UEFA cancels hotel reservations at Euro venues

first_imgIn order to release dates from the calendar, UEFA has decided to suspend the international dates of national teams, for which it will request the permission of FIFA. The Euro-Cup play-offs that were due to take place at the end of the month will be canceled, as well as the friendlies in March and June. There is a favorable and majority vote of the 55 European federations to dispute the Champions League with the Final Four format and has also closed the Europa League in the same way, as this newspaper advanced. In the event that the coronavirus does not remit and the championships cannot be closed, UEFA will consider qualifications at the moment of suspension for the purposes of classification for the next edition of continental competitions. UEFA has begun to cancel in block the hotel reservations that it had in the twelve cities that host the Eurocup, among them Bilbao. It is the first unequivocal symptom that he has decided to postpone the tournament. Euro 2020 was due to start on June 12 in Rome, but will now take place in 2021. The organization chaired by Ceferin has a priority which is to conclude the current European competitions. This requires leagues across Europe to restart, but WHO cannot guarantee a specific date to stop coronavirus, which also does not have the same progress in all the territories of the continent. The deadline will be set for June 30 to finish the courselast_img

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