Gayn Nebula founder Lu Shengping let the innovation.

real innovation and entrepreneurship is the connotation of scientific and technological innovation, technology entrepreneurship. Lu Shengping, the young creative passenger, is through the power of science and technology to manage their own business, but also to help a lot of entrepreneurs to provide a set of internationalization, industrialization, intelligence as one of the entrepreneurial base.

in Entrepreneurship and innovation tide of Shenyang fast, Lu Shengping’s name is well known. Young clients know she was at last year’s show, she 3D print head automatically distribute business cards show. In the mature entrepreneurial base of the circle of friends, Lu Shengping because in the three goods street to build a set of international, industrial, intelligent as one of the entrepreneurial base and concern. read more

Business do not have business opportunities

is now a lot of people like to do business, and so on, waiting for customers to enter the store, waiting for customers to open, and a lot of business is lost in such a process, etc.. I believe that all the customers in the store when they want to see the owner of a cordial smile, warm language, polite behavior. In the daily operation, the owner can not wait wait for the customer to open, should take the initiative to improve the turnover rate.

not into the initiative to meet. Hesitation and wandering outside the shop customers, to take the initiative to say a kind word: "welcome, do you have what you need?" This is conducive to dispel the concerns of customers, so that into the shop. read more

6 overseas scholars went to Heilongjiang looking for entrepreneurial opportunities

for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to have a good platform for entrepreneurs, meanwhile, are now held everywhere and some entrepreneurial activities, recently, in Heilongjiang province has organized a number of innovation and entrepreneurship week.

46 from the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries and regions of the 12 overseas scholars before the date gathered in Harbin, Heilongjiang School of innovation and entrepreneurship in the overseas week they showed in their respective areas of entrepreneurial projects. read more

Five kinds of fish powder to join the cottage

Effect of

on healthy consumption concept, the food and beverage industry in the grain food is always particularly welcomed by consumers, so the fish powder to join in the project of five kinds of fish powder grain cottage is a market of consumer products, five kinds of fish powder with grain cottage North green organic grain miscellaneous grain as raw material and modern Rice noodles the processing technology, through repeated tests, the successful production of coarse grain products meet the national inspection standards, the product is soft and smooth mouthfeel, flexible texture characteristics, completely solves the shortcomings of rough grain entrance. Five kinds of fish powder grains grain cottage is the real Rice noodles allow consumers to eat healthy fish powder. read more

Eight tricks create your fashion accessories chain store of wealth

      industry to create a wealth for entrepreneurs, is an ultimate goal when they choose a project to achieve the business, but for entrepreneurs, in the choice of a fashion accessories chain business, this is also the most entrepreneurs concern. But for some people who do not have entrepreneurial experience, this is easier said than done, is the need for entrepreneurs to think from a variety of aspects.

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90 to tell you about the reasons for the failure of the electricity supplier shopping guide

people say that failure is not a nightmare, the real nightmare is that you do not learn from it. The following is a summary of the failure of 90 entrepreneurs, hoping to provide a negative feedback to the entrepreneurs behind, do not make mistakes before committing.

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2012 Christmas business is about to open you ready to make a profit

2012 Christmas is coming, this will be a new round of business opportunities, you are ready to start the business? There are a few weeks before Christmas, the taste of Christmas has been filled in the air, in the economy gradually pick up the situation, seize the opportunity of holiday sellers who have done articles, met has been touted "Christmas business" naturally will not miss.

Christmas business: online merchandise fight creativity.

Order flowers business:

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The brothers joined the FAQ buffet

today to recommend to you is a collection of nutrition, health, and delicious and one of the franchise brand – big brother buffet. The creation of this brand is based on a reflection of a market driven approach to pure, fast, and non nutritional food. It is a combination of Chinese and Western approach to the introduction of fresh, delicious, nutritious food and dining, so many consumers in the fast enjoy the slow pace of life care.

big brother buffet buffet frequently asked questions

1, big brother this brand can cooperate? read more