Why Europe is not suitable for Entrepreneurship

only 200 years of history of the United States can quickly develop to today, must be full of innovation spirit. China also has a good ability to innovate. Compared to the United States and China, Europe seems to have been lack of innovation, what is the reason?

now China, apparently has entered an era of booming business. People in the industry said: Chinese entrepreneurs in the success rate is close to the United states. And the ability to innovate and break through in imitation is becoming more and more prominent." At present, a variety of start-up companies springing up, although most of the losers, but from the other side, but also reflects the economic vitality. read more

These entrepreneurial experience is worth accumulation

anyone starts a business from the beginning of 0, but some people can succeed, some people always fail, why? Not because they have no experience, but because they are not good at accumulating experience. The following entrepreneurial experience is worth the accumulation of entrepreneurs who are worth a look.

1. early release

first released early version, according to user feedback to improve. Full version of the vulnerability will only lead to user dissatisfaction, if the product is not perfect, you can release a mini version. If there are follow-up products, the user will not mind the mini version. read more

Shoe decoration design to consider what factors

How should

a shop decoration, not consider individual investors can know the results, but also requires a combination of several factors, such as the sale of the product positioning, consumer positioning face, the positioning values and so on. In short, want a suitable shoe shop decoration design, need to consider many factors. So, shoe decoration design to consider what factors? Let me see small series of.

style positioning

you make the brand casual shoes or wear shoes, men’s shoes or shoes. Casual shoes store should give the casual, relaxed feeling, can give a strong sense of rhythm background music, with strong color contrast and gorgeous lighting, folded, positive display, side show to be interspersed with each other, the shelves put in at random and the overall feeling, dress is on the contrary. read more

How to carry out network marketing promotion Xiaobian recommend a few strokes

Internet era, the network marketing has a profound impact on the development of the brand, accurate and effective way to promote the network marketing should be understood by each entrepreneur. How to promote the network marketing? What are the ways to do network marketing? Which of these is the most effective? Today to learn more about the way the network marketing!

how network marketing?   resource cooperation promotion method

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