iFixIt tears open the Nexus S discovers curved displays secrets

first_imgiFixIt have shown their love for Google and Samsung‘s flagship Gingerbread phone by prying it apart and ripping out their innards.What’d they find? Well, the feature that most differentiates the Nexus S is its concave screen, which is supposed to be more comfortable to use. You might assume that this screen was some sort of funky curved Super AMOLED panel, but it’s nothing so impressive: rather, the Contour display is just a regular, flat Super AMOLED panel fused to a curved piece of glass.There’s some other interesting departures. The motherboard is different from the Galaxy S, apparently to accommodate the increased storage capacity as well as the new NFC chips.Compared to an iPhone, iFixIt were pretty happy with the Nexus S’s repairability, claiming it was easy to teardown. Ultimately, they give it a 7/10 for repairability… a nice change of pace in an increasingly unrepairable sector.Read more at iFixItlast_img

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