first_imgOk. That is not true. I am currently in Central Florida where it is above 90, and my glasses fog up when I walk outside. It is not time for fall here.And I doubt that my Southern Mountain town of Roanoke, Virginia is feeling very cool and crisp today. Afterall, it is mid-August.So what could I possibly mean when I say it is time for fall? Football? Yes, but not my focus. Back to School? Absolutely, but again, not the reason I am writing. Great sales on grills at your local hardware store? Yes, but again… not why I am blogging.It is time to plant your fall vegetables. Go get them. Right now. Your onions, broccoli, kale and carrots. Find some winter squash seeds, turnips, whatever will enjoy the ground in October and plant them RIGHT AWAY.Want to have fresh squash soup this October? Me too.Want to enjoy crisp potatoes fresh from your yard at Thanksgiving?Then Plant today. And while you are considering this Fall planting season, I would recommend an indoor herb garden. Basil in September will seem even more precious when the days get shorter and your nights longer.This will be my first Fall crop and I am thrilled. I will keep you posted as we enjoy watching these colder weather plants reach toward the sun with leafy green arms, and take the warmth of the earth to grow and grow.It almost sounds fun, doesn’t it? So does Football – and going back to school – and getting a good deal on a grill. But you can’t underestimate the feeling of gratitude you will have in 3 months when your dinner came from your side patio or yard.last_img read more

Trail Mix – July 2015

first_img 2:35 Satisfy Me Anderson East 3:40 5:31 Broken Man (Live) Greg Trooper 4:00 4:09 4:21 3:17 Embed Mountains Speak Blackheart Honeymoon RMDN +Aziz Our Time is Done Underhill Rose Diabetes Blues Michael Dean Damron 4:12 Audio PlayerMonty ByromA Love Like ThatUse Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.00:000:00 / 4:37 Between A Breath Terrible Terrible 3:13 I Am (Single Version) The Jones Family Singers Come on Home Dan Rodriguez 2:49 Come on Come on Come On Jon Pousette-Dart She Wants To Eat The Moon Fy5 Bittersweet Kasey Chambers 3:22 4:26 4:07 Rivermouth Rising Appalachia 4:12 4:08 4:36 3:01 2:51 Call Me Insane Dale Watson Lullaby Daniel Koulack & Karnnel Sawitsky 3:23 4:00 5:00 6:30 Dark Days Good Old War Lean On Love Jeremy Garrett 3:37 The Serge Steelism 3:05 Rising star Anderson East kicks off the July edition of Trail Mix with “Satisfy Me.”Rolling Stone Country calls R&B crooner Anderson East one of “20 Reasons To Love This Year.” His voice draws comparisons with the legendary Sam Cooke, and Paste calls his debut record “damned near perfect.”That’s high praise for this Alabama native with the folkster scruff and the Bill Withers baritone.Like Leon Bridges, The Suffers, and fellow Alabama boys St. Paul & The Broken Bones, East is poised to build on the recent resurgence of vintage R&B. His debut record, Delilah, is set to release on July 10th and it is the first record on Dave Cobb’s (noted producer of Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, and Jason Isbell) Low Country Sound imprint. Recently, East has been spending time on the road with Sturgill Simpson, Brandi Carlisle, John Butler Trio, and The Lone Bellow.Give him time, folks, and his name won’t be second on the marquee much longer.Joining Anderson East on this month’s Trail Mix are a bevy of fantastic artists. Check out tunes from Dale Watson, Civil Twilight, Dan Rodriguez, The Old Ceremony, T. Hardy Morris, Steelism, Kasey Chambers, Good Old War, Greg Trooper, Ike Reilly, Underhill Rose, Steep Ravine, Jon Pousette-Dart, Monty Byrom, Bumper Jacksons, and many more.There are 31 tracks of goodness right here at your fingertips. All free. All for you.Make sure you pay attention to the Trail Mix blog this month, too. Great chats with Jeremy Garrett, Galactic, Ken Will Morton, and Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank are on tap.And, as always, stream and download to you just can’t stand it anymore. Then stream and download again. Help us spread the word about these great artists and make sure you get out and purchase some of this music. These artists always appreciate your support. Ghosts of Farriday The Old Ceremony 2:52 A Love Like That Monty Byrom 3:53 3:53 When, When Higher and Higher featuring JJ Grey Galactic Shadow of a Cloud Steep Ravine Born On Fire Ike Reilly 4:30 Groundhog Slocan Ramblers Low Flying Bird Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank 4:04 Lost In A Crowd Fantastic Negrito Coffee Mama Bumper Jacksons That’s What You Always Say The Dream Syndicate 3:42 Blindsided Ken WIll Morton My Me T. Hardy Morris 4:37 Copy and paste this code to your site to embed. last_img read more

Dr. Amadea Dobovišek, Doba Faculty: Today, all tourism workers should ask themselves several times a day how to delight their guest

first_imgMan learns all his life, and dies in ignorance, is an old folk saying, which is especially evident today when we live in increasingly rapid and frequent technological, social and business changes. That is why the term lifelong learning is no longer a matter of need, but of imperative.Personally, every day is a new lesson for me and a new school, I read, research and think out loud day by day, all with the goal of educating myself and being able to grow and develop. So last week was a very inspiring and interesting free webinar on Understanding the needs of guests in tourism, led by Dr. Amadea Dobovišek, management consultant, and otherwise a full professor at Doba Faculty, where she teaches Strategic Marketing.Understanding the needs of guests is extremely important if we are dealing with tourism, in fact a key issue, if we want tourism to be sustainable and strategically oriented. But in the end it all comes down to whether the guest was satisfied with the destination and the service or not. If he is, he will come back and be our ambassador, if not, we will have to invest three times more energy and money in an attempt to win him back. But regardless of the digital transformation, the impact of various booking portals, social networks, digital tips and recommendations (which are unfortunately falsely collected and bought which led to a decline in their credibility), today we have a lot of noise in communication between guest and service providers. There is too much information, so again the recommendation from the tourist staff on the spot comes to the fore.The webinar just focused on understanding the needs of the guests and generating their experience. As Dr. Amadea Dobovišek pointed out, it is ideal when the whole city or destination exudes the same friendly spirit. “Some advances in so-called destination management have been made here and there, but far from enough. A move in this direction certainly enhances the guest’s experience, which will make them happy to return to a certain place, as well as recommend the destination to their friends and acquaintances. In order for this to happen, the guest must experience something special, he needs a stronger experience than ordinary pleasure. Working correctly and according to general standards will not even remotely return the guest to your chambers. That is why today tourist workers would have to ask themselves several times a day how to delight their guest. And not just with accommodation and food, natural beauty and kindness. What makes that small but very important difference from the competition, and which the guest will feel, is the perfect service and the relationship of the tourist worker to the guest. And at every step. The more points of truth, as I call them, the guest perceives as extraordinary, the more his satisfaction or even enthusiasm increases and his affiliation grows”Dobovišek pointed out in her webinar.”The goal of today’s market paradigm is to achieve guest loyalty, which is far more profitable than working constantly with new ones “, Dobovišek points out and adds that unfortunately tourist workers are too often careless towards the guest, which he does not see as their fault, but their superiors’. “Today, the guest has so many possibilities, so many choices, that the average service will no longer fascinate him. The desire to treat him like a king will lead him further into research – but no more of your territory. “As this is an excellent topic as well as content, there is no better reason than to expand the story of the strategic development of tourism, through a conversation with Dr. Amadea Dobovišek. I definitely personally recommend you take a look at the webinar, which is at the end of the article, because as I pointed out lifelong learning is imperative today, especially if it is free and available to us.The sun and the sea have long been insufficient for success in tourism, today the main focus is on emotions, experiences and stories, so people travel to meet new ways and culture of living or to relax in an environment that relaxes and inspires. But that is only the basis of the whole story, because the most important thing is to win over the guest and satisfy him to the maximum at the place of residence. How we approach the guest through digital or personal sales, how we innovatively segment potential guests and at the same time respect members of different generations and how we create the overall experience of the destination, are issues of great importance.According to Dr. Amadeo Dobovišek, Publi Una doo today’s trends in tourism are reflected in two diametrically different ways. “Prvi je povezan rastom platežne moči u mnogim zemljama svijeta, pa tako sve više ljudi putuje, a to ima za posljedicu masovni turizam. K tome doprinose također sve niže cijene turističkih aranžmana, od hotela pa do avio karata i taj trend će se gotovo samo još nastavljati. To se događa zbog hiljade sličnih destinacija koje turisti imaju na volju i doživljavaju ih kao supstitute. To znači da jednu destinaciju mogu veoma lako i bez štete za sebe zamijeniti drugom. Grčki ili hrvatski otok? Ako smo iskreni, nema bitne razlike. Smještaj sa 4 zvjezdice u sunčanoj uvali? Pa ima ih na hiljade! Tek kada odlučimo svoju ponudu bitno diferencirati od konkurenata situacija se mijenja. Tada turizam poprima sasvim drugačiji značaj, koji za sobom potiče trend individualnijeg pristupa do gosta. I taj trend je u porastu, jer je sve više gostiju svjesnih da imaju pravo na svoje želje. Da  bismo ih ispunili, trebamo shvatiti veoma različite potrebe gostiju kao i unutrašnje porive koji dovode do njih.“ Dobovišek points out and adds that it is necessary to enter the guest’s head and see the offer through his eyes. It’s a little harder, but not impossible.Tourism, like any other business, must be based on strategic development and on a very broad understanding of today’s business challenges. And the first prerequisite is to know your guests and want to achieve a high level of their satisfaction.Croatia is best known for the Adriatic Sea, which with its beauties fascinates people at first sight, Dobovišek points out when asked what the image of the Croatian tourist product from Slovenia is and adds that when metaphorically expressed, Croatia reminds her of all those beautiful women who fascinate with their appearance. but when we get to know them better they leave a trace of emptiness. “Uvjerena sam da bi hrvatski turistički ponudnici morali više proraditi na svom unutrašnjem sadržaju. A to ponajprije znači da bi morali svakog pojedinog gosta cijeniti – a ne razmišljati kako će od njega u tri sezonska mjeseca izvući što više novaca da bi preostatak godine mogli lagodno preživjeti. Hrvatska je skupa i to bez pokrića. Iza visokih cijena obično ne stoje koristi, koje bi gost rado platio zato što ih smatra izvanrednima. Treba je znati da svaki kupac svjesno, ali i podsvjesno neumorno važe koliko vrijednosti dobiva za određenu cijenu. Ako se jednadžba ne poklopi, gost nema dobar osjećaj.  A to znači da smo daleko od cilja.  Moji savjeti se uvijek svode na to da je potrebno od sebe dati sve kako bi stvorili za gosta kombinaciju što više jedinstvenih koristi u usporedbi sa konkurencijom.”Says Dobovišek and emphasizes that being average is not profitable for the company, nor exciting for the guest.Moram priznati da su me se dojmili odgovori i razmišljanja dr. Amadea Dobovišek, a pogotovo metafora koja je i mene potaknula na razmišljanje i dala odgovor na onaj vječiti ali…u našem turizmu. Sve imamo, ali… padamo na osnovnim stvarima. Kronično nam nedostaje kvalitetnog sadržaja i ponude, te i dalje prodajemo sunce i more te živimo od položajne rente. Naravno kako će sunce i more uvijek biti motiv dolaska i kako ćemo uvijek igrati na tu kartu, logično i prirodno, no to svakako nije dovoljno. Nije dovoljno ako se turizmom želimo baviti profesionalno, niti je dovoljno ukoliko želimo produžiti turističku sezonu i povećati turističku potrošnju.Pitam se, kako je moguće da je to toliko očito, a mi se i dalje zadovoljavamo običnom tortom, umjesto maštovitom tortom, mrvicama i šlagom, ako se i ja mogu izraziti metaforom. Turizam je prekompleksan da bi se razvijao samo po inerciji, zato je izrazito važno strateški, planski i održivo ga razvijati, kao i tražiti sinergiju svih sudionika. I tu je naš glavni problem, lutamo, te osim Istre, nemamo jasno definiran plan, strategiju razvoja i u konačnici viziju što i gdje se želimo dugoročno pozicionirati. Toliko važan dokument Strateškog razvoja turističkih destinacija nikako da ugleda svjetlo dana. „Teško se je u potpunosti ograditi od masovnog turizma, pogotovo ako imamo tisuću kilometara dugu obalu i ogromne hotele koje je potrebno napuniti. U drugu ruku sve češće se pitam da li nije već došlo vrijeme da pokrenemo turizam koji će biti kreiran više po mjeri čovjeka. Recimo manji hoteli, više mira, osjećaj intime, usluge po mjeri pojedinog gosta…tko to u mojim godinama ne bi poželio! Svakako bi bilo potrebno bolje segmentirati kapacitete prema očekivanjima gostiju. Danas imamo u glavnom situaciju kada gost u određenom hotelu dobiva svega po malom. Da bude na jednom mjestu za svakoga po nešto. A to u mom tržišnom jeziku znači u stvari ništa za nikoga. Baš zbog toga moramo konstantno istraživati  potrebe gostiju, kako bi stvorili ponudu prema njihovim karakteristikama i željama. Sviđa mi se što u Hrvatskoj već imate „adults only“ hotele, ali i hotele za obitelji sa djecom. To je dobar početak. “Dobovišek points out.Kada pričamo o motivima dolaska kao i velikoj konkurenciji, sama esencija turizma je autentičnost. Hrvatska ima nevjerojatne raznolikosti i autentičnosti,  no opet, kao da je se sramimo i želimo biti kopije Toskane itd.. no, ako netko želi doživjeti Toskanu, onda će otići u pravu Toskanu, a ne kopiju iste.Za kraj, postavio sam pitanje: Koja je budućnost uspješnog turizma i dobitna formula?”The future of successful tourism is in the hands of leaders who are willing to take on a responsibility similar to that of the captain of a long-distance ship“ naglašava Dobovišek. I to je pravo i po meni prvo pitanje koje si moramo postaviti. Koji je naš turistički proizvod? Kome i što prodajemo? Gdje idemo i koja je vizija razvoja turizma? Te u konačnici tko će i kada sve to implementirati?”Hrvatski turistički proizvod ima ogromno neiskorištenog potencijala. Ne treba kopirati jer time nismo ništa napravili. Biti kopija, a ne original automatski znači biti manje zanimljiv i jeftiniji. To nije pravi put. Ako hoćemo postići da nas gost poštuje i divi nam se, mi moramo stvoriti nešto posebno, a ne kopirati. Tako ćemo moći i opravdati višu cijenu. Svjesna sam da je to puno lakše govoriti nego napraviti. Turizam je jedna od najzasićenijih branši gdje se nove destinacije rađaju svaki dan. Ali sreća je, da ima veoma duboko poslanstvo, a to je djelovati u službi čovjeka, raditi za njegovu dobrobit.  Tko to razumije već je na pola puta prema uspjehu. Obožavam rijetke turističke djelatnike koji gosta cijene kao čovjeka, prijatelja, partnera i učine sve da bi se gost tako i osjećao. Sve to je moguće ako turističko poduzeće ima dobro vodstvo, koje ima viziju i koje zna što hoće. Koje je svjesno da prosječno zadovoljan djelatnik može napraviti samo prosječno zadovoljnog gosta pa će pokrenuti prave mjere, sve što je potrebno, da ne bude tako. Budućnost uspješnog turizma je u rukama voditelja koji su spremni preuzeti odgovornost sličnu onoj koju ima kapetan broda duge plovidbe “Concluded Dobovišek.We are constantly talking about potentials in Croatia, but it is high time to turn those potentials into resources. Time is short, because we are irreversibly destroying the most important thing, which is a unique space, and we are losing what is our biggest competitive advantage – authenticity.Finally, a question that every tourist destination must ask itself: Where is our ship sailing and who is the captain?WEBINAR: Understanding the needs of guestsAs I mentioned at the beginning of the article, below is a free webinar on understanding the needs of guests, which I warmly recommend you take a look at in peace.Dr. Amadea Dobovišek started her business career in tourism as a marketing director at the Rogaška Slatina Health Resort, and for the last 20 years she has been running her own company Publi Una doo for management consulting. She has collaborated with more than 50 companies from various industries, often together with reputable foreign experts. Recently, she trained the leaders in Rovinj’s Maistra to understand the needs of the guests. In 2005, she received the Phoenix Award from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce for the best consulting project of the year (Terme Maribor), and in 2008 for a project of special quality for the company Trimo. She completed her MBA and master’s degree at the IEDC-Bled School of Business, and received her PhD from the University of Ljubljana. She is the author of the book Strategic Sales Management and numerous articles, columns and interviews on the effectiveness of effective management practices. At DOBA Faculty, she teaches Strategic Marketing.last_img read more

Prologis negotiates £320m credit line

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Brisbane pharmacy king, Richard Malouf has secured a buyer for his luxury Hamilton home

first_imgVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality LevelsAudio TrackFullscreenThis is a modal window. The Video Cloud resource was not found. Error Code: VIDEO_CLOUD_ERR_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND Session ID: 2020-09-28:94d99b81f8961f09a20a6b0 Player Element ID: vjs_video_736 OK Close Modal DialogBeginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreen00:00Richard Malouf of Malouf Pharmacies now has an unconditional contract on his Hamilton home.PHARMACY king Richard Malouf has done a $2.4 million deal on his Hamilton home.Mr Malouf and his wife Anne-Marie had owned the 1937 Mervyn Rylance home at 84 Markwell St for 36 years.He confirmed there was now an unconditional contract on the five-bedroom, Georgian-style home which sits on a 979sq m block.Mr Malouf is well known in Queensland’s for his pharmacy chain which is the largest privately owned pharmacy group in the state.The home the Malouf’s have left behind for living in a waterfront unit.He said they had already relocated to a “huge unit’’ in Mariner’s Reach which was bigger in floorspace than the house he came from, but fortunately all on one level.“Thank God, I haven’t steps to go and down, at my age you don’t really need to do that.’’More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home2 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor8 hours agoHe said they hadn’t really downsized but had gone into an “easier place’’ to live.The complex has three pools so he can swim without the worry of maintaining the pool and the views from that side of the river were “extraordinary’’.They put the unit through a complete renovation.Inside the luxury Hamilton home the Maloufs owned for more than 36 years.“We ripped it out completely, right up to the walls, every bathroom, all the kitchen, everything, every wall and ceiling went.“Absoluter, it’s divine’’.Mr Malouf said he realised he had to meet the market to secure the sale and that’s what he didn’t.Marketing agent Brett Greensill of LJ Hooker New Farm marketed the home with colleague Pauline Karatau.Mr Greensill said it took patience to sell a home of the stature of Markwell St.He said a local buyer had secured it.last_img read more

LGPS pool targets long-term manager relationships

first_imgBrunel Pension Partnership has set out expectations for long-term manager relationships as it prepares to bring on board more of its member funds’ assets.The £30bn (€34bn) pension pool – a collaborative venture between 10 UK Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS) – has published a document based on the experience of some of its key executives with the intention of facilitating the alignment between Brunel and its managers.The aim of the ‘Asset Management Accord’ was to capture Brunel’s expectations of its managers as well as the “spirit” of what they can expect from the pool, said Mark Mansley, its chief investment officer.“The idea is that by putting this document together, we can address managers’ key concerns and help managers to understand what matters to us,” he said. “It’s a proactive approach intended to equip managers to work with us more collaboratively and focus our dialogue with managers on the really important issues.” Brunel said the document was intended as an “opportunity for clarity and openness on both sides, with the aim of making manager relationships… far more of a team effort and true partnership”.It was devised by Mansley and Faith Ward, Brunel’s chief responsible investment officer, who both worked together at the Environment Agency Pension Fund (EAPF) before transferring to Brunel. The EAPF is one of Brunel’s founder members and is internationally respected for its work on long-termism and responsible investing. Faith Ward, chief responsible investment officer at Brunel“We hope that by spelling out our expectations, asset managers will feel safer and do better,” Ward said.“We believe that this documented approach is ground-breaking within the investment industry but hope that others will follow our lead.“In the long term, more co-operative and transparent relationships will have better results for us all.” ‘Let’s talk about short-term pressures’Brunel’s document stated that managers should be familiar with the pool’s investment principles, which include an emphasis on long-term value creation and stewardship.The accord also stated that, although communication between Brunel and the appointed manager might be frequent, this should not lead to short-term pressure.It said: “Brunel will endeavour to ensure that such dialogue does not inadvertently give such an impression. If the manager feels under short term pressure, they should provide feedback to Brunel on these concerns.”Each manager awarded a mandate would be expected to sign the accord with Mansley.Brunel has already made commitments to long-lease property funds run by M&G and Aberdeen Standard Investments and awarded a £4bn passive mandate to Legal & General Investment Management. It is due to launch a tender for a £1.3bn emerging markets fund in January, and is expected to announce managers for UK active equity and global low volatility equity mandates soon.last_img read more

Football in crisis as Boris Johnson reveals UK sport facing ban

first_imgFootballL is in crisis as high-profile coronavirus cases swept across the sport. Their Cobham base is being deep cleaned today as a precautionary measure. Training is scheduled to go ahead as usual on Friday. Meanwhile, Man City’s Champions League tie with Real Madrid has been postponed. The Spanish side were quarantined after their training HQ was put in lockdown after a Real Madrid basketball player tested positive for the deadly bug. The Round of 16 tie between Juventus and Lyon has also been chopped. The Italian side are currently quarantined after Daniele Rugani tested positive for the virus. One of the affected Leicester players first showed symptoms earlier this week and was immediately self-isolated. But after appearing to improve, he is said to have relapsed since. Rodgers said: “We’ve had a few players that have shown symptoms and signs (of coronavirus). “We’ve followed procedures and (as a precaution) they have been kept away from the squad.” Asked about the effect of the outbreak on Premier League football, the Foxes boss added: “Of course, from a football perspective, it would be a shame, but the public’s health is the most important aspect in all of this. “Working in football, it’s about having that agility to move with what’s happening in football. “We’re guided by football and federations. We have to press on with our work and prepare as normal. “The game is all about the players and the fans. “If you have one of those not there, it’s obviously not the same.” Leicester’s game at Watford on Saturday lunch time will certainly be called off if the results come back positive. But the news puts even greater pressure on English football authorities to suspend all matches in line with their European counterparts. It seems almost inevitable games will be cancelled or postponed once a player case is confirmed but Premier League chiefs are yet to act. Some Premier League clubs are said to be hopeful the government intervenes today so the League’s hand is forced. The next step in combating the spread of the bug is to play games behind closed doors. But there is a growing belief among Prem teams that English football is falling behind the rest of Europe in halting the outbreak. Players are also said to be concerned by the rapid spread with many unwilling to play on in current conditions. Last night, it was confirmed Juventus star Daniele Rugani has got the disease and has been quarantined. The Serie A giants are based in one of the worst-affected regions of Italy which is now on total lockdown due to the spread of the killer bug. Read Also:Mendy in self-isolation amid coronavirus fears And Rugani picked up the virus after Juve were exposed to an infected Serie C team. After Spanish giants Real Madrid announced their squad was entering self isolation, LaLiga responded by suspending the competition for the next two matchdays. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… In a statement after an emergency Cobra meeting Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed sporting events could be banned Less than an hour before Mikel Arteta’s announcement, Premier League and Football League bosses said they would GO AHEAD with fixtures, despite the number of new cases in football. But then in a dramatic U-turn in light of Arteta’s statement, football bosses said an emergency meeting would be held on Friday morning. It read: “In light of Arsenal’s announcement tonight confirming that their first team coach Mikel Arteta has tested positive for COVID-19, the Premier League will convene an emergency club meeting tomorrow morning regarding future fixtures.” And after the massive news, Brighton and Hove Albion announced that their game with the Gunners on Saturday would be called OFF. In the early hours of Friday morning there was yet another twist, as Chelsea announced teenage star Callum Hudson-Odoi had also tested positive for coronavirus. The 19-year-old became the first Premier League player to return a positive test. Dozens of football and sports leagues across Europe and the world announced they would suspend fixtures, with many already playing behind closed doors. Man City’s Champions League game with Real Madrid has been postponed after the Spanish side were quarantined, while dozens more games across Europe are being played without fans. LaLiga, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, the Primeira Liga, MLS and the Turkish Super Lig have all now been SUSPENDED – as well as several other major sports leagues in Europe and the US. Euro 2020 is also on the brink of being delayed a year with Euro bigwigs to meet in a crisis summit next week, with this season’s Champions League and Europa League also to be discussed. But initially, football chiefs in the UK have decided to plough ahead with games this weekend. An earlier statement from the Premier League read: “Following the latest update from Government issued this afternoon, all Premier League matches will go ahead as scheduled this weekend.” SunSport also revealed how Man City star Benjamin Mendy has been tested after a close family member fell ill at his home. In an announcement on the Arsenal website at around 10.30pm, Arteta said: “This is really disappointing but I took the test after feeling poorly. I will be at work as soon as I’m allowed.” Earlier on Thursday, Chelsea axed training after a member of staff showed signs of the deadly virus and Brendan Rodgers confirmed THREE of his Leicester City players had symptoms. At least three other players were also suspected of having Covid-19. Speaking at an emergency Cobra meeting on Thursday, Prime Minister Johnson said: “We are considering the question of banning major public events such as sporting fixtures. “The scientific advice is that this will have little effect on the spread but there’s also the issue of the burden such events can place on public services.” Earlier, Foxes boss Brendan Rodgers today confirmed three of his team are displaying signs of the deadly disease and have been isolated from the rest of the squad. In a statement, the club said: “In recent days, all three players presented with extremely mild illness and were advised by Club medical staff, consistent with current government guidance, to stay home.” It added: “Their symptoms were consistent with common seasonal illness and a seven-day period of self-isolation was appropriate as a precaution.” Another unnamed Premier League side are also said to have a trio showing symptoms with the whole squad due to be tested today. Chelsea have also been hit by the crisis, with players told to stay away from training today after a member of staff complained of coronavirus symptoms. The Athletic report the situation developed on Wednesday night and a decision was made early Thursday morning to cancel today’s session. Promoted ContentThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. 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Unlicensed gun sends man to jail

first_imgILOILO City – Police arrested a man who owns an unlicensed gun in Barangay Compo, San Enrique, Iloilo. Valencia did not have the valid documents proving his legal ownership of the weapon, the report added. Personnel of the San Enrique police caught Valencia – resident of Barangay Poblacion, Dingle, Iloilo – carrying the firearm in Barangay Compo at around 9:15 p.m. on May 23. A .45-caliber pistol loaded with several bullets was seized from 56-year-old Joselito Valencia, a police report showed.  Detained in the lockup cell of the municipal police station, the suspect faces charges for violation of Republic Act 10591, or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act./PNlast_img read more

GCC in total command after day one

first_imgHOSTS, Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC), must be a happy lot after they dominated proceedings at the end of the first day’s play of the GISE/Star Party Rentals/Trophy Stall First-Division two-day match.At the close yesterday, the hosts were 274-2, replying to GDF’s first-innings 87 all out. They have already amassed a first-innings lead of 187, heading into today’s final day, which starts at 09:30hrs.Opting to bowl on a dry GCC wicket, it took only three of the home side bowlers in a combined effort of just 23.3 overs to dismantle their opponents.  Seamers Bernard Bailey (3-7) and Ronaldo Ali-Mohamed (3-15), along with Stephan Wilson (3-9), did the damage.GCC gained the early momentum after the fall of Leon Andrews, who was bowled by Bailey for just eight. Thereafter, the visitors suffered a collapse to crash to 18-5 with Bailey claimed the wickets of Demion Waldron (0), and Terry Fraser (2), while the former Guyana Under-19 captain, Ali-Mohamed accounted for Kurt Lovell (6) and Randy Lindore without scoring.At that point, David Rajmangal, who remained unbeaten on 33, came to the rescue and shared 15 and 39 runs respectively with Damion Whitney (14) and Joshua Jones (18), the only other two batsmen to reach double figures.Wilson did the most damage during the second half of the innings, claiming three of the last five wickets.GCC’s top four batsmen then built on the early advantage, with each hitting contrasting half-centuries.Openers Robin Bacchus and Jeetendra Sookdeo put together 124 for the first wicket before Mavindra Dindyal and Guyana Jaguars captain Leon Johnson shared in an unbroken third-wicket stand of 150 until the close of play.Bacchus, the 30-year-old, who played his lone List A game for Guyana back in 2014, struck a 69-ball 70 with three fours and three sixes while Sookdeo made a 73-ball 56 (2×4, 3×6).However, by the time both fell to Andrews, the hosts were in full command of the game. Johnson followed up his 154 last week against the University of Guyana with an unbeaten 70 (4×4, 2×6), while Dindyal, who was one of three Guyanese who toured with the West Indies Under-15 squad recently to the UK, was 60 not out with five fours.last_img read more

Blackwood hoping for a return to Windies colours

first_imgKINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC) – Jamaica Scorpions batsman Jermaine Blackwood is angling to get back into the West Indies squad and believes his performance in the Regional Four-Day Championship so far could get him there.With 768 runs – including one century and six half-centuries – accumulated in the first eight rounds of the tournament, Blackwood is the leading run-scorer.“I am always looking to get back in the West Indies team and I know once I score runs, I will always keep my name in the selectors’ minds,” the 28-year-old middle-order batsman said.On the heels of a double century – 248 which he made in over eight hours at the crease in the match against Leeward Islands Hurricanes that Scorpions won by an innings and 118 runs at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua on Sunday – Blackwood had credited his fitness routine for helping him reach the monumental score.The Jamaica Scorpions head coach, Andre Coley, is also confident Blackwood will be back in maroon and gold.“His whole approach this season has been different; he has shown more application and willingness to stay at the crease and put a higher price on his wicket. It is a testament to the hard work which he has put in and he has surely put his name in the hat for West Indies selection,” he said.With two more rounds to go in the West Indies four-day Championship, the season being suspended due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has affected several Caribbean countries.Blackwood made his Test debut for the West Indies against New Zealand in June 2014 and his One Day International debut for the Caribbean side against Sri Lanka in November 2015. He scored a maiden Test century in the first Test of England’s 2015 tour.The Jamaican last played for West Indies in September 2019, as a concussion substitute for Darren Bravo in the second innings of the second Test against India at Sabina Park here.last_img read more