable blow pressure have fallen. But please don’t hesitate, brethren, we are now the winter is gone, the survival of local grassroots in place will have sunshine. In order to extend our dreams, we should learn the grassroot Antz spirit of constantly challenging, believe that the little guy could hero! read more

Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (9.8-9.14)

reporter: the new generation of the Internet to sell sweet potatoes when farmers entrepreneurial mind

"my hometown is full of sunshine, it is also rich in poverty." Whenever I hear these words, I feel my insignificance. To a friend, I hope to have your Sweet Potato Congee ~

eight years old old net station experience: lonely dancer

, I was born in 1984 in Guangdong, Huazhou, a small mountain village, has nine years of age. In 1999, began to contact with the network, began to linger in the big Internet cafe, indulge in the chat room; 2000 began making personal homepage, first personal homepage free thinking, a website about Guo Jingming; December 2003, under the pressure of college entrance examination in 3.51 beginning of the true meaning of the power station; 2005 users in cocoa under the support of two people began to "co founded adorable students information port", the same year the station was sold for 1500 yuan; in December 12th of the same year, Xing Feng founded the model China, I began my life as a personal webmaster, then get out of hand…… read more

What kind of people have to promote the use of earthquake disaster porn sites

in a group to see a person in an account about the earthquake news picture today, opened his site was found to be a erotic website.

website screenshot:

domain name whoies information: Domain=sqwba& com=yes& referer=

what kind of people have, although on his website China Red Cross account is true, but at this time the China people love to promote their erotic websites? Can be regarded as a webmaster


              the earthquake discussion version of read more

The former dominated the Chinese cool together, now what

Once when

, ZTE, HUAWEI, cool and Lenovo, because of its Chinese intelligent mobile phone market their high market share and accumulated lots of intelligent mobile phone market share accounted for China known as the representative of China intelligent mobile phone industry and market development, and the industry was known as the "China cool alliance". But with the rapid change of the intelligent mobile phone industry and market, the once proud of Chinese cool Union, in addition to HUAWEI is still in the domestic and global intelligent mobile phone market to occupy the position of the first camp, the other three have been out of the first camp. read more

Private medical with good faith fun event marketing

said the event marketing, I believe we are very clear, including everyone is concerned about a number of newspapers, online advertising area, the event will be the basic marketing of flooding. As for the effect of event marketing is how we look at how I look at a few friends.

private medical event marketing, how do you see?

Kunming SEO: "the regulation of false medical advertisements of pharmaceuticals must be the integration of industry and commerce, health, drug administration, news publishing, broadcasting, supervision and rectification, the departments of public security forces to carry out comprehensive management, the management system has some problems, hindered on medical advertising management according to law. Interest relations lead to weak supervision. Part of the news media one-sided pursuit of economic benefits, lax lax advertising. At the same time rectification of illegal medical advertising involves a number of departments, considering the relationship between the interests of the Department, often in the regulation of high lift, gently fall"." read more

Share a website based on community forums self hype program

is a web site based on the forum’s self – operation program and offer.

core communication purposes: to allow more people to understand and focus on the use of this product XXXXXX.

propagation time: April 1, 2008 –


communication background: very little information on this product on the network, and the application and understanding of the XXXXXX crowd less.

target groups: bloggers, journalists, editors, businessmen, investors forum, online sales, IT people used the Internet to learn, work and entertainment of the people. read more

38 strikes share Taobao shop promotion ideas

today is March 8, 2013, I wish all the girls happy holidays. 38 has also become a good day for the electricity supplier to do promotions, women’s awareness of consumption is stronger than men, such as the proportion of Taobao users in the proportion of women must be more than men. Today is already 38, and many Taobao stores have done a good holiday promotions, there are many Taobao stores are selling women’s products, such as: cosmetics, women’s clothing, etc., to cosmetics as an example. A friend of the author do is Taobao shop, is selling cosmetics, there is often a Taobao manager advice on how to do promotional work, in fact, the problem is really difficult to answer, because we not only do network promotion, website optimization SEO practitioners. For the 38 women’s day, cosmetics Taobao shop how to do a good job promotion read more

Why is A round of financing success will determine a set of enterprises of vital importance

There are many factors that influence the development path of

, and the size of A round financing is one of the most important factors. 10 million U.S. dollars of financing and $3 million, it does change the nature of the company’s development. We know that the company’s recruitment, product development and customer attraction are subject to financial constraints.

is not every entrepreneur start to realize the importance of A round of financing scale, some seed stage entrepreneurs in the process of financing for half of total, only to raise funds to thank A wheel. In fact, this is not a small problem for entrepreneurs and investors. When the market is willing to provide you with a $3 million investment, you are looking for $10 million; then in this case you will appear very ignorant, and missed the opportunity to give you venture capital company. Venture capital company is also the case, if the amount of investment requirements of the enterprise is different from your expectations, you should also investigate and study this, rather than blindly refused. read more

From the taste of intelligent toys into the fun community to find her was 2 million Angel round of f

Abstract: for she is a smart toys cut interest community platform, independent research and development of its first smart BODEE has launched Taobao fun Tiaodan raised platform.

recently, CEO Tan Meining to find her hunting cloud network exclusively revealed, has received 2 million Angel round of investment in May, currently funds have been credited, investors not disclosed.

find she is a smart toys cut interest community platform, independent research and development of its first smart BODEE has launched Taobao fun Tiaodan raised platform. On-line a week, BODEE and Vase’s intelligent aircraft cup, Vivi intelligent vibrator, DOLY double motor Tiaodan these three partners R & D interest products together to raise nearly 1 million 300 thousand yuan. read more

How to increase the quality of the new site outside the chain

how to increase the quality of the new site outside the chain in fact, many of my friends have talked about, on the increase of the chain method a lot of Oh, we mainly introduce the following four ways to increase the quality of the chain.

A. write it, for example, I now write to everyone that the so-called soft (although relatively soft), such as released in stationmaster net weight high website through the soft Wen, is one of the best of the chain, this is the most urgent task. read more

Failed to sum up the most effective way to promote the site

himself through two months of real website promotion, and ultimately failed, but the experience is worth learning, such as individual owners are not attention problems, the site does not do too much promotion work, because of the good content accumulated by users.

nine network establishment is fast 3 months, one month before because the reason has no time to summarize here today, summarize some of the summary 2 months to do things and website promotion. Nine network after a month of preparation with content links after diary three released to begin planning how to promote the site, as a result of the original promotion do not many, at the same time as a personal webmaster has to go through the psychological change, also makes the website not to the development of some correction. read more

What is the content of enterprise website

recently contacted many enterprise website construction and optimization, a lot of enterprise website is the website of small and medium enterprises, especially poorly designed was found in the process, content and information repetition is lagging behind, is using the default template, it should be some common problems is also the enterprise website, and even some enterprise website will entertainment news. All kinds of advertisements in the website, look very rich, but let the customer really confused, have a wrong place feeling, transformation of the enterprise website not only failed to bring sales, but people feel the company is not professional, the product can not be trusted, so a small business website, what the content of read more

Mr. Chuang soup how to make a big enterprise plug-in investment department how to play

incubator in the end what mode to make money, Mr. Chuang entrepreneurial service institutions CEO Tang Minglei after a variety of exploration, finally, the choice of the bigger business of the plug-in investment department.

at present, Mr. Chuang is about to do third large enterprises to invest in the project screening, and has had its own cash flow, but also a few public space to create a big brother to look after. At least for now, do plug-in Investment Department of this model line through. read more

Site optimization and promotion of the implementation of the two program

after a month of hard work, the scripture "Zhuhai website construction" Baidu ranked first, "construction site" Baidu ranked 12, others such as Google, soso, Sogou, on the front page have a good ranking, the first phase of the target, basic has been completed, but as a professional SEOER is certainly not limited to this. So we are aiming at second SEO do website promotion, website optimization in terms of long-term consideration.

website problem analysis

Yang Yang official main keywords "Zhuhai site construction" although the ranking is also good, but every day rely on Baidu to bring IP less than 10, the conversion rate and PV value of access depth is very low, generally analyze the reasons as follows: read more

Flowers bloom in the spring is to see Ali HC factory store tug of war

CCTV commentator Niu Wenxin accused the balance of treasure is the body lying on the banks’ vampire ‘,’ typical financial parasites "should be banned" caused a great disturbance. In March 31st the "CCTV dialogue program: pedestria button text of the new site three asked the balance of treasure" has become a popular second Baidu search. But in any case, the joint limit four lines, single cut into the amount of Alipay, the Internet financial funds can not enter the upstream. This undoubtedly gave Ali not a small blow. With the bright younger generation major electricity supplier step by step, the electricity supplier oligopoly, a single large business situation has long ceased to exist. read more

Taobao 12.12 push new play businesses, consumers do the protagonist


technology news (Zhu Xudong) November 22nd news, announced that this year’s "12.12" to "zero threshold" open to all businesses, no longer set discount rate, what to buy, how much to sell by businesses and consumers jointly decided, traditional sellers, discounts will become the past.

said this year is 12.12, all businesses and consumers holiday consumer demand and dreams on this day by business in response to the user’s own old business on this day full return, show their own unique value to new users. This year, 12.12 will no longer be ranked in terms of sales, each business is able to show their most special and unique characteristics of their own to attract consumers. As many features as possible will be presented to consumers. Each business can be aware of their potential consumer groups, the extent of their needs, and free to respond in their own right way. read more