Álvaro Cervera: “It is a greater measure that we have to abide by”

first_imgFurther, the coach considers that playing behind closed doors was not a solution because the fans were going to concentrate in the same way on the outskirts of the stadium. “In football there was the possibility of playing behind closed doors, but even so, there would not be people in the venue, but outside yes. We all had in mind that there was a possibility and in the end it has happened. It is a greater measure that we have to abide by as it is. “ After hearing the news that the competition in the First and Second Division is paralyzed during the next two days, there have been many reactions. Álvaro Cervera, Cádiz coach, He has also expressed his opinion on the matter at a press conference before the club’s media. The mister understands that it is a social emergency situation and that every measure is important to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus.Cervera has been preparing all week for Sunday’s match against Rayo Vallecano despite the fact that they considered the suspension of the day very likely. “We have been training all week as if we were going to play on Sunday, but in everyone’s head, we saw that this could happen. As the days passed, more things were closing, basketball, the mass events stopped being called as well. “ The coach has insisted on the idea that they are not facing a vacation, but rather a complicated situation in which one must remain calm. “What you have to do is not take it as a vacation, it’s a hiatus. We will continue preparing for when the competition starts again. Now we have to be calm with our people and try to avoid any problem. “Regarding the established action protocol, Cádiz has reached the agreement to rest the weekend and continue with training to avoid losing the routine“We stopped for the weekend and will continue planning next week for two Sundays. We are a group of more than 30 people, we must be calm and not disperse. Try not to contact people who may have the virus to be as far from the focus of the problem. “In the sports part, Cervera affirms that this stoppage can benefit certain players due to their injuries or overloads, but being a social situation, the concern does not stop. “Sportsfully it gives you time to think, to recover touched players, to rest overloaded players … but this is a social thingSo we are all very aware of what may happen because it is a forced halt due to a very worrying issue and we have to take it that way, but in sport it frees us a little bit of that.last_img

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