Setién: “This is like a kid who is going to take an exam …”

first_imgQuique Setién appeared at a press conference to answer questions about the current situation of Barcelona, ​​focused on Thursday’s Leganes Cup match, at Camp Nou, the transfer market and the latest results and team image. – Can patience be key to Leganés?-Evidently, controlling the game is important. Our goal is to control the game. Avoid kickbacks. We understand that we will take the initiative a large part of the game, but we must control the options that the opponent has and minimize them. It will not be easy. They don’t have much to lose, they will play quietly. It is an important match.– Do you have the feeling that the emotional stability of the team is at stake this Thursday?-I can clarify that my emotional state and stability remains the same. It was a painful defeat that of Valencia because all defeats are going to be painful. And even if we win, you always have to improve. But emotionally we are stable.– What perspective do you have to end up signing a nine?-I’m delighted with what we have. We will not deny that it would be interesting for a player to come. But I always count on what I have and what comes, welcome will be.-Why does Carles Pérez have no place in his team, his departure is sporty or economical?– It is a shared decision and what I have spoken with the boy has been clear. I don’t usually talk about private conversations. I give my opinion and this is what it is.-Can there be two cheating games of Leganés and Levante?-Football always makes unexpected dribbles and this is always an option. That the expectations you believe are not as positive as you expect. Our goal is to improve and that everything we raise on the board is the pitch. We are clear about the path and the arguments. There are things we would like to see now and it is not easy to see. It is still early for it to be seen.-You said after the defeat that you didn’t know if they hadn’t understood you or if they explained themselves well. Have you talked to the players?-I think you clearly understand what I said. We carry six workouts. There are things that it is impossible for us to see on the pitch. We try to have good communication, but sometimes it is not easy to reach, understand people. It’s like a kid who is going to take an exam, you have to teach him how they did it to me. It is normal.– Is he being unfair to you?-I tell you really. I don’t usually wear out what they say right or wrong about me. I am clear about what I have to worry about. I don’t read or hear almost anything. I focus on what I have to focus on. And this is centered with the costumes. That is where I am. Then you do your job and I respect it, but I focus on what I have to focus on – Are you finding it harder to enjoy and reach the players?-It is getting easier than I thought. Yesterday we did a spectacular training. But you can always improve-If Barça does not sign, do you see the team competing for all the objectives?-I come from the mud and I have got used to working with what I have. If something comes, welcome be. But this club is ready to compete in everything.-Have you been able to talk to Bartomeu, what has he transmitted to you?– It is true that I have spoken with him. He has given me confidence, to give me time. It is a club with a dimension that I do not reach. In fact, I still don’t know people who are around to give me things by name. Bartomeu has told me to be calm and handle myself according to my convictions. But it gives me confidence.-What profile has to have the striker who comes to Barça?-I’m not going to get into these things or talk about them, they are internal. I am not the person to comment on this.-Do you think about the possibility of giving rest to the important ones this Thursday?It is possible that there is some change but we will not give clues to the rival. But I have not decided either.– The club advised to him that it would be good that Carles Pérez left if it did not have continuity in the first equipment?-Repeat. It is a conversation. I have talked to the club and the boy. You know what I have said, my opinion. And so does the club. And this has been decided.-How have you seen Arthur’s first game, it’s not yet ninety minutes?-The other day he played from the start and I think he had 55 minutes and did many things well. He lacks a bit of rhythm and will get better as he feels well. He is a magnificent player.Can you guarantee that nobody else will come out?-I can’t guarantee anything. These are decisions made by the club and are the best decisions for everyone. Nobody leaves if they don’t want to leave.Have you talked to Arturo Vidal?Nerd. I usually talk to the players but in this case I didn’t even know about their exit options.-Are you focused on the short or long term?– Having more time without the pressure of the results would be better. But we understand the difficulties of getting points while introducing concepts to see what you want. We know that there are urgent needs in a club like this and we are getting a lot of information for the players. There is a lot, a lot of work to do. But the intelligence of these players also helps a lot.-How much are you worried that the field factor is not so decisive?I never go quiet to the matches although it can be considered that there is a tendency that everything is easy. Leganés has complicated the lives of many teams. The Leganés is doing things quite well and is a team that what he does, he does very well He has improved and has another dynamism in relation to what he did two months ago. And it can give you a dislike. This will not be easy and I will try to explain it to the players.last_img

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