Trejo talks about his future: “I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do”

first_imgAll that made Boca continue to have a privileged place in the heart of Trejo, so he does not rule out returning at some point: “If Riquelme calls me and tells me that if I want to return, I don’t even think about it. I say yes ten times before I finish the sentence. It is something I would love. After I left, I only stepped on Boca’s court once. I was in the gallery and I was very homesick. Step on the locker room? Ugh, I don’t know, everything is removed. I would go crazy”. Chocota He wanted to clarify the reality of his departure and summed it up in one sentence: “If I could go back I would follow what I think and would not listen to people from outside.” Óscar Trejo ends contract with Rayo Vallecano at the end of the season, so his future is, right now, a mystery. “I just finished in June this year. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do.”, confessed the attacking midfielder in an interview with the Argentine program ‘Fútbol sin spots’, where he also reviewed his career and revealed who his idol is: “Neither Messi nor Cristiano. Tevez! I have always followed him and would love to play with him. When I was a boy he came up to me and He signed me a shirt that I have hanging in Santiago del Estero. “ Trejo began to stand out in the lower categories of Boca Juniors, team with which he debuted on July 3, 2005. His premature departure left him with a thorn. “I regret how I left. I was ill advised At that time, there was a person who told me that I would not have opportunities and that if I signed a power of attorney he would bring me to Spain. At only 17 years old I had to make a tremendous life decision. Already here I told my old woman that I thought I was wrong, but it was late. That person did not fulfill anything he told me“, narrated the Argentinean about his beginnings.last_img read more

VCB ready to face trials

first_imgDOHA, Qatar:Despite having 17 Olympic and World Championships medals to her name, Veronica Campbell-Brown knows it will be as difficult as ever to make Jamaica’s team to this year’s Rio Games when national trials roll around in June.”Based on my experience, it is always tough to make my team,” Campbell-Brown said. “Jamaica has a lot of great athletes. I expect it to be as tough as always.”Campbell-Brown, who will turn 34 on May 15, says she feels as fresh as ever and, therefore, is not ready to pronounce this as being her last Olympics despite the fact that she will be 38 in 2020 when the next track and field spectacle is slated for.FEELING YOUNG”Actually, I don’t feel a day older. I feel as young and as fresh as ever,” Campbell-Brown said. “So I will just train hard and stay focused as I feel good.”I do not put limits on myself, and I am not closing any doors because I do not know what God has in store for me. So I will just take it season by season, and right now I am focused on the 2016 season.”The former Vere Technical High student, one of the greatest female sprinters of all time, is the first to admit that last season was not one of her best. She did recover, however, to take bronze in the 200m at the World Championships and helped Jamaica to gold in the 4x100m.”I do expect things to be better and to move smoother than last year. Preparations have been going well. I am excited about the season.”Campbell-Brown, who has a personal best of 10.76 seconds in the 100m and 21.74 in the 200m, was unwilling to say how fast she is likely to go this season.”You never know. I don’t know. We will see,” Campbell-Brown said when asked how fast she believed she would go this season. “I am just focusing on making the team to Rio and then go from there.”ryon.jones@gleanerjm.comlast_img read more

‘Juju Caused My Defeat’

first_imgGrand Gedeh County Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue has blamed his defeat in last month’s special senatorial election on “juju” (African science).Pennue, an independent candidate and Unity Party sympathizer came second to rival Marshall Dennis of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) with 3,273 to 6,148 votes.Addressing a news conference in Monrovia over the weekend, Pennue said although there was low turnout in the polls, Juju was largely responsible for his defeat.“This is the first election (in which) I was participating and the process didn’t end and news broke out about my death. I was busy campaigning in the county while rumors had it that I had had a terrible car accident and died in the process. That alone is the work of African science. Many of my supporters were overly zealous to vote during campaign time, but on voting day for no reason, thousands of them declined to go to the polls. As I speak to you now, many of them are regretting their action and still wondering what was really behind their weakness to vote on that day. I have participated in three elections, 2005, 2011 and 2014 and this is the first time such a thing has happened in the county.“Even with the irregularities in the election process in Grand Gedeh, I would have still beaten the ten candidates in the race had it not been for juju,” declared Pennue.However, ZEP, as he is widely known, announced that despite being in possession of substantial evidences of voting irregularities, filing a lawsuit in protest is the least on his mind.Grand Gedeh County is bigger than his political ambition, said Pennue, adding that he “welcomed the results and pledged his unflinching support to the leadership, no matter who won”.He praised his kinsmen for expressing their desire through the ballot box, adding, “I am grateful that I came second in the race of 11 candidates.”What that means, he pointed out, “is that the people of Grand Gedeh and my district in particular, still love and want me to continue to represent them in the National Legislature.”“I am happy that no one won me in my district, which means that I remain popular among my people,” asserted ZEP.He called for unity among the citizens and politicians of the county, stressing, “Election is over and it is time to work in unity and with one voice in pushing the agenda of Grand Gedeh at every level.”Interestingly, before the election ZEP bragged of defeating anybody that stood in his way in the county. He boasted of having the key to the county and it was only a matter of time before he was named senator.When asked what went wrong that caused him to go down that fast, Pennue again said; “I still have the popularity, but this election was a surprise.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Is George Weah Ready to be President?

first_imgThis week, news emerged that Senator George Manneh Oppong Weah, the former world footballer who used his feet to accomplish wonders in the European league, thus becoming world best player in 1995 – a fame he would also use to launch his political career – ranked as one of the worst performing senators in terms of plenary participation.The news is a setback for a country in need of serious policymakers in the three branches of government to give the Liberian people the needed policy prescriptions to move Liberia forward after so many failed governments and leaders.For Weah, a man of humble beginnings, he now occupies what is probably one of the most important senate seats in the country. Montserrado is Liberia’s most populous county, containing almost half the population of Liberia – Monrovia alone is about 1.3 million inhabitants out of a country of about 4.5 million.George Weah’s senatorial bid and subsequently his unsurprised win was meant to have inspired hope in a desperate people looking to see their lots improve. But because he has no ideas, and is not the politician that well-intentioned Liberians expect to see in the 21st century, he is now making a fool of himself in the upper chambers.And as if that is not enough, he says he still wants to be president of Africa’s oldest republic.When he ran for the Liberian senate, eventually defeating Robert Sirleaf, the son of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, not only did the former world footballer brandish his proletarian credentials, but his victory showed that Liberians wanted men of humble beginnings to help solve their problems instead of the well-connected.But what we have today is a man in George Weah, according to reports, who does not understand public policy or how to use his enormously powerful position to bring the change his constituents expect.If his election was meant to showcase Weah’s capabilities as a leader to whom the Liberian people would look for substantive leadership, Liberians would be fool hardy to vote this man into the Executive Mansion come 2017, given his senatorial record of date.He is simply not ready and not the kind of leader we hope to see standing beside an illustrious Tanzanian Pres. John Magufuli and Nigerian Pres. Muhammadu Buhari – two African leaders that are leading the way in showing how governance should work in Africa in this day and age.Liberian political leaders should be brought under the spotlight and radar for the way they handle themselves in public offices. For they get paid on tax payer’s dime.Unfortunately, when that is done – whether it is Joseph Boakai being questioned for taking thousands of dollars to go visit a private investment in Lofa county, or former warlord Prince Johnson playing the ethnic politics to garner votes and deny Liberians the real chance of electing their leaders genuinely, orEllen Johnson Sirleaf justifying nepotism and patronage as she relegates the interests of the country to her family and friends – sooner than later you will hear their supporters and hired sycophants reacting, swearing, and defending their masters.In this posturing, they jump from one government to the other singing praises to please the egos of leaders. It’s no wonder we have less honest men in our public service – because those who dare to stand up are soon chopped down.George Weah has these praise singers who never tell him the truth. It seems he does not have the intelligence to be the trailblazer Liberians want today – a leader who comprehends the nitty gritty of political governance and what it means to transform a post-war and post-Ebola nation.Weah is a disappointment; his silence and that of the Congress for Democratic Change has been a stab in the back.For men like Weah and his staffers, it doesn’t matter what happens at the biggest hospital in the country, which is found within his electoral district.Here’s a man who sits on the health committee, and has said nothing about the John F. Kennedy Medical Center crisis, where poor management is driving the hospital into the ground and killing people of curable diseases.Though he had no transformative platform when he ran as a candidate for senate, the kids in New Kru town, West Point, Clara town, and Duala overwhelmingly voted for him, believing he would fight for them.What a disappointment. Their lots have not changed. And Weah sits comfortably drawing about US$20,000 a month on tax payers. Weah has made no impact as a senator. And it was time to call him out.Politics in Liberia is stagnant, due to years of patronage. You only get rewarded when you praise the president, and it is almost a taboo to criticize our political leaders – you get punished. They hate being told the truth; they think a government job and office is a private privilege. No it is not!But soon they leave office, the country goes back to being a mess as there’s no long-term agenda in the people’s interests. And we have been at this since 1847.We hope 2017 will be an exception, because leading a post-war reconstruction nation with so many needs requires letting these men and women know that it cannot be business as usual. And George Weah at this point, it seems, is clueless about senatorial and presidential politics, because the challenges facing Liberia are formidable.And it is not clear where he fits in the mix. You cannot call yourself a political opposition and a senator when the health care needs of Liberians are frightening and you have nothing to say. You cannot say you want to run for president when you are on the health committee while the hospitals are lacking equipment, staff and poor management, yet you have not called for a single hearing.Ritualistic killings and innocent Liberian citizens are going missing as the security situation in the country frizzles, and yet you have nothing to say. The economy is going down the drain, with Liberia currently running huge deficits and budget shortfalls almost yearly and still you have had no input.However, you called yourself the political leader of the “biggest grassroots party in the country.” Y’all see bad luck!And this is why Weah’s political ambitions are dogged by discernments that he is not politically ripe and ready to be president of Liberia. And if his followers have been looking at his act since going to the Liberian assembly, they would have been bold and told him so.But not in a place called Liberia, where we prefer to not face the facts. We would rather lie to ourselves and suffer while praising these fickle men of no substance.Today, Liberia needs leaders who can fix their problems and get handsomely paid for it. Not men who do not understand what governance is all about, but rather in the game as if it were popularity contest. Weah would be better off serving at FIFA, for he seems not to be the Liberian leader we expect in the 21st century.The verdict is out. And it is no secret that Weah is not ready and that 2017 will be a dogfight for the Executive Mansion. This is probably Liberia’s most important election.For once, it is all clear now: George Weah does not embody the hopes and aspiration of the Liberian people. The Liberian press has a role to play in these elections. They must tell it as it is, this is Liberia’s future. There are candidates who should not be running in these elections, because they have nothing manifold to contribute. If the press is the guardians to Liberian democracy, then let the interest of Liberia supersede the egos of these politicos. Weah is not ready!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Districts don’t know if they’ll owe the state

first_imgThe bill says if the county transfers title of the classrooms to the districts within 10 years of their occupation, then the districts would have to pay the state back. The county still has title to the classrooms but wants to transfer it to the districts because the law says the county’s eligibility for special-education school construction funding, which was hurt by the transfer, can’t be restored until the title transfer occurs. Winger says he believes the State Allocation Board and Office of Public School Construction are trying to avoid penalizing the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley school districts. “But they were pretty candid that they have a law, signed by the governor, and have to do something to implement that law,” he said. “They are working on a way to find administrative remedies so we don’t have to pay and the county can get its eligibility and resolve the issue. In the meantime, we are not resting on that and assuming it’s going to happen.” Another option is legislation proposed by state Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, R-Lancaster, Winger said. The districts also have a legal opinion from their own attorneys that the law, if implemented, would constitute a breach of contract, Winger said. “The implementation guidelines have not been written so there’s still a chance to influence the process,” said Lori Ordway-Peck, Palmdale School District’s deputy superintendent. (661) 267-5744 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The question of whether school districts in the Antelope and Santa Clarita valleys will have to reimburse the state as much as $15million for the construction of special-education classrooms remains unresolved. State officials had told school officials that no reimbursement would be required under a new law, but attorneys for one state agency later issued an opinion saying otherwise, district officials said. “Our impression was that things were going to be dealt with administratively in our favor, and then the attorneys for the State Allocation Board told the (Office of Public School Construction’s) implementation committee that they interpreted the law as retroactive,” Newhall School District Superintendent Marc Winger said. “That set us all back again.” State officials had a different perspective, however, and said there had been a misunderstanding. The districts would not face liability unless they agree to it. “No liability would occur unless they agree to transfer eligibility back to the county and take title to the facilities,” said Rob Cook, deputy director of the Department of General Services. “No one can unilaterally force the liability on the school districts. The districts would have to accept the liability.” District officials say the new law would unfairly penalize them for taking over from Los Angeles County the special-education programs for severely disabled students several years ago. Assembly Bill 2947 would require districts to repay the state for part of the cost of constructing special-education classrooms that were built with 100percent state funding given to the Los Angeles County Office of Education when it ran the programs. Ten Antelope Valley school districts stand to lose more than $12million. Four elementary school districts in the Santa Clarita Valley face losing $2.3million, based on the number of classrooms that were built, officials said. The classrooms were built in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and the special-education programs were transferred from the county Office of Education to the districts from 2000 to 2004. At the time, school officials said the districts had grown to such a point that they commanded the resources to assume responsibility for providing such services. last_img read more

Mourinho denies telephone talks over Real Madrid return

first_img Real Madrid Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has denied speaking to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez about the possibility of rejoining the club.Spanish newspaper, Marca, reported on Monday that the pair had spoken on the phone, which sparked rumours linking the Blues boss with a shock return to his former club to replace Carlo Ancelotti.Mourinho confirmed he had been in contact with Perez but insists there was no talk about the manager’s position at the Bernabeu.He said: “The truth of the matter is that I called the president to congratulate him on winning the Euroleague title in basketball. I know how much it meant to him. That’s why I was so happy for him and wanted to congratulate him.“What am I going to do in the future? I have two years left on my contract at Chelsea and I plan on staying here”. 1last_img read more


first_imgCastlefinn Community News:Whist: 4/2/2015Ladies. 1st Patsy Mc Granghan, Castlefinn 174 2nd Brigid Edwards, Castlefinn 170 3rd Nellie Carlin, Castlefinn 169 Gents. 1s Malachy Brown, Raphoe 165 2nd John Lynch, Clady 164 3rd Mary Connolly, Ballybofey 1591st Half TIE:Abina Mc Menamin, Glenswilley 88 2nd Half: TIEMolly O Hare, Strabane and Bob Glackin, Castlederg both scored 83Snowball:Snowball next week is 80 euro for 185 or more.Everyone Welcome to st marys hall castlefinn @ 8.30pm Wednesdays.Castlefinn Community Childcare Register your child now for the free Preschool year for September 2015 at CPI Community Childcare! We provide a warm and caring environment for children to explore and learn! The Free Preschool year – children qualify for the free pre-school year when they are aged more than 3 years 2 months and less than 4 years 7 months at September 1st in the relevant pre- school year.Contact Tina on 074-9143909Are you going back to work, starting a course or a CE Position?CPI Community childcare offers full time and part time day-care for children aged 4 months to 5 years! We also provide an after school service for children aged 4 years to 12 years! We can also collect children from school with our collection service. Parents can avail of the Community Childcare subvention scheme (CCS), the Free Preschool year (ECCE) and the training and employment childcare scheme (TEC)If you are interested in booking a place for your child in our childcare centre, contact Tina 074-9143909Check out our facebook page CPI Community Childcare for regular updatesParent and Toddler GroupThe Parent and toddler group this Tuesday at 10.30am. New members are always welcome.Slim R UsSlim R Us fitness classes are on at the CPI on Monday evenings from 6.30 to 7.30 pm. Contact Tilly on 086 2490095 for more information on how to joinCastlefinn Running:Castefinn running at the CPI Centre on Monday and Wednesday @6.30pm. all levels of fitness catered for. Males and females over 16 years welcome.Castlefinn Walking:The walking group this Wednesday at 10.30 a.m. at the cpi centreComputer CoursesAnyone interested in computer courses?Fetac level 2 essential IT (Beginners)Fetac level 3 internet skillsFetac level 3 word processingif interested call the CPI at 0749143976 for more informationCOMMUNITY NEWS: SLIMMING CLASSES CONTINUE EVERY MONDAY AT CPI CENTRE IN CASTLEFINN was last modified: February 5th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:castlefinnCommunity newsCPIFeaturesNoticeslast_img read more


first_imgThe warehouse outside Malin Town where drugs were discovered.Two Chinese men have pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis at Donegal’s biggest ever drugs factory.Gou Quing Zhou, of 7 Aran Court, Cherry Close, London and Zhen Hua Zhoug, of no fixed abode, both pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis and possession with intent to supply at Drumaville, Malin on Oct 10, 2012. A jury for their trial was discharged today after 37-year-old Zhou and 31-year-old Zhoug pleaded guilty via an interpreter.Both were remanded in custody to appear at the next sitting of Letterkenny Circuit Court in April for mention.A third man man, Zi Yu Ye, has already pleaded not guilty to the same charge. A trial is expected to be conducted later this year.Judge Keenan Johnson remanded both men in Rachel McLaughlin€1M DONEGAL CANNABIS FACTORY RAID: CHINESE MEN PLEAD GUILTY was last modified: January 30th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:cannabis factorydonegalLetterkenny Circuit CourtMalinlast_img read more


first_imgNovember was another good month for Donegal sport as 2013 draws to a close with many of the achievers expected to figure among the nominees for the 38th Donegal Sports Star Awards.The ceremony which takes place on Friday, January 31st in the Mount Errigal Hotel.There were two world winners in November with Letterkenny’s Sammy Wasson being crowned World Powerlifting Champion at the finals in Glasgow while close to home in Derry Natalie McCarron once again demonstrated her class by winning a fourth professional world kickboxing title in Derry. Wasson was competing in the Master 1 (38-44 years) in the 75kg class produced a deadlift of 200 kilos to clinch the world title. The Donegal Sports Star Award judging panel will soon be sitting down to sift through a huge volume of nominations for a remarkable 38th presentation function.Letterkenny soccer star Ciara Grant is an award contender after she scored a spectacular goal to help Raheny Utd to Umbro FAI Women’s Senior Cup final glory at the Aviva Stadium thanks to a 3-2 extra-time time win over Castlebar Celtic.Alexander Tinney, Ben Wallace and Luke Witherow were members of the Ulster U-16 hockey team which won the national inter-provincial competition. Witherow scored four times in the three games including two in the final against Leinster as Ulster retained their title with a big 6-1 victory.The was big swimming successes in November with the senior girls from Loreto Letterkenny winning the Senior Freestyle Relay at the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin at the annual Inter Loreto Schools Swimming Gala. The team included Ellen Doherty, Emma Harvey, Niamh McHugh and Emma Vaughan. Individually Emma Harvey won silver in the Backstroke, Ellen Doherty bronze in the Breaststroke, Niamh McHugh silver in Freestyle and Emma Vaughan silver in the Intermediate Breaststroke.The Junior Relay team of Emma Tinney, Sinead O’Kane, Cara Nulty and Eadaoinn Kelly came third and received bronze medals. Cara Nulty also took a bronze in the individual Breaststroke.At the Ulster Grammar Schools Swimming Championship Finals in Ballymena, St. Eunan’s College fourth year student Leon Vaughan retained his Backstroke title with an impressive win in the final. There were also silver medals for Brian Diver, Jonathon Martin, Oliver Lee and Gavin Cox in the U-16 Freestyle and Medley Relays.Undoubtedly one of the athletic highlights of the month was the news that Mark English was named as track and field athlete of the year at the national athletics awards at the Crown Plaza in Dublin. And Lifford AC were named Development Club of the Year at the same awards ceremony.On the international circuit in Antwerp, Belgium Lifford AC’s Anne-Marie McGlynn finished a magnificent seventh at the Lotto Cross Cup Cross Country Championships. Anne Marie also finished fourth in the women’s section at the National Inter Counties Cross Country Championships in Dublin putting her on the Irish team for the European Championships in Belgrade along with Maria McCambridge (5th) and Ruairi Finnegan who was second in the U-20s at the same national competition. And on the same day Finn Valley’s Aaron McGlynn won gold in the U-14 section while the Donegal women’s team of McGlynn, Teresa McGloin, Catriona Devine, Catherine Dooher (all Finn Valley) and Fionnuala Diver (Letterkenny AC) finished second just behind Dublin and ahead of Cork.At the annual Cross-Country international in Cardiff Kieran Carlin (Finn Valley) and Pauric McKinney (Inishowen AC) were members of the Irish Masters team who came second while Mary Martin (Finn Valley) was part of the Irish team who took silver in her section.Back at home the talented Loreto Convent Letterkenny athlet Arlene Crossan won a national multi-event title at the Irish Schools Finals in Athlone. Sarah Collins helped her Providence Rhode Island College to a couple of big US successes in November while she finished third at the American Regional Cross-County Championships in the Bronx, New York.A former overall Donegal Sports Star Award winner Stranorlar’s Gary Murray won the Donegal Senior Cross-Country Championships in Carndonagh in his first competitive outing in over three years. Finn Valley won both the male and female team sections with silver going to both Inishowen teams. Finn Valley’s Teresa McGloin took the women’s title. On the second Sunday of the month Letterkenny AC took a team bronze at the Ulster Novice Cross-County Championships at Gransha in Derry. Also in Gransha the Rosses AC ladies team took silver and the Finn Valley women took bronze. There was also bronze for the Inishowen U-11 Girls.Drimarone man Shaun Gallagher (Finn Valley AC) was appointed by the European Athletics Board to be an international technical official for the European Olympic Youth Trial in Azerbaijan next June. In badminton Chloe Magee was beaten in the quarter-finals of the Bitburger Grand Prix Gold in Germany by the number one seed from Thailand.In the ring on the first day of November Thomas ‘The Hitman’ Mongan claimed his first men’s title when he took the 54kg Ulster Intermediate title at the Docker’s Club in Belfast. At the same championship Paul Kelly from Twin Towns won his Light Heavyweight final.There was defeat for both Carndonagh’s Liam Callaghan and Brett McGinty of St. Johnston (Oakleaf BC Derry) at the European Junior Championships in Russia. On the bike Errigal Cycling Club’s PJ Doogan from Gortahork was invited to join the FBD 2020 Talent Team for 2014. It is a high performance squad that was set up with the aim of preparing the best Irish youth cyclists to be genuine medal contenders in the 2020 Olympic Games.Errigal CC also had four girls Ciara Doogan, Shauna McFadden and Amy and Oral Harkin in Holland for an Irish Cycling organized training camp with the 2020 Talent Team. The main winners at the Donegal Open Darts Finals in the Radisson Hotel were Milford’s John Flood, Anne-Marie Wilson and Michael Naulty Jnr in their respective Men’s, Women’s and Junior categories.There was disappointment In the Ulster Intermediate Football Championship at Celtic Park as Naomh Muire were knocked out by Derry champions Forelgen.McCumhaills won the Donegal U-13 Division 1 Final overcoming Killybegs while Fanad Gaels U-13s triumphed in the County Division 2 Championship Final against Naomh Columba.Termon were promoted to Division 1 after overcoming Glenfin in a promotion play-off in Ballybofey. Urris moved up to Division 3 after defeating Burt in a promotion play-off. Kilcar won the Donegal U-21 A County title with a 1-10 to 1-8 win over Naomh Conaill in Killybegs.The St Eunan’s U-18 girls won the County B Final against Naomh Muire in Gaoth Dobhair. And the Milford ladies completed the county double by clinching the league title with an 8-11 to 3-2 over Aodh Ruadh at Moyleview Park. Six Donegal girls were named on the Ulster School All-Star team including Milford pair Amber Barrett and Shannon McGroddy along with Loreto Letterkenny duo Rose Boyle and Marie O’Reilly; Karen Ward (St. Columba’s Stranorlar) and Sarah Jane McDonald (Moville Community School).Glenswilly qualified for the Ulster Senior Football Club Final for the first time thanks to a 3-9 to 2-8 win over Roslea (Fermanagh) in Omagh with Colin Kelly twice finding the back of the net while Michael Murphy was the other goalscorer. And Murphy’s impressive end of season form saw the Bomany man pick up the Ulster GAA Writers Monthly Award for his magnificent weekend in October with the Irish International Rules team and his club Glenswilly.In Enniskillen it was heartbreak for Milford who were well beaten by Tyrone’s Killeeshil in the Ulster Junior semi-final and Letterkenny IT lost out to the University of Limerick in the Higher Education Division 2 league final in Ballyhaunis. The Termon U16s won their third trophy of the year in Convoy when they defeated Four Masters in the Division 2 County final by 2-10 to 1-5The Moville Minor Ladies side booked are their place in the Ulster A Championship final after a big win in Belfast against Antrim champions St Paul’s. On the last day of the month Aodh Ruadh defeated Burt to take the Donegal U-21 B Football Championship Final after a replay.Dungloe’s U-16 made history by winning the club’s first ever U-16 boys county league title overcoming St. Eunan’s in the final. The Donegal Vocational Schools won their fourth successive Ulster title against Cavan at Brewster Park, Enniskillen. Joe McKelvey’s side won by a two goal margin 3-13 to 1-13 with sub Darach O’Connor the hero scoring 2-2 and the Buncrana lad also set up Donegal’s third goal.Donegal hurlers Sean McVeigh (St. Eunan’s), Lee Henderson (McCumhaills), Christopher McDermott (Burt) and Danny Cullen (Setanta) picked up their Nicky Rackard All-Star awards at banquet in Croke Park on November 1st.In rallying National Rally Champions Declan and Brian Boyle were officially presented with the silverware at the annual awards ceremony in Athlone. Seven Donegal girls were picked for an Ulster Rugby U18 Development squad including six from Finn Valley Danielle Preston, Ellen Muldoon, Karen Ward, Ruth Shovlin, Shannon Heapes and Amy McElhcar along with Donegal Town’s Enya O’Callaghan.Seamus Coleman played his part in a winning start for the new Republic of Ireland management team of Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane who overcame Latvia 3-0 at the Aviva Stadium and Ramelton man Barry McNamee (Derry City) spent a week on trial at English League 1 side Brentford.Just before the end of the month and after much speculation about other names it was Fanad Utd’s Ollie Horgan who was appointed as the manager of Finn Harps. Cappry Rovers lad Sean McBride was a member of the Republic of Ireland U-15 side who lost 3-0 to Holland in an international friendly in Doorwerth.In Triathlon a number of Letterkenny 24/7 members picked awards at the annual presentation function in the Aviva Stadium. Among those recognized were the 2012 Donegal Triathlon Sports Star winner Aidan Callaghan who was sixth overall in the country and first in his A.G. in the National Aquathon Championships and second in the National Sprint Championships in Athlone; Margaret Kelly who took gold in the National Olympic Championships in Dublin, bronze in the Sprint Championships and bronze in her A.G. in the National Series and John Cannon a gold medal winner in his A.G. in the National Aquathon Championships in early July.Donegal Community Games winners at the National Volunteer and Area Awards function in Derry were Catherine Boyce (Adult Volunteer Award); Mary Crossan (Best Area Award) and Patrick McConigley, Milford (Youth Award). For further details on the Donegal Sports Star Awards visit or find us on Facebook at DonegalSports StarawardsTWO DONEGAL WORLD BEATERS ADDED TO SPORTS STAR NOMINATIONS was last modified: December 8th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:DONEGAL SPORTS STAR AWARDSNovember nominationslast_img read more

Reminder: Clocks go back tonight

first_imgWinter is coming… and people are being reminded that the clocks will go back by one hour this Sunday morning.So at 2am, rewind your clock back to 1am and enjoy the extra hour in bed!This is great news if you’re having a few pints to celebrate the Bank Holiday weekend, or if you simply want to enjoy a lie in this Sunday morning. Although most laptops and phones automatically change the time for you, it’s worth double checking, otherwise your alarm may ring earlier than needs be!A simple way to remember which ways the clocks go back is the phrase “Spring forward, fall back”.New Zealander George Hudson from New Zealand first proposed the idea of daylight saving in 1895, with it being implemented in The German Empire and Austria-Hungary in 1916. Many countries have used it at various times since then, particularly since the energy crisis of the 1970s.Hudson wanted people to take advantage of the bright summer mornings, and proposed a clock change in a bid to get people out of bed earlier! Reminder: Clocks go back tonight was last modified: October 26th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more