The solution to reduce the chain and the corresponding reasons

on the other hand to understand the chain don’t care much, only care about the fine. It is easy to understand, a high quality of the chain on top of several low quality of the chain, the chain of high quality is relatively stable, do not worry will be reduced, and the low quality of the chain may be the next love Shanghai is updated and become zero. So we send in the chain, should be to quality based, supplemented by quantity.

in China, love is the boss of Shanghai. Shanghai love the passions will affect the status of the site, every webmaster are full of fear to love Shanghai. Every update to love Shanghai, the webmaster can appear, that site is down right, collected and the chain to reduce, even by the K. Therefore, the love of Shanghai is a challenge for every webmaster. Here, a brief talk about how to deal with the new reduction, love Shanghai anti chain are wrong, please enlighten. read more

WordPress reduce the similarity of web page tips

, a random article

Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

add random article believe that a lot of Shanghai dragon friends have added, one can make the home move to a web page snapshot update; two is to reduce the site similarity, because each page refresh after random display articles are not the same. So add random article is to reduce the "similarity of good skills, random article sometimes can be a good solution to the problem of snapshot does not update, you can try.

Add Add

related articles add more is to give visitors we recommend relevant content. The articles can be seen as a good simple method to increase website internal links. Because the article is in accordance with the "tag" and "classification" to achieve, so the correlation between the content is great. Of course, the blog program in the website structure optimization is most beneficial to not only because of this. read more

Analysis of black hat Shanghai Longfeng power four month weight 6

yesterday a friend told me a Taobao guest website, said Niu X, the author observed a moment, is a classic black hat Shanghai Longfeng practices, to share with you to discuss, no nonsense to above:

bridge cheating tactics according to different user agent, return to a different page, the user opens the page automatically jump to the advertising page, and the spider crawling returns are especially optimized web pages, spiders crawl page content can be viewed by love Shanghai. This is why this looks are not what the website ranking will be included and why so good. At present, this kind of cheating, Google will be able to identify very early, you can go to Google search the site, estimates are not included. Some people will say that this will soon be just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, K, I believe that the fundamental purpose of Shanghai dragon is to make money, regardless of the site of black hat or white hat is worth for us to study, after all, this website brings a lot of profit. But I do not suggest that you have to study the so-called Shanghai dragon black hat, in fact this is just one case, without too much attention, do your own thing. As long as you do, your site will not be poor. Let’s look at what place this site, why so cattle read more

An analysis of the long tail keywords to help Hangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai ranked first

recently in Hangzhou Shanghai dragon Er group lively, love Shanghai ranking changes, the first Hangzhou honored Bai Bing’s personal website ranking. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon and Hangzhou Bai Bing not want to optimize the word, after all, is currently engaged in the Shanghai dragon training. Before Hangzhou, Shanghai dragon first are now their friends, like Hu Yufeng, brother Ma Minghao, feather. The circle is the Hangzhou Bai Bing website, the Shanghai dragon is just about the same accidentally on the first love in Shanghai. read more

Love Shanghai refers to the long tail keywords can also do no numerical optimization.

second, the comparative analysis of other similar long tail keywords. For example, we choose vertical talent sites such as keywords, we need further analysis and other index of long tail keywords, such as personnel website this keyword index reached 589, while the medical talent network index dropped to 100, while only cosmetic medical site index will become 0, through this industry transformation the way to realize the combination of long tail keywords screening, can get the long tail keywords potential, then optimized, not only reduces the difficulty of optimization, but also effectively enhance the future development of web space. read more

Love the sea and move in the world

love Shanghai when the world was changed. First, business owners, investment, with the love of Shanghai, love Shanghai auction. "


this is the Shanghai dragon circles will be in jeopardy more difficult to survive, with light forum closed, many Shanghai dragon masters were pessimistic about Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love a series of pressure, which makes the tottering Shanghai dragon one disaster after another. Shanghai is really no way out of Phoenix? Love Shanghai do not lead to a new round of Shanghai dragon read more

Do you have 95% Shanghai dragon professional knowledge.

second: how is the site structure architecture and internal links, the two problems directly solve the problems included. One thing to remind the new Adsense is, if you don’t know what is the framework structure, then congratulations, you won’t fall into the trap of spiders, we don’t need to know what is the framework structure, it is not conducive to the search engine grab. In addition, the website structure of search engine is relatively heavy link structure, logical structure is reasonable in general we use the tree links (see below), A diagram for the front page of the site, C1 and C2 are D1 and D2 classification page is C1 below the product page, D3 and D4 are below C2 the product. In their relationship abstraction. This structure can make the weight evenly distributed in each web page above. On the internal links is the use of anchor text, here don’t do detailed research, we can refer to other webmaster. read more

Analysis of the web site search, manifestation, reason of punishment and Countermeasures

two, the website is punished

believes that whether it is done or as a webmaster Shanghai dragon, will often encounter website search engine drop right even in the case of K. In fact, this situation is normal, we can even say "no right to be reduced (K) is not a good webmaster webmaster". May be some friends do not know how to judge their own website was drop right. Today let me explore the depth together with everybody, why the website will be down right? Right down down right after we have? How to deal with? Let me yiyidaolai now. read more

Cloud – behind Hongkong’s DC server development

server to bring commercial value

because of the cloud itself advantages, which brings more opportunities and value for IDC service providers. Industry experts believe that the impact of the development of cloud computing for IDC service providers mainly concentrated in Hongkong and the domestic server server www.yunshuju贵族宝贝/server/.

has now become a hot word in IT circles, has dominated the IDC market, service providers are constantly intensify the construction of cloud computing. It is understood that China Mobile actively deployed cloud plan and made gratifying achievements, but China Unicom is not far behind, in the IDC room began the pilot work of cloud processing. read more

2013 January Shanghai love algorithm analysis

December 21, 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecy did not come, but ushered in a new life. The original should be exciting, in December 2012 when the end of the month in 2013 and January at the beginning of the month, Chinese search engines love Shanghai was updated once again the algorithm, the results are caused N engaged in the work of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon er who shouted: Oh, mygod! Ranking and off, a 56 Member Forum – Wang Baochen is one of these many webmaster, recently a headache, heart sad, customer reminders ranking of how out? We hurry, then summarizes the following characteristics on the 2013 January algorithm adjusted as well as the solution to this situation: read more