UEFA cancels hotel reservations at Euro venues

first_imgIn order to release dates from the calendar, UEFA has decided to suspend the international dates of national teams, for which it will request the permission of FIFA. The Euro-Cup play-offs that were due to take place at the end of the month will be canceled, as well as the friendlies in March and June. There is a favorable and majority vote of the 55 European federations to dispute the Champions League with the Final Four format and has also closed the Europa League in the same way, as this newspaper advanced. In the event that the coronavirus does not remit and the championships cannot be closed, UEFA will consider qualifications at the moment of suspension for the purposes of classification for the next edition of continental competitions. UEFA has begun to cancel in block the hotel reservations that it had in the twelve cities that host the Eurocup, among them Bilbao. It is the first unequivocal symptom that he has decided to postpone the tournament. Euro 2020 was due to start on June 12 in Rome, but will now take place in 2021. The organization chaired by Ceferin has a priority which is to conclude the current European competitions. This requires leagues across Europe to restart, but WHO cannot guarantee a specific date to stop coronavirus, which also does not have the same progress in all the territories of the continent. The deadline will be set for June 30 to finish the courselast_img read more

Eibar rules out applying an ERTE to its workers

first_imgThe economic crisis of the clubs that live up to date and need income regularly, are the ones that most bear the blow. So, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Espanyol have already announced that they will present an ERTE to reduce expenses.Nevertheless, the eibarresa entity does not find the ‘water around the neck’ economically, although sporty in the fight for permanence (it is two points from the relegation posts). In terms of money, Eibar is the second club with the least net debt (in the ‘box’ it has more than 40 million euros), only behind Athletic Club (187 million), with data as of June 2019.Economic solvencyEibar, which has always been characterized by not spending more than it has, has saved in its 6 consecutive seasons in the First Division. That allows it to be the second club with the best net debt, which is the difference between the money in the treasury and the commitments to pay. In the highest category, as of June 2019, they only had a balance in favor of 7 of the 20 clubs: Athletic Club, Eibar, Real Madrid, Leganés, Celta, Sevilla, and Villarreal. The rest carried debts. Eibar’s spending budget for the current season (2019-2020) is 52 million euros, of which the majority (37 million) will go to sports personnel, while only 2 million will go to non-sports personnel. Since 71% of the expenses will go to the footballers, and members of the coaching staff of the first team, the most reasonable thing would be that in case the club had to ‘tighten their belts’, it would be for those who win the most, the players.In this regard, the AFE (Association of Spanish Footballers) sees more logic, in the case of financial hardship of a First club, lower salaries for professional footballers instead of applying an ERTE that affects all workers.For the 2019-2020 fiscal year, The Gipuzkoan club had foreseen a profit of 20 million euros before taxes, which mainly come from transfers. Eibar has already secured 20 million extraordinary income without waiting for the end of this campaign, since comes from sales made in the summer of 2019, when he obtained money from four footballers: 14 million for Joan Jordán (Seville), 8 million for Rubén Peña (Villarreal), 4 million – before he had to pay 2- for Marc Cucurella (Barcelona, ​​who later transferred it to Getafe), and one million for Pablo Hervías (Valladolid ).Eibar depends on television rights, and in its budget for the 2019-2020 campaign it plans to enter 46 million for the retransmission of football matches. This amount represents 88% of ordinary income (52 million), although the percentage falls compared to total income (73 million).This dependence on television money from the Gipuzkoan club has two faces. On the one hand, it means that has fewer resources to obtain money through other channels (partners, tickets, advertising) than other entities. However, that weakness could paradoxically turn into a fortress.And it is that, whenever the league ends -even in July-, with which the television commitments would be fulfilled, Eibar would receive almost all the money provided for retransmissions. It could stop receiving box office revenue if the matches were held behind closed doors, without an audience, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.But other clubs, especially the most powerful ones, which have larger stadiums, a greater number of subscribers and fans, would be the most affected by the ‘closure’ of football. And the longer the break lasts, the worse. Thus, the FC Barcelona museum, which is now closed by COVID-19, billed 57 million in the 2017-2018 campaign. That figure exceeds Eibar’s total budget (53 million) for the 2019-2020 season.Escalante’s BirthdayOn the other hand, Gonzalo Escalante turned 27 on Friday March 27. The Argentine midfielder celebrated his birthday confined at home. The Eibar rules out applying an ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File) to its workers due to the coronavirus. Although the COVID-19 has stopped the First Division league, as well as the lives of almost everyone, the Gipuzkoan club does not intend to apply economic measures that harm its 200 employees.This has been expressed to footballers and members of the coaching staff of the first Barça squad. In this regard, one of the captains of the Eibar team, Sergi Enrich, said last Tuesday that the staff is calm about it. “The ERTE issue is a sensitive issue that affects the entire society in general. Eibar has given us tranquility and confidence. We are very grateful, because it is a complicated subject. The most important thing is everyone’s health, which right now is the priority. That no more people are infected, and that everything is for the better, “said Sergi Enrich.LaLiga has estimated at 670 million euros the cost of not finishing the current season (2019-2020) in the highest category (both for television rights and for the ticket offices of the parties). For this reason, the president of the professional soccer club association, Javier Tebas, insists that the league championship must be ended.last_img read more

Xavi, yes ‘soccer’ to Neymar: “It would be a spectacular signing”

first_imgXavi Hernández gives this Sunday an interview with La Vanguardia, one of the first after saying no to Barça last January when the azulgrana club dismissed Valverde like first trainer of the azulgrana group. Xavi gets wet. He reiterates his desire to train Barça, to work with Puyol and Jordi Cruyff and to sign players capable of unbalancing and making differences like Neymar. These are the most prominent topics that he attacks in the interview.His ideal Barça if he trained now: “Much of the squad seems extraordinary to me. Starting with the goalkeeper, who seems to me the best in the world; Jordi Alba, for me, is the best left-back in the world; Piqué, the best center-back in the world; Busquets, best midfielder defensive player in the world, and Messi, the best player in the world. And, if you add Suárez, De Jong and Arthur, they seem to me footballers to win ten more years at Barça. The base is very good. Neymar: I don’t know if he would fit in for the social issue, but footballically I have no doubts that it would be a spectacular signing. Barça already has a game inside … but they lack extremes like Bayern does. They don’t need many new ones: Jadon Sancho, Serge Gnabry… “ Who would I work with at Barça: “I would like to work together with people in whom I have confidence, with whom there is loyalty, and who are very valid people. There cannot be anyone toxic near the dressing room. We are talking about Carles Puyol, who was captain of Barça, and Jordi Cruyff, Very good businessman and with a lot of experience in the technical secretary. I am very team, I do not want to decide alone. Here, we make the decisions with the staff … it is a horizontal structure, of consensus. Although then the last word corresponds to me.With which directive would you feel most comfortable at Barça: “Obviously I would like to be very in tune with everyone. In the locker room there can be no negative, toxic, and the medical issue is important … everything has to fit in. I would like to enter with people from my surroundings to form a good team. It would not be definitive, but I insist that I would like to have total attunement. I do not know if this ideality can occur … I have nothing against anyone, what is more, I do not have a bad relationship with Bartomeu, I get along well with Laporta and Víctor Font and I We are friends, I will be with anyone who loves Barça well.Play in the national team and feel like a Spanish or Catalan independence movement: “Playing in the National Team was a pride. I have never hidden. The political issue and injustices burst me, but it has nothing to do with it. All my life I wanted to go to the Spanish National Team and I am very honored. Of course I have no nothing against Spain, Spain has given me a lot. And it has treated me very well. What seems to me an injustice is that people have not been able to vote in a legal referendum. It lets people decide their future, which also it manifests itself peacefully. I have only spoken in this regard. In favor of the freedom of the people, not against Spain. “last_img read more

Trejo talks about his future: “I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do”

first_imgAll that made Boca continue to have a privileged place in the heart of Trejo, so he does not rule out returning at some point: “If Riquelme calls me and tells me that if I want to return, I don’t even think about it. I say yes ten times before I finish the sentence. It is something I would love. After I left, I only stepped on Boca’s court once. I was in the gallery and I was very homesick. Step on the locker room? Ugh, I don’t know, everything is removed. I would go crazy”. Chocota He wanted to clarify the reality of his departure and summed it up in one sentence: “If I could go back I would follow what I think and would not listen to people from outside.” Óscar Trejo ends contract with Rayo Vallecano at the end of the season, so his future is, right now, a mystery. “I just finished in June this year. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do.”, confessed the attacking midfielder in an interview with the Argentine program ‘Fútbol sin spots’, where he also reviewed his career and revealed who his idol is: “Neither Messi nor Cristiano. Tevez! I have always followed him and would love to play with him. When I was a boy he came up to me and He signed me a shirt that I have hanging in Santiago del Estero. “ Trejo began to stand out in the lower categories of Boca Juniors, team with which he debuted on July 3, 2005. His premature departure left him with a thorn. “I regret how I left. I was ill advised At that time, there was a person who told me that I would not have opportunities and that if I signed a power of attorney he would bring me to Spain. At only 17 years old I had to make a tremendous life decision. Already here I told my old woman that I thought I was wrong, but it was late. That person did not fulfill anything he told me“, narrated the Argentinean about his beginnings.last_img read more

Health approves LaLiga plan and COVID-19 tests

first_imgIrene Lozano has personally informed the presidents of the sports organizations of the compliance with one of the basic points of the Vian Pacta, and the Ministry of Culture and Sports itself has published a note in which it states that “Health maintains the structure and phases of the protocol presented by LaLiga”.About the coronavirus detection tests, the note from the CSD establishes that they may be carried out in accordance with the ministerial order of April 13 “, which means that the team doctors will be able to proceed and analyze the impact of the virus on the templates as of this Monday. The Higher Sports Council has formally communicated to LaLiga, the Federation and the AFE that the Ministry of Health has approved the protocol presented by the clubs to return to training on the dates published today by this newspaper. Now the ministerial order that will go into the details is missing, and that is very possibly official this Friday.last_img read more

Messi’s ‘new normal’

first_imgThe unpublished image of Lionel Messi this Wednesday, after passing the tests of the Covid-19 in the Ciutat Esportiva del Barça, becomes covers this Thursday in all the Catalan sports newspapers (Mundo Deportivo, Sport, L’Esportiu) and some generalists like La Vanguardia. It is the image of the new normality of football if it wants to resume at the end of next June. Messi and the rest of his teammates will receive their tests this Thursday and from tomorrow the Barça players, who also passed a general medical examination, could start training individually.Few more news in the newspapers of Barcelona, ​​if Newcastle could be Coutinho’s destination, or at least that’s what Barça dreams of if the American Hanry Mauriss or the Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman finally buy the Magpies.last_img read more

VCB ready to face trials

first_imgDOHA, Qatar:Despite having 17 Olympic and World Championships medals to her name, Veronica Campbell-Brown knows it will be as difficult as ever to make Jamaica’s team to this year’s Rio Games when national trials roll around in June.”Based on my experience, it is always tough to make my team,” Campbell-Brown said. “Jamaica has a lot of great athletes. I expect it to be as tough as always.”Campbell-Brown, who will turn 34 on May 15, says she feels as fresh as ever and, therefore, is not ready to pronounce this as being her last Olympics despite the fact that she will be 38 in 2020 when the next track and field spectacle is slated for.FEELING YOUNG”Actually, I don’t feel a day older. I feel as young and as fresh as ever,” Campbell-Brown said. “So I will just train hard and stay focused as I feel good.”I do not put limits on myself, and I am not closing any doors because I do not know what God has in store for me. So I will just take it season by season, and right now I am focused on the 2016 season.”The former Vere Technical High student, one of the greatest female sprinters of all time, is the first to admit that last season was not one of her best. She did recover, however, to take bronze in the 200m at the World Championships and helped Jamaica to gold in the 4x100m.”I do expect things to be better and to move smoother than last year. Preparations have been going well. I am excited about the season.”Campbell-Brown, who has a personal best of 10.76 seconds in the 100m and 21.74 in the 200m, was unwilling to say how fast she is likely to go this season.”You never know. I don’t know. We will see,” Campbell-Brown said when asked how fast she believed she would go this season. “I am just focusing on making the team to Rio and then go from there.”ryon.jones@gleanerjm.comlast_img read more


first_imgARSENAL (4-2-3-1)CECH, BELLERIN, MERTESACKER, KOSCIELNY, MONREAL,CIQUELIN, CAZORLA,RAMSEY, OZIL, SANCHEZ, GIROUDLIVERPOOL (4-2-3-1)BENTEKE, IBE, LALLANA, COUTINHO,HENDERSON, MILNER,GOMEZ, LOVREN, SKRTEL, CLYNE,MIGNOLETArsenal returned to the Emirates on an English Bank Holiday Monday after they lost the season’s opener against West Ham at home. The Gunners won 2-1 at Crystal Palace last weekend and will be determined to add another three points.Arsene Wenger’s men swept to an impressive win over Liverpool last season, netting three goals in eight first-half minutes, with their 10th win in eleven games in the Barclays Premier League.Liverpool, though, were reduced to 10 men when Arsenal led 3-1. Indeed, Liverpool have won just once in their last 15 visits to North London, in August 2011. Of the other 14, the Reds have lost nine and drawn five.Liverpool have started well, albeit with narrow 1-0 wins at Stoke and at home to Bournemouth, and are third in the Barclays Premier League behind leaders Manchester City and second-placed Leicester City.It is the Reds’ best start for two years – when they won their first three in the league, when Daniel Sturridge scored in Liverpool’s first four.England striker Sturridge is still missing; he last played for Liverpool in the league in April but his troublesome hip means he is unlikely to return before October. Joe Allen, John Flanagan and Jordan Henderson are also likely to miss the game with hamstring, knee and foot injuries, respectively.last_img read more

Ja’s Taylor to lead WI Women

first_imgST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC):Marquee batsman Stafanie Taylor has been appointed the new captain of West Indies Women, replacing the long-serving Merissa Aguilleira.The change was announced by the West Indies Cricket Board yesterday as it named the 18-member training squad for the home series against Pakistan starting next month.Aguilleira led the side for six years, during which time they managed to reach the final of the ICC World Cup in 2013 and the semi-finals of the last three Twenty20 World Cups.However, chief selector Clive Lloyd said the time had come for a change.”Merissa has been there for a long time and did a pretty good job, but we feel the time is right for a new leader, and we have chosen Stafanie,” he said.”She has done well for Windies Women with bat and ball and has led Jamaica Women successfully, so leading the team would not be alien to her.”Stafanie has played quite a lot. She has been ICC Player-of-the-Year and she will be able to lead by example.”prolificTaylor has been one of the most prolific batsmen in the women’s game in recent years. The 24-year-old right-hander has garnered 3,115 runs from 84 one-day international, already with five centuries and 20 half-centuries.In 62 Twenty20s, she has managed 1,814 runs at an average of 36, with 16 half-centuries.In contrast, Aguilleira has struggled with the bat, especially in recent times. She has not scored a half-century in over three years and managed only 69 runs from 10 ODI outings last year and 86 runs from 12 T20 innings.WICB president Dave Cameron said he believed the changes would be “in the best interests” of the squad.”The directors have confidence in the decision made by the selectors and accept that it has been made in the best interests of the women’s team,” he said.TRAINING SQUAD: Stafanie Taylor (captain), Shakera Selman (vice-captain), Merissa Aguilleira, Shemaine Campbelle, Shamilia Connell, Britney Cooper, Deandra Dottin, Afy Fletcher, Stacy-Ann King, Kycia Knight, Kyshona Knight, Hayley Matthews, Anisa Mohammed, Chedean Nation, Shaquana Quintyne, Karishma Ramharack, Tremayne Smartt, Vanessa Watts.last_img read more

Williams, Bloomfield highlight All-Comers meet

first_img WINNING LEAP The best moments of the second Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) All-Comers meet on Saturday evening came near the end as Christania Williams and Akeem Bloomfield delighted fans inside the National Stadium with fine sprint performances. Williams, a student-athlete at the University of Technology (UTech), lowered her 100-metre personal best to 11.07 seconds. Moments earlier, Bloomfield showed good form at twice the distance. Williams, a champion high-school sprinter at Edwin Allen High, jetted away from the start and ran powerfully to reduce her best from 11.11 seconds. The only Jamaicans to go faster over 100 metres this year were Veronica Campbell-Brown and Simone Facey, with Elaine Thompson joining them with her time of 11.02 seconds at yesterday’s Rabat Diamond League meet. Campbell-Brown and Facey have run the 100m in 10.91 and 11.00 seconds, respectively, already this season, while Thompson had an earlier clocking of 11.07 and her notable wind-assisted time of 10.71 seconds at the Jamaica International Invitational. Despite his six-foot-five frame, Bloomfield – an upper sixth form student at Kingston College – looked nimble in the early steps of his 200-metre race. He feathered the accelerator near the end of an effort timed in 20.66 seconds. That was the fastest 200-metre race of the evening by 0.03, as Jevaughn Minzie, the 2015 Boys and Girls’ Championships 200m winner, held off fast-closing Briton, Delano Williams, in 20.69 seconds. Nigel Ellis, the super sprinter from St Elizabeth Technical High School, was the only Jamaican junior athlete to go quicker over 200 metres this season than Bloomfield. Ellis clocked 20.40 seconds at Western Championships and 20.51 in the semi-finals at the Boys and Girls’ Championships. Shanieka Thomas, the 2015 World Championship triple jump finalist, entertained with a winning leap of 14.16 metres. That was achieved with a run-up that showed her improved sprint speed. Other notable performances came from Marvin Williams and Samantha James. Williams, the 2013 World Youth 400-metre hurdles champion, caught fast-starting Josef Robertson in the homestretch to win his pet event in 50.14 seconds. James got the better of Simoya Campbell in the 800 metres. Campbell, the World University Games runner-up, faded after a 57.8-second opening lap and fell prey to James’ strong finish. The winning time was 2 minutes, 03.94 seconds.last_img read more