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Black site black the integrity of e-commerce

in recent years, the number of online shopping has greatly increased, as of the end of September 2006, China consumer online shopping number has reached 30 million, the annual turnover in 50 billion yuan, while the online complaint is increasing, some "black" sites let many people suffer huge economic losses.

emergency departments issued a consumer warning: "consumers should go to a regular shopping site to buy, check whether the web page can click on the Red Shield logo, such as website with a business license, you can go to HTTP? / / / the website of the enterprise is registered, the sale of goods whether have business qualifications, in order to avoid deceived." read more

You have to understand Hotmail’s entrepreneurial story

some years ago, almost everyone has a Hotmail, maybe you are still in use, you may have to switch to the Gmail arms, but in any case, as an Internet entrepreneur, you must understand the Hotmail story – no, Hotmail is Microsoft bought, not their creation.

to some extent, Hotmail’s two founders Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith can be said to be Web-based Email this type of network services, "founder". Of course, from a macro perspective, the occurrence of Webmail is inevitable, just a matter of time, but in the actual history, Sabeer and Jack Hotmail is the first such service to the enterprise network. read more

Five points make you like Admin5

Adsense nets is a very common website, why he will be popular? Not because of the success of the site, Admin5 team is successful people.

a low profile

    Wang never put on airs, although he is very busy, but I will return to his information, in my heart, he is an ordinary grassroots webmaster. This is no contradiction with the hype, hype is for the cause, to be calm, low-key.
read more

Google programmer transformation product manager experience sharing

The writer is

Google group product manager Ken Norton, he turned from product technology, have a wealth of experience in product manager of startups and large companies, this article shares he believes that the product manager should have the most important qualities, and provide some investigation in the interview candidates of different abilities the problem.

is the following:

I’ve been in the startup for a long time, and I’ve found that it’s really different from big companies and startups. In YAHOO search, we have been ongoing recruitment. I do about 5-8 interviews a week. Resume, interview, offer, always one by one, uninterrupted. Now I’m not hiring manager, I’m only a small part of the start-up company responsible for product manager. read more

4 billions of dollars APP business rule human supremacy, focus + extreme

venture, two words, a horizontal vertical: wrong, fall; right, stand.

since the beginning of 2011, I turned to QQ open platform business, witnessed the second wave Chinese Internet entrepreneurs most wonderful bonus tide, accompanied by hundreds of entrepreneurial team from dim to bright, or to rebirth from the grave. Today, I recall the course of the past three years, there is a point in time from the latitude of a user behavior, divided into a new pattern of China’s Internet, this time point is June 2012. At that time, the number of domestic users have more than the number of mobile phone ownership PC. The following units: Wan (Department) read more

Are you sure you really fit for Witkey at home

Witkey, fresh from the network terminology, has gradually come into people’s life. It has not only is synonymous with part-time sideline, Witkey has already gradually developed into an occupation, a profession and industry. Enterprise use of Witkey website to publish demand, to collect reward solutions, participants in the online registration bid to earn the reward for the premise of successfully selected scheme. Because the program is variety, price is not the same, some tasks are often able to provide hundreds of dollars, and even a lot of spare time many college friends, capable of earning a few thousand dollars reward. It also makes a lot of students, white-collar workers, unemployed persons have a strong sense of trust in witkey. Even when the loss of target or unemployment will Witkey as their life-saving straw. read more

About delivery notice Bertelsmann

dear League member

advertisers Bertelsmann recently found part of the web site in the search, and BOL content is very similar, so Betas in the alliance made the following statement:

1, from "Bertelsmann" webmaster put search engine keyword advertising, once discovered will not pay off

banner sales commissions and closed channels, no longer on the Bertelsmann book club ads.

2, from now on, are not in the name of Bertelsmann book club, citing the Bertelsmann book club name,

links and related content publicity. If there is any violation of this requirement, please correct immediately. read more

Fetion CPC click on the ads on the line!



  master           Fetion click promotion online now, promotion commission is 40/1000IP.  focusing on: entertainment, games, IT, software download website information media. Alexa ranked 50 thousand site priority audit.

                                    08.01.16  read more

Taobao how to avoid competition easily earn commission

We all know that Taobao

customers increasingly become large, many novice crowd around, because do not understand technology and experience no mess, at least Taobao PID customers do not know what is the novice, as can be imagined really difficult to quickly achieve profitability! So, now Taobao customer competition is so big. If there is no current market novice to do? The answer is: absolutely yes, why? The reason is Taobao’s massive commodity, every day do not know how many other people do not gush to discover profiteering goods! Habits and Baidu search words and user thesaurus every day constantly changing. According to the above 2 points is not difficult to see that Taobao customers now have a hint of living space! But there are some people just know that mountain tiger, undeterred! Well, back to the theme, three points below will introduce Taobao customers how to avoid fierce competition in the market: read more

Do Wangzhuan should master the necessary technology

many people do not understand the industry Wangzhuan blindly to join the ranks, almost all follow the footsteps of others to go, this has led many people to become someone else’s free labor, even being any fish in the object, while they can not earn a penny. As a novice in Wangzhuan quickly create a heaven and earth is a very easy thing, this may be the first half of the year, one year, two years, or even longer, so we need to exercise at any time, first to learn knowledge, can be used in the following development, finally success. So, do Wangzhuan should grasp what technology is read more

Analysis of Wangzhuan ideas and skills and execution

some people think Wangzhuan cheats, so everywhere to each big Wangzhuan site to find relevant cheats, finally many cheats are deceptive, but I have to do Wangzhuan cheats, but this book is no specific Wangzhuan project, there is no specific Wangzhuan skills, is to bring you success and the Wangzhuan direction. Do Wangzhuan is to have ideas, have the skills to execution are explained below


: Wangzhuan ideas

In fact, the

network to make money and the reality of the way to make money is not much difference, in reality, a lot of people are selling clothes, why some people can earn more, some people earn less, the key is their business ideas are not the same, so do Wangzhuan, many people thought only at the code, click Wangzhuan above, while others thought to have your website, business website, so the different ideas will lead you to the different Wangzhuan read more

Women’s electricity supplier CakeStyle let designers pick clothes for you

women’s electricity supplier CakeStyle: let designers help you pick clothes

electricity supplier should be how to do a big price war, or rely on big brother online hype?

U.S. electricity supplier website CakeStyle only sell fashion women. It does not intend to compete with Amazon (micro-blog) and other giants price, but I hope to help you pick the latest fashion, the most appropriate clothing, won the favor of consumers.

CakeStyle model is: the company first by e-mail or telephone to the user to ask some information, including the current dress, like style, clothing size. Then, by fashion designers from the company’s inventory of seasonal costumes and accessories to the user, and even with a video to explain why these choices. Wait until the product delivery, users only need to choose their own love clothes, the rest can be returned intact, but only according to their own love clothing payment. read more

Google Adsense revenue experience and skills summary

today Adsense show the number of breakthrough 10 thousand, revenue of 15 knives, combined with their own experience to sum up some of the experience of doing some of the AdSense and skills for your friends to share the reference. Go ahead and show a new record of the number of times that you showed yesterday.

my income in English station of this line is generally right, a little better than just the door, than to one hundred thousand in veterans. The reason also drying out, increase the credibility of it, you can also refer to as a reference. read more

Tianjiao advertising alliance


advertising alliance ( membership Changsha Li Xin Technology Co. Ltd., Hunan’s first professional network advertising business, is a focus on network marketing and network dissemination of online advertising business. The company has gathered a group of professional network promotion and technology, and in a professional, efficient, rigorous, sincere the style, by virtue of their own professional advantage and strong technical support, is committed to creating and implementing new network advertising. The integration of network media resources, help the majority of small and medium enterprises implementing network marketing, provide consulting and planning, information exchange, resource sharing, e-commerce platform for the advertising industry, to promote the healthy growth of the brand, to help customers succeed in the increasingly fierce competition in the market. read more

Large companies should avoid entrepreneurial disease the reaction need not be too fast

it is well known that startups can’t follow the example of large companies in many ways. However, this does not mean that the entrepreneurial model can bring higher efficiency, and large companies should also be avoided by the entrepreneurial mentality of interference.

I think, should avoid the following six kinds of "entrepreneurial disease" big companies:

reaction need not be too fast

any enterprise can easily enter the "fire drill mode", and many start-up companies will respond quickly to market opportunities. But when you start a new business, you need to make plans. Strategically, you need to know what you need to focus on. It’s a year plan for the Department, and it’s a month, a week, or a day for yourself. Enterprises will encounter a variety of situations, but you need to know what is the most important, and sustained attention. read more

2007, the owners can make money

recent 07 years webmaster hard to earn the money the more, from the analysis of the current situation, seems reasonable, of course changmen do not despair, as long as the network still have money, space. In fact, a lot of people are advocating "content is king, the flow of the first", but I think, should add a, should be "content is king, profit first, flow second, why should I emphasize the importance of profit mode, the reason is that a kind of website, especially the entertainment station flow is generally high, but profit is a problem, the main reason is the way. read more

Gong Haiyan poubai Entrepreneurial bottleneck put down is not forcing investors

yesterday more than six points from Jiayuan co-CEO news release, will continue to receive colleagues, friends and media phone, Lenovo and many kinds of misreading. I would like to take this blog as a guide and explain some of my ideas.

is the first I resign, rather than forcing investors. As the founder of the company, and known as "the first network matchmaker", if not my own, no one will ask even suggested that I left. My investors can say a few degrees to retain me, but ultimately respect my own decision. Here I also want to thank the investor Yu Fuping, Qian Yongqiang, Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang, Gan Jianping and Mr. Qiming, thanks to their years of my support and trust, thank them for their generous donations, the achievements of my first venture. read more

Chinese click Wangzhuan money fast.

rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan ( has been committed to the research and promotion of Chinese click Wangzhuan, the beginner trustworthy good teachers and helpful friends. Because of the particularity of Chinese click Wangzhuan, basically belongs to toil live, and many times is a thankless, make friends do not receive money or very little income. How to improve the click Wangzhuan income, is a question worthy of thinking, rich uncle Mao now for many years Wangzhuan experience written for members reference, hope to have a help to the beginner. read more

A little website promotion experience

First of all, we must make clear why the value of his website, where

1, portal website

should be divided into two blocks: integrated portal and professional industry portal, this is the two extremes. There is only room for its development. In order to win more customers

2, personal website

such sites generally do not have a large space for development, the object of his service is very limited. He has his own purpose, to provide a convenient.

3, hobby websiteIn order to love their

now in the Internet era, the site has become a simple thing. The most difficult is how to do a web site with love, full of sound and colour, can get more users love every day. In order to create value

1, the planning department

2, technical department

3, the marketing department

a website no matter how well perfect, if not it will spread on promotion to increase traffic, so it can only be said to be the site, do it for yourself, it is only limited to personal value, and it can not create value, only the value of existing expenditure. How to promote, how to enhance the amount of access to their web site, and can attract the attention of customers, let him from today’s new customers into tomorrow’s old customers? To form a virtuous cycle, expanding from person to person. Combined with the author’s own experience, today from the internal factors and external factors to talk about the two aspects of the problem. read more