Optimization techniques and effects of Web site, detailed link station

4, the ranking page to add noffllow tags

for small website article link buried deeper is not easy to be found, in fact, the search engine and the people are the same, you buried deeper is not easy to be found in the search engine, so don’t even talk to be included, indexing and ranking, so the best can appear on the web page or more easy to find, for example, the wealth website from the website home page click 3 times to see the final page.

and share content are optimizing website content, and the wealth of small today specially compiled some relevant website internal and external link optimization content and optimization can be achieved through the link. read more

How to make the search engine stable keywords ranking

(3) time to solve the problem of

when the search engine adjustment, keywords ranking will be down, if the search engine adjustment before the site changed, it will have good rankings. You can change the color change is the website, the website function, which belongs to the page, there is a change in user experience. If your website content is real enough, after reasonable, well intentioned people reproduced, "

when the site of a certain rank, the search engine has given a certain weight. If you update the article follow the prescribed order, the hair of the chain, then your keywords will be stable, just as you do not change, more and more words on the list. To sell the old old say is this thing, the time domain name is old, the content of the website is old, the search engine will pay more attention to your site keywords ranking will also have a small part of the floating. If this is a new web site, then you have to do day by day, adhere to the content of the website only succeed when. read more

Yang Cheng the development trend of engine optimization in a search of Shanghai dragon Er station

nowadays, more and more people began to rely on massive amounts of information brought by the Internet, a large part of Internet users often rely on operation engine to find information, access mechanism. Obviously, the age of the Internet has brought convenience to our lives, but also caused some adverse effects: not love our brains. The huge network information, the user needs to face more and more information, at the same time, there is a part of the false information also began to show in front of the user. How to correctly guide the correct information for the convenience of users, the Shanghai dragon is one of the main way to achieve. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform site property function upgrade version of open beta


The third step: enter the

2, perfect introduction of site classification and site, let love Shanghai to better understand your website.

website and verify the ownership of the site to verify the specific attribution method visible help documentation

site property upgrade function:

          the announcement is as follows:

site attributes settings page, click on the "operation" button to upload website logo and improve site information:

1, the new website upload logo function: webmaster set the page to submit the following requirements of the website logo pictures in the site properties, through the audit, the corresponding site home page will have pictures on the official website of logo in the search results. read more

Love is too dependent on Shanghai will only make you suffer a big

since the last 628 events to now, how many regular website ranking deprived? How many webmaster complaints but no door? With its products.

from Google Chinese exit the market, Shanghai is undoubtedly the love took first place in the domestic search engine, love Shanghai power, is the only hand over days, became the talk of the town, summon wind and call for rain, The people are destitute., the way to describe the love of Shanghai is not, in fact, in the past two years, due to the rise of Shanghai dragon love, has a huge impact on Shanghai bidding, in order to love their own interests, the rise of Shanghai must continue to suppress Shanghai dragon, in order to ensure their own interests forever. read more

Love of the ten core content of Shanghai algorithm


three: update to account for 10% of

two: the chain should be accounted for 20% of

in the chain optimization is not the more the better, but do not in the 1000 words in more than five key links, such as the word Chinese students, not more than five in an article, "if there are other chain also must grasp this principle, otherwise there will be one of the key words

In fact, the construction of lie to you! !The construction of the

the proportion of the chain is relatively high, so there are many ways of the construction of the chain on the market, such as the black hat optimization, such as the sale of links and so on, some of the high quality of the chain can be sold to hundreds of yuan, if a site has a lot of high quality the chain, then the ranking is very easy to love Shanghai on the construction of the chain, don’t want to do a good job, the city of Rome is not a day to be able to build a successful construction well, every day is a very important point read more

On the five point Web2.0 anti spam Raiders experience proposals

Five, adhere to the original

with love Shanghai algorithm update, many of the once glorious moment of pseudo original method, the effect will gradually weaken and even invalid. Therefore, the original articles website is particularly important. So the webmaster should adhere to the original, only two insist on the theme of the site and content of the original articles can be every day. It can effectively less love Shanghai it was deleted, and be able to speak in this paper included the number to rise. read more

Love Shanghai 301 redirect weight transfer needed

301 redirect, Shanghai dragon ER and Adsense must have is often done, but each search engine for 301 redirection of reaction speed is not the same. No noble baby said, is the fastest, the combat has proved. Then love Shanghai? Should not ask how fast, but should ask how slow. Some time ago, because the company website first domain, don’t take the WWW with a 301 redirect to the following WWW. Because, when I search for certain words, find love for Shanghai without the WWW domain name, give high weight, but also with the WWW domain name, so tangled up, first domain or under the unified best. So let the technical staff, with a 301 under. read more

Optimization of three things the user data, and click

3, the user clicks on the

second, user voting is the key to improve website ranking.

optimization based station contains many, including internal links and keywords page flow analysis.

effect. When our keyword into the search engine before it 20 in the affected by the click algorithm, increase user click can improve the keywords ranking. >

users are the focus of the search engine, user preference and action must be reflected in the website ranking. If your website is the trust of users, so the user viscosity is relatively high, the relative site showing the whole data better, such as page retention time increased, the bounce rate decreased, PV, so the vote on the quality score, this website ranking will be increased by voting effect. read more

Look at the development of the search engine from love Shanghai, Google algorithm adjusted

June 28, 2011, Shanghai, noble love baby in the night before to make the different degrees of adjustment. Compared with the noble baby love Shanghai PR value adjustment, this move makes a bit to see through. In view of the current situation, the general rise included and the chain of love, can be said to be included in Shanghai rose sharply, of course, this is to maintain the initial situation of the website can see the use of normal means. Then the following cool to the network to share with you some cool to change the network’s website: read more