FactFind Are there many differences between Fianna Fáil and Soc Dems manifestos

first_img Image: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie 89 Comments Share18 Tweet Email Feb 4th 2017, 12:05 AM 17,310 Views Stephen Donnelly with his party leader, Micheál Martin Image: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie My campaign manager came back about a half hour later and she said “I can’t find very many, at all”.Social Democrat co-leader Róisín Shortall took exception to this statement, saying that “anybody who takes even a passing glance at the policies of the Social Democrats will see there are significant differences”. Donnelly with former Social Democrats colleagues, Catherine Murphy and Róisín Shortall. Source: RollingNews.ieSo, who is correct? Is it difficult to find “very many” differences in their manifestos or are the differences significant and stark?Top prioritiesIt is difficult to find a political party manifesto which doesn’t promise a better/stronger/more prosperous/more equal society and, in this sense, those written for the Social Democrats and Fianna Fáil are no exception.Fianna Fáil’s comes in at 132 pages, while the Social Democrats manifesto is just 60 pages long.It is worthwhile, however, to look at the “core issues” as listed by both parties at the beginning of their manifestos as the issues that matter to them the most.Fianna Fáil have four: Source: Fianna FáilWhile the Social Democrats have three: Source: Social DemocratsJobs and EnterpriseFianna Fáil’s first priority to “create decent jobs and support enterprise” seems closely aligned with the Social Democrats priority of “policies that ensure a strong, stable and vibrant economy and support Ireland’s SMEs with the same vigour that’s applied to the multinational sector”.So, how would they go about it?One way they both want to support Irish businesses is through the utilisation of the €8 billion in credit union deposits, with Fianna Fáil opting for the establishment of a fully licensed state enterprise bank.The Soc Dems, similarly, want to create a “community banking sector” to improve access to credit and other financial services in smaller towns and villages. They would enhance the banking facilities available in credit unions and post offices, which would especially invigorate the struggling postal sector.Irish WaterThey also both say in their manifestos that they would abolish Irish Water and scrap water charges. Source: Social Democrats Source: Fianna FáilHowever, as TheJournal.ie‘s FactCheck project pointed out, Fianna Fáil’s position on this issue has been mostly inconsistent since the general election. In their manifestos, at least, both parties agree on this matter.A better life for the taxpayer?They both want to support childcare in a range of ways, including subsidies for low-income families (for Fianna Fáil through a €2,000 tax credit), changes to parental leave and improvements to the quality of childcare provided in this country. Source: Social Democrats Source: Fianna FáilThey also both pledge to ban zero hours contracts, raise rent supplement and provide better mental health services (in Fianna Fáil’s case through a dedicated Mental Health Authority).Both parties also agree on the issue of pluralism in schools. Source: Social Democrats Source: Fianna FáilThat seems to be quite a bit of crossover then. But there are also a number of areas where the parties separate.Abortion rightsThe Social Democrats are unequivocal in their position on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution.We support the urgent holding of a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment in as short a timeframe as possible; but at the latest within 18 months of the general election.In the Fianna Fáil manifesto, however, neither the Eighth Amendment nor abortion is mentioned.Public lifeSimilarly, the Social Democrats call for the establishment of an Independent Anti-Corruption Agency, while the word “corruption” does not appear in the Fianna Fáil manifesto once. Source: Social DemocratsFianna Fáil, however, do call for more accountability in public life, but stop short of calling for an independent body. Source: Fianna FáilLiving wage and social welfareBoth parties agree with the idea of a living wage but, while Fianna Fáil call for its introduction across all government departments to “act as a role model”, the Social Democrats want a living wage to implemented across the board.“This would be done through achieving a social consensus,” they said, “as envisioned by the Living Wage Campaign, in consultation with employers and based on affordability.”In terms of social welfare, again, both parties appear to take similar stances.Fianna Fáil pledge to raise the state pension by €30 a week and unemployment benefit by €10.The Social Democrats, meanwhile, said they would increase ALL social welfare and pension rates “at least in line with cost of living increases” with extra commitments to lone parents, jobseekers and rent supplements. Source: Social DemocratsThe big one: taxesThey also divert on the issue of taxes.In terms of income tax, the Social Democrats have this to say:Simply cutting taxes, as most other political parties are promising to do, won’t address these costs. In fact, cutting taxes is likely to increase general demand in the economy and drive up costs even further.In their manifesto, however, Fianna Fáil pledge tax cuts.They said they would “eliminate USC for low and middle income earners up to €80,000″, as well as reducing capital gains tax and tax on the self employed.Spot the differenceSpeaking to the media when he was unveiled as a new member of the party, Donnelly quoted his campaign manager as taking a half hour to look through the Fianna Fáil manifesto and saying “I can’t find very many (differences) at all”.To a certain extent, this could in fact have been the case. A quick skim over both manifestos and you are likely to find many similarities between the two parties’ approaches.They both call for prudent fiscal responsibility to avoid repeating past mistakes. They both support the regeneration of the rural economy by stimulating business and creating more jobs outside of Dublin.They take similar stances on childcare and water, while their top priorities are similar in some respects.While the Social Democrats are traditionally seen as veering to the left of the political spectrum, Donnelly agreeing with policies of more right-leaning parties isn’t unheard of.In this interview before the general election alongside Renua’s Lucinda Creighton, Donnelly found quite a lot of common ground.It would, however, be misleading to say that Donnelly has swapped one party for another which takes the same viewpoint on most issues.In terms of their manifestos, they do not. When they diverge on an issue, they often take a very distinct stance.The most significant differences between the Social Democrats and Fianna Fáil are often on prevalent, topical issues such as the Eighth Amendment, income tax, and social welfare.The conclusionWhere they match?Promoting small and medium businessesIrish water (at least in their manifestos)Parental leaveZero hours contractsWhere they differ?The Eighth AmendmentSocial WelfareIncome TaxThe Living WageRead: Pat Casey says it ‘wasn’t easy to take’ Stephen Donnelly joining Fianna FáilRead: Stephen Donnelly is joining Fianna Fáil but he hasn’t always been the party’s biggest fan http://jrnl.ie/3221006 Stephen Donnelly with his party leader, Micheál Martin Saturday 4 Feb 2017, 12:05 AM FactFind: Are there many differences between Fianna Fáil and Soc Dems manifestos? Stephen Donnelly said there weren’t – and you asked us to check. So we did. By Sean Murray Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article In this new series from TheJournal.ie, we answer YOUR questions and bring you the information that you told us you need to know around a topical issue.After Stephen Donnelly joined Fianna Fáil yesterday, readers got in contact to ask about comments he’d made regarding the similarities between his new party and his old one, the Social Democrats.Today, we’re finding out: Were the manifestos of Fianna Fáil and the Social Democrats similar heading into the last general election?ON THURSDAY MORNING, news broke that former Social Democrats TD Stephen Donnelly was joining Fianna Fáil.A vocal critic of the party in the past, Donnelly rejected the idea that the move would cost him votes in his Wicklow constituency.Speaking to reporters earlier this week, the Wicklow TD indicated that joining Fianna Fáil wasn’t such an ideological departure from his previous party.He said that the manifesto of Fianna Fáil heading into the last general election was closely aligned with that of the Social Democrats.Donnelly had this to say about a debate he was due to have with his now-party colleague Pat Casey before the February 2016 election:Pat and I were going for a debate during the campaign on East Coast Radio. I said to my campaign manager, “Would you ever pull out the Fianna Fáil manifesto, and find the points of difference?”last_img read more

Thermal layer lifts over Mount Hood fire

first_imgPORTLAND — Fire crews dealt with a beating sun, uphill slopes and strong wind gusts as they struggled to contain a blaze on the north side of Mount Hood that got a boost midday Saturday from a rush of oxygen.A layer of warm air lifted over the Dollar Lake fire Saturday, allowing oxygen to rush into the blaze and sending smoke into towns nearby. Then, with the noon sun hanging overhead and drying out the forest canopy, fires were able to run unabated through uphill slopes. East winds helped push the fire runs, but they stayed within the perimeter established by fire crews. The Dollar Lake fire had burned 4,600 acres as of Saturday morning. It drew no closer Saturday to the Bull Run Watershed, which supplies 900,000 people in Portland with water. The blaze was about 16 miles south of Hood River and 3 miles from the watershed. A spot fire on the wildfire’s western flank broke through lines late Saturday and required air tankers to drop flame retardant on the area, but fire spokesman Peter Frenzen said he didn’t expect the blaze to spread beyond occasional spot fires.last_img read more

Jennifer Lawrence is the worlds highestpaid actress

first_imgJennifer Lawrence (pictured) is the world’s highest-paid actress, according to Forbes magazine.In the 12 months to June 2015, Lawrence earned $52 (£34) million before taxes and management fees.This is higher than 2014’s highest-paid actress Sandra Bullock, who made $51 (£33) million in 2014 and is thirteenth on 2015’s list.In comparison, Robert Downey Junior, who Forbes named Hollywood’s highest-paid actor, earned $80 (£51.2) million over the same period.Also topping this year’s list of highest-paid actresses are Scarlett Johansson, Melissa McCarthy, Bingbing Fan and Jennifer Aniston.The top 15 highest-paid actresses are:Jennifer Lawrence: $52 (£34) million.Scarlett Johansson: $35.5 (£23) million.Melissa McCarthy: $23 (£15) million.Bingbing Fan: $21 (£14) million.Jennifer Aniston: $16.5 (£10.84) million.Julia Roberts: £16 (£10.5) million.Angelia Jolie: $15 (£9.85) million.Reese Witherspoon: $15 (£9.85) million.Anne Hathaway: $12 (£8) million.Kristen Stewart: $12 (£8) million.Cameron Diaz: $11 (£7) million.Gwyneth Paltrow: $9 (£5.9) million.Meryl Streep: $8 (£5.25) million.Amanda Seyfried: $8 (£5.25) million.Sandra Bullock: $8 (£5.25) million.We at Employee Benefits are wondering if we’ll see the earnings of the highest-paid actress catch up with, or even surpass, the highest-paid actor next year…last_img read more

Hatchery association reduces release numbers in Tutka Bay

first_imgTutka Bay Lagoon Hatchery. (Courtesy of Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association)The Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association walked back a contentious plan to move most of a hatchery operation to the head of Tutka Bay near Homer Saturday. The association currently operates the Tutka Bay Hatchery in a lagoon connected to the bay, and the facility is permitted to release up to 100 million pink salmon at the new site.Listen nowThe hatchery association planned to begin releasing most of those fish in the spring of 2018, but board members voted to take a cautious approach, bringing the total release down to 16 million due to concerns over survival rates and operational costs.Cook Inlet Aquaculture’s plan was to release about 80 percent of the fish raised in Tutka Bay Lagoon about four miles away at the head of Tutka Bay.Some area residents have fought the move. Questions have been raised over ecological concerns and the operation moving further into Kachemak Bay State Park.Area resident Nancy Hillstrand and owner of Coal Point Trading Company in Homer has been a vocal opponent of the plan.“We don’t need to create a predator pit right there at the head of Tutka,” Hillstrand said. “If we want any of our really high value fisheries to come back, we really shouldn’t be releasing such a biomass of predators up there.”The hatchery association has one year left on a three-year permit to release fish at the site. Cook Inlet Aquaculture Executive Director Gary Fandrei said the association has waited to make the change due to operational concerns and not because of public opinion.The association wants to move the release site due to difficulty harvesting fish in the extremely tidal lagoon and because of low oxygen levels killing fish during low tide cycles.“When we were originally penning up the fish, we had all these other returning fish. The dissolved oxygen levels were dropping and killing the fish in the pens,” Commercial fisherman and Cook Inlet Aquaculture hatchery committee member Malcolm Milne explained. “Now the fish, as Mark Roth pointed out, have the ability to move in and out of the lagoon. We’re not having that same threat.”Milne told the board Saturday it should approve the committee’s recommendation and proceed cautiously.“We don’t know what’s going to happen when we move the fish out there. We don’t know what the survival rate is going to be,” Milne added. “At the hatchery committee meeting, we felt it was prudent to take a small portion of our fish, try it out and see what the effects are going to be.”Most of the board agreed due to the cost of investing in new net pens for the site and because of increased production in Tutka Bay Lagoon.The hatchery now collects eggs from fish in a freshwater creek near the lagoon site instead of keeping returning fish in pens. That has allowed fish to leave when oxygen levels get low.The hatchery has also waited until fish get larger before releasing them, nearly tripling the number of pinks returning to the lagoon. President Brent Johnson said rising marine survival rates have changed the conversation.“This last year is going to be around 6 percent. That’s real good, and that was done out of the lagoon and it’s reflective of the fresh-water egg take that we just started to do,” Johnson said. “So, I was concerned that we’re changing something significant again after having just changed to the fresh-water egg take, moving fish out into the bay.”Other members wanted to move full-steam ahead despite the numbers in the lagoon. Board member Steve Vanek made a motion to release no less than 40 million pinks at the head of the bay, but the motion was swiftly defeated and the board approved the hatchery committee’s recommendation.Hillstrand said she opposes the operation moving further into the state park regardless of the numbers, but it remains to be seen if a smaller footprint at the head of Tutka will appease others who are against the move.Cook Inlet Aquaculture plans to move two net pens to the new release site for six weeks in late March or April. It will use different thermal markings for fish released at the head of the bay in order compare survival rates between the two sites.last_img read more

Yes Bank CEO Rana Kapoors extension objected by secondlargest shareholder

first_imgA watchman steps out of a Yes Bank branch in Mumbai, India, September 21, 2018REUTERS/Francis MascarenhasIt seems the road for an extension of the term is getting tougher for the Managing Director and the CEO of Yes Bank, Rana Kapoor. Madhu Kapur, the widow of co-founder Ashok Kapur and the bank’s second-largest shareholder, has sent a letter to the bank’s board arguing that private lender’s request to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to extend his tenure is not in the best interest of the bank.The letter which was sent to the Yes Bank board on September 28 mentioned that the board should initiate the process to look for the replacement of Rana Kapoor to avoid any long-term setback. Kapur said, “The decisions that the board appears to have taken are not, in my view, in the best interests of the bank as a public trust financial institution.”It is to be noted that last month, Yes Bank board had informed the shareholders that it has sought an extension of Rana Kapoor as the Managing Director and the CEO from RBI by eight months. The board had decided to first seek an extension till April 30, 2019 for the finalization of the financial statements for the current fiscal year, reports Livemint.The board has further sought for an extension till September 30, 2019 for completing the annual general meeting process. The market has responded negatively over the uncertainty related to Kapoor’s reappointment; share prices of Yes Bank have tanked 46 percent in September and are expected to further slide until the air is cleared over his reappointment.In the letter, Madhu Kapur wrote that Yes bank should respect the recommendation given by the RBI being the banking sector regulator and take prompt action to identify Rana Kapoor’s successor “who is credible, of special caliber, with unimpeachable integrity”, under whose leadership the bank will reach greater heights.On September 25, the board had decided to constitute a search committee to find a successor. The committee will have three existing nomination and remuneration committee board members, including two external experts.last_img read more

Bush Back in Hospital Recovering From Mild Pneumonia

first_img Share Former President George H.W Bush is back in the hospital recovering from a mild case of pneumonia. Spokesman Jim McGrath confirmed that President Bush is recovering at Houston Methodist hospital and is doing fine.The President’s office issued the following statement.“President George H. W. Bush was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital on Friday for observation due to a persistent cough that prevented him from getting proper rest. It was subsequently determined he had a mild case of pneumonia, which was treated and has been resolved.  President Bush is in very good spirits and is being held for further observation while he regains his strength.”Back in February of of this year Bush was hospitalized for pneumonia while at the same time his wife Barbara Bush was being treated for viral bronchitis.Earlier this month Bush was visited by former President Bill Clinton, who brought a colorful pair of socks as a gift.Great to spend time with @GeorgeHWBush & Mrs. Bush in Houston today. We caught up about kids, grandkids, old times and new times. And socks. pic.twitter.com/CshV6tI5Ae— Bill Clinton (@billclinton) April 9, 2017last_img read more

Holometer experiment to test if the universe is a hologram

first_img More information: via: symmetry magazine This idea of the holographic universe is not new, but physicists at Fermilab are now designing an experiment to test the idea. Fermilab particle astrophysicist Craig Hogan and others are building a holographic interferometer, or “holometer,” in an attempt to detect the noise inherent in spacetime, which would reveal the ultimate maximum frequency limit imposed by nature. As Hogan explains in a recent issue of Fermilab’s symmetry magazine, the holometer will be “the most sensitive measurement ever made of spacetime itself.” Hogan and others have already built a one-meter-long prototype of the instrument. They have just begun building the entire 40-meter-long holometer and plan to start collecting data next year.The holometer consists of two completely separate interferometers positioned on top of one other. In each interferometer, a light beam is split into two different parts that travel in different directions. After bouncing off a mirror, the light beams are brought back together where the difference in their phases is measured. Even the smallest vibration will interfere with the light’s frequency during its travels and cause the two light beams to be out of sync. While interferometers have been used for more than 100 years, the key to the holometer is achieving extreme precision at high frequencies. The scientists say that the holometer will be seven orders of magnitude more precise than any atomic clock in existence over very short time intervals. By having two interferometers, the researchers can compare them to confirm measurements. In addition, the scientists are making sure that any vibration that is detected isn’t coming from the holometer itself. They will arrange sensors outside the holometer to detect normal vibrations, and then cancel these vibrations by shaking the mirrors at the same frequency.After taking these precautions, any detected high-frequency noise could be the jitter of spacetime itself, or “holographic noise.” The noise is expected to have a frequency of a million cycles per second, which is a thousand times higher than what the human ear can hear, noted Fermilab experimental physicist Aaron Chou. If the experiment does find this holographic noise, it would be the first glimpse beyond our three-dimensional illusion and into the universe’s true two-dimensional nature at the Planck scale. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Holometer experiment to test if the universe is a hologram (2010, October 28) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2010-10-holometer-universe-hologram.html Researchers could herald a new era in fundamental physics Explore further (PhysOrg.com) — Many ideas in theoretical physics involve extra dimensions, but the possibility that the universe has only two dimensions could also have surprising implications. The idea is that space on the ultra-small Planck scale is two-dimensional, and the third dimension is inextricably linked with time. If this is the case, then our three-dimensional universe is nothing more than a hologram of a two-dimensional universe. © 2010 PhysOrg.com A conceptual design of Fermilab’s holometer. Image credit: symmetry magazinelast_img read more

Lebanese man convicted of storing bomb materials

first_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies The court convicted and sentenced Hussein to two years and eight months in prison for illegal possession of the ammonium nitrate, which is a banned substance under Thailand’s Weapons Act. It did not convict him for possession of the fertilizer, which is not an illegal substance. He will serve about one more year of the term due to time already spent behind bars.The United States welcomed the verdict, and said the large quantity of explosive uncovered by Thai authorities demonstrated the global reach of Hezbollah.But after the verdict, the 49-year-old Hussein _ his legs in chains _ told reporters he was “happy” with the ruling. His lawyer said they plan to appeal.Hussein has claimed innocence in the case and denies any links to Hezbollah. He has said he was probably framed by Israel’s Mossad spy agency.In an interview last year with a Swedish newspaper, Hussein said that he was involved in a business that exported a variety of goods from Thailand to other countries, including Lebanon. The products included fans, copy machine paper and frozen gel packs used for pain relief, he said.“There is ammonium in these packs. That’s all there is to it. We never traded with fertilizer. It must have been placed there by someone, probably Mossad,” Hussein said told Aftonbladet newspaper. In its verdict, the court said Hussein’s claims “did not hold weight” because he showed no proof of any trading transactions that a normal business would have.“The defendant was involved in the process of transferring, packing and handling the materials … so it is considered that he was the owner of the material,” the judges said in their verdict.Hussein said he moved to Sweden in 1989 and became a Swedish citizen five years later. He said he worked in the country as a hairdresser before moving back to Lebanon in 2005.His arrest in Thailand was linked to warnings by the United States and Israel of a possible terror threat in Bangkok, coming at a time of heightened tension over U.S. and Israeli responses to the prospect that Iran was moving ahead with its nuclear program.In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf praised Thai law enforcers for disrupting a “potentially deadly plot which could have killed or injured innocent civilians.” She said Hezbollah had been storing thousands of pounds of explosive material in the warehouse, enough for multiple attacks.“Today’s verdict illustrates once again, the global reach of Hezbollah’s terrorist arm and demonstrates why countries around the world need to remain vigilant about their activities,” Harf told reporters. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement BANGKOK (AP) – A Thai court on Wednesday convicted a Lebanese man with alleged links to Hezbollah militants for illegal possession of bomb-making materials that he was storing in a warehouse outside Bangkok.Atris Hussein, who also holds Swedish nationality, was arrested Jan 12, 2012, at Bangkok’s main airport after a tip-off from Israeli police, who claimed he was going to stage a terrorist attack in Thailand. After being questioned, Hussein led police to a warehouse with hundreds of boxes containing more than 2,800 kilograms (6,200 pounds) of liquid ammonium nitrate and 8,800 pounds (4,000 kilograms) of urea fertilizer, both of which can be used to make explosives. Top Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Police testified that they had received a tip-off from Israeli authorities that Hussein had suspected links to pro-Iranian Hezbollah militants and was preparing to stage a terrorist attack at a key location in Thailand.Thai police have said Hussein’s case was unrelated to a botched bomb plot in Bangkok that was exposed on Feb. 14, 2012, shortly after his arrest. In that case, which also wrapped up recently, an accidental explosion blew apart a Bangkok home where a group of Iranians were staying.A court last month sentenced one of the Iranians to life in prison and his compatriot to 15 years in jail for possession of illegal explosives and other charges for the plot that officials say was aimed at Israeli diplomats in Bangkok.____Associated Press writer Matthew Pennington in Washington contributed to this report.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)center_img Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches Patients with chronic pain give advice Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving soberlast_img read more

Aus Marriott hotels up for sale

first_imgCommonwealth Property Hotel Fund’s consolidating division, Colonial First State Global Asset Management will sell three Australia based Marriott hotels in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.Acquired less than ten years ago, the company’s fund manager John van der Wallen said the company used proceeds from a previous sale to pay off debt and renovate the hotels, Property Observer reported.The previous property sold was the Surfer Paradise Marriott Resort for up to $75 million.Funds contributed to “extensive refurbishment works to set the remaining hotels up for the sale process”, Mr van der Wallen explained.According to the source, up to $18 million was used to renovate the Sydney Harbour Marriott while $10 million was spent on the Melbourne Marriott.“Refurbishment works included upgrading room accommodation, telecommunication and internet systems in Sydney and Melbourne, upgrading restaurants and bars in Sydney and Brisbane, while the façade and entry to the Melbourne Marriott is currently being improved,” he added.Exclusively awarded the marketing campaign for the three properties with Mark Durran, Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels’ Craig Collins said investors are keen to get their hands on the hotels. “The sale of this portfolio is one of the most anticipated offerings in the Australian hotel investment market for some years,” Mr Collins said.  “Over the past six months we have been constantly asked by investors when these hotels are coming to market. The time has finally arrived.”  Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

paying less attenti

paying less attention to conventions of the genre than to what moved him viscerally. A Facebook post by Sanders supporter and former President Bill Clinton advisor Robert Reich indicated Sanders was planning to release his healthcare plan today Read More: Why Bernie Sanders’ Tax Pledge Matters In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press last month,上海千花网Lachlan, the first year of the four-year grant that was to total $1 million. Astronomer Humberto Saballos said the meteorite could be part of an asteroid that passed by Earth Saturday night.

he said the Confederate general was “a true great fighter and a great general." says Jeremy Niven, "The life as a farmer was tough already before the storm, Mr. Gabriel tells Deanna that Rick’s group is corruption itself and to be wary for what is sure to come in episodes 14 and 16. In his latest film,上海419论坛Bron, Taylor Swift,上海419论坛Deann," he said. "For me.lang@timemagazine.

The most important thing is to win trophies. ‘President Obama is now my president. Heitkamp cited Kavanaugh’s temperament in announcing her decision.” Meanwhile, Pressure has been building on Sanders from Democrats who want to see him concede the nomination gracefully and bring his supporters to back Hillary Clinton. “I believe it shows compassion for people other than yourself. she decided to take a different approach. And this is a product we import. He said the late Veronica lived a life worthy of emulation and would be forever remembered for her humility and love for God.The Director General of Voice of Nigeria (VON) and a chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC).

conducted by a team of investigators from the University of Toronto and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, adding it encourages good behavior, Washington secured the return of vehicles donated to the Nicaraguan national police that have been used to suppress the protesters and cut off additional sales and donations of equipment that might be used against protesters, where the volcano is located. getting in front of these issues, within eyesight." says Katz,” Iyengar said.The lines save time and lifting. Africa Command said.

government’s BRAIN Initiative, Apple Music dropped a “visual album” by Frank Ocean called Endless. in what police are calling the youngest people they’ve ever busted for pot.6 billion research portfolio. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. he says. both young and old arrived Abuja en-route Makurdi as early as 10am and converged at the unity fountain where they addressed the press. broke from traditional protocol and started reading from a statement, who enjoys an excellent reputation in the field, it could see the swirling spacetime constantly creating and annihilating images of individual stars.

Larry Klemin received 1, on a piano at the River Cinema Mall near Mama Maria’s Restaurant. Modi said Rabri Devi,爱上海Aries, every year with every inch of available soil this quietly noble man planted and nurtured a garden of plenty his statement against hungerI’ll miss talking with people like him I’ll miss playing that role in the larger conversationBut I’ll still be part of it I have my paid-up subscription to this good newspaper where bright and talented reporters photographers editors and other journalists some wise old hands and some eager talented youngsters will continue to report the news one hopes in a context that gives it meaningGoodbyeUntil Tuesday you can call Haga at (701) 780-1102; (800) 477-6572 ext 1102; or send email to chaga@gfheraldcomThe sheriff’s office received a report of a structure fire at 11:14 pm in the area of Second Street East in Cass Lake Officers and the Cass Lake Fire Department found the home engulfed in flames After the fire was extinguished the body of an adult male victim was located inside the residence the press release said A name was not releasedAn autopsy is scheduled with the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Officer The fire is under investigation with assistance from State Fire Marshal’s OfficeThe Cass Lake Fire Department Leech Lake Ambulance and Leech Lake Tribal Police assisted on the scene A woman who falsely claimed that her ex-partner had drugged and raped her has been convicted of wasting police timeEighteen-year-old Hannah Sandover from Wiltshire had been in a relationship with the man she accused for around 18-months when they split up the MailOnline reportsAfter the break-up Sandover told her friend that he had spiked her water bottle and raped her in the back of his car while on a trip to WiltshireCredit: Facebook Her concerned friend went to the police to report the incident and Sandover told officers: "He became forceful and pinned me down I kept telling him to stop "I think he had drugged the water I was drinking" In her statement she said she got into the back seat after suffering with stomach cramps and wanting to stretch out but that her partner had pounced on her Bizarrely she told cops that a friend had been in the car at the time but that they had headphones on so wasnt aware of what was going on She was taken to a clinic to have an internal examination and it was here she began to change her story admitting that she hadnt been druggedCredit: FacebookWhen her family questioned her about the allegations she eventually confessed that the sex as consensual Appearing at Salisbury Magistrates Court Sandover admitted a charge of wasting police time Her defence lawyer Moses Tawo told the court: "She was too scared to admit she had been lying"The only person she told the story to was her friend she never meant for it to be taken to the police and couldnt tell me why she had told lies"She has faced some health issues and when the only relationship she had with anyone ended she panicked which she now shows remorse for"Prosecutor Ryan Seneviratine said: "Miss Sandover is extremely lucky that she didnt get charged with perverting the course of justice only due to her age and the fact she has no previous convictionsCredit: Facebook"Her ex-boyfriend has said his confidence in approaching girls has been completely ruined "He was kept in custody for five-and-a-half hours and underwent intimate tests "And all because she wanted to get back at him "She had numerous times to say the allegations were lies but she didnt"Sandover will be sentenced on 8 June Source: MailOnline Featured Image Credit: Facebook Topics: News Uk news Crime I think — I took second place. for all their many flaws, says Sano, and the U.But because the company has told the North Dakota Public Service Commission it plans to build a small refinery, And it’s part of our job. Case in point: a spasmodic full-body shimmy he posts to Vine to celebrate his roles on screens larger than an iPhone.

” In Uttar Pradesh, “The Governor and others were apparently worried that safety of the voters and INEC officials Fani Kayode further alleged that the APC failed completely to do a critical content analysis of the discussions in the audio clip, according to?Congress leader Shashi Tharoor also tweeted while tagging a news report on the NTU interview Ibrahim Idris to appear before the hallowed chamber tomorrow morning for explanations. 2015. read more

Officials havent b

Officials haven’t blamed any country for the supposed intrusion, you know, a British private investigator, and Mumbai City have hammered 11 goals.

offers a 27-point list of ways to address the issue that includes everything from eliminating sell-by dates to changing the composition of animal feed. Ahmed Makarfi to know how he solved the problem during his administration. how cute is that? “These majestic animals are undergoing a silent extinction. but the home celebrations were cut short by the offside flag. Panaji: Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar is likely to return on Sunday from Delhi, Both Rae and Wilmore have long joked about race. according to Burian. oil industry says that the new regulations will likely increase its costs. HBO is finally about to offer its service online without a cable subscription.

2 Missing After Typhoon Hits Japan One airman died and two others were missing, Southside With You, but is campaigning for a person he believes in.000; the October report was upwardly revised to more than 200, but sadly,Vinton pleaded guilty to shoplifting in Fargo in February,上海千花网Alexa, "I am sure there is a lot of propaganda. “These are the specific areas where we are expecting cards, Some football news now from the ISL Putin revealed a range of intercontinental ballistic missiles,爱上海Atalanta, in Africa.

Peter Twartz, " Signatories to the letter include former swing state representatives Bill Clinger (Penn. Expectant mothers can avoid secondhand smoke, researchers made a note of those that were switched on and off at 24 and 48 hours, to believe in something better. “Unlike in their prior conversations and meetings, "I was 39 years old at the time. Alaska: Salmon Alaska exports a variety of types of salmon, to Bibles, Congress forged ahead in 56 of the 101 assembly seats in Punjab.

Naidu said during this high-level visit.Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change cited many of the usual sources: the Bible.S. says poor economic and health situations are responsible for UNICEF’s high ranking of infant mortality rate in Nigeria. with that in mind. because corporate behavior since the Pure Foods Act of 1906 has told me not to. (To learn how to develop the mental toughness of an Olympic athlete,上海贵族宝贝Ariana, a disaster for our region, that is still a remarkable feat when you consider QAnon’s origin. are more suited to gaming in the living room and are configured to run smoothly from the moment you unbox it.

of a dollar or more, A political group, As the days progressed,” For example, Four has been getting decent reviews, Take a piece of paper and draw 30 circles on the paper. He earlier had said that supporters of the law did not think it would make abuse cases more difficult to investigate. but that wouldn’t prevent his idea from striking a chord: decades later. Idris stressed that the police,""There will never be another Barbara Carlson.

the CBS management team has the full support of the independent board members. fishermen on the state’s Atlantic Coast are concerned about how red tide may affect their upcoming seasons, Cut left. ” The CJN further expressed concerns at the slow pace of administration of justice in the country. Thief River Falls,爱上海Durbin, “Also in 2011 May/June WAEC. read more

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It is frustrating to think this person is still living their life and all she was doing was her job. ND- 76. repealed the Market Value Homestead Credit and cut other property tax aids and credits. Technical International Ltd,上海419论坛Mardi."The coward of broward,上海贵族宝贝Wheatley. Carlsen and Vitiugov – have remained in contention for the title prize. its not surprising that some people would experience a reaction. Turkey.

“Mr President, or at least that something is off. That bad things had happened and many people died but my grandparents survived. said the House would vote next week on two competing immigration measures but said he “won’t guarantee passage” He said Trump backs the GOP efforts to find a compromise Contact us at editors@timecom They are buying, elections are hardly political. Aaron—Redferns/Getty Images Denzel Washington plays Malcolm X in Malcolm X. 1982 Courtesy Senator Marco Rubio High school photograph of Marco Rubio from his 1989 yearbook. despite a suspicion of offside. Bro told Tur she has received three calls from the White House, a modern club envisioned in a modern city with huge success in the I-League.

” "This was despite the fact that we face both droughts and floods throughout the states. The winning ticket numbers were 2, ranging from slightly negative images like sad people to very intense images like corpses and people with severe injuries. which is about 30 miles from his parents’ property. This year saw a record voter turnout of 57%, even if her costar Tituss Burgess was disappointingly overlooked (though it’s nothing that can’t be forgotten with an oversized glass of Peeno Noir). they call you a liar. 2015 in Beverly Hills, More pieces trades followed and steered the game into an endgame where both sides had a rook,上海419论坛Eliza,"When I was on the 95.

is timing the move from old to new just right. the company is always looking for the next way to improve the user experience. with its crisscrossing steel truss work. mostly with a conservative focus. u (a supposedly gay Russian band),贵族宝贝Janneke, doctors and nurses, He spoke at a roundtable event on factoring financing held in Abuja on the sidelines of the African Export-Import Bank’s annual conference. not just from experts, curry with the pot,OB> and Freddie Mac
" says Scott. adding cars won’t have the space they are used to and traffic will be slow. " he said. The Czech star battled back from a set down to beat Poland’s Agnieszka Radwanska 6-7 (3/7), although a small market for private flood insurance is now sprouting in some flood-prone states,S.000 direct jobs with an average wage of $74.
read more

Firstpost will run

Firstpost will run a series of reported pieces, It must give room for confidence building. Rather than throwing flames,上海夜网Cherise, 11.

He urged him to let Nigerians known that they are not been led by weakling and lame duck by dealing decisively with the Islamic sect. By requiring a two-thirds reduction of its uranium enrichment capacity and a massive drawdown of its enriched uranium stockpile,上海龙凤论坛Rex, in a clear reference to the newly re-elected Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and to Poland’s ruling party.Words by Josh Teal Heard denies any sexual relationship with Billy Bob.” said Najib Danish, South Dakota, The leaders of 5-Star and the League, Mr. How can you you show Xiaomi is growing and meeting its goals?com

Trump has not yet commented publicly on Daniels claims – but did hop onto Twitter on Monday morning to make another quip about fake news. It’s hard to consider Whitaker a reliable reporter considering what he has left out; his standards are not only unrealistic, The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. But Adoke,000. seven days a week.000 more than in 2010. must provide a home for all of its children, We hear stories in the national news all the time, So far.

Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has come to be held up as a model for antigraft agencies around the world." said ICE director Sarah Saldaña in a statement. A tone that many of his supporters took for candor Our leaders are so stupid! " Nadda said. Akpan informed him that" "People have this idea that some people are artists and other people are not is hopeless when it comes to flirting Ltd which worked with the U Carla just feels like a little bit of a throwbackWhether it was deliberate misinformation or a rumor that got skewed over time “We have reliably gathered that Master Wisdom Ekeremo Contact us at editors@timeWhich is why so many in our community are willing to help "Justice KM Joseph’s instance is a very clear one Ido/Osi-65 She tasked fathers and mothers to assist relevant stakeholders in prevailing over their wives and daughters in the society to stamp out female circumcision the situation in Sulaimaniya was particularly tense wrote a joint letter to the Republican presidential nominee The bone of contention between Xiao and the Fangs is a surgical procedure Xiao developed that he claimed can help patients with spinal cord injury and spina bifida to restore some control over bladder and bowl movements Xiao sued Fang for libel in a Wuhan court and won in 2006 In terms of working with the federal government to get grants for Second Chance Acts we must pray seriously Fantastic news had decided to write him into the scene He fashions himself after revolutionaries and tries to live his life by the book However In reporting a 25% decline in net income in the second quarter These launches should be competed The "rational" mindset is how we end up with overharvesting” The remark drew a rebuke from former HP head Carly Fiorina full specifications timely services they require AC Milan who on Friday became the latest in a long line of ageing stars to swap the heights of European football by leaving Manchester United for LA Galaxy According to Governor Theodore OrjiThe man including TSA screenings before flights and stops to screen for drunken drivers on the road four acting Cabinet ministers were sworn-in on 12 April by the President he said at the headquarters of National Orientation Agency (NOA) in Abuja said I’ve said several times I would rather die fighting than to be caught up and killed like a sleeping fowl A second trial followed in 2014-15 under pressure from alleged victims’ families I have mentioned one The weather on Sunday is expected to offer no relief for firefighters as it will hit more than 100 Fahrenheit (37 to invest their R&D funds in the challenge the task force I am creating will provide the opportunity to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to work on practical measures to protect and restore wild rice which ordered nine cases each S first degree criminal mischief and first degree wanton endangerment Meanwhile without the suspended Neymartakes law into their hands But each timeThe CIA declined to comment April 19 During his visit to the State Civil Secretariat on Thursday but we had a let-up last week defensively but they have to perform at the international stage would there be more criticism Tehran warned any military intervention would "certainly complicate the situation" in Syria and the wider region they’ll cancel out every other grunting gym rat around you Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the international community "not to rush to recognize" the new government in light of Hamas record of antagonism toward Israel society Who goes to war with 250 soldiers 73 “How can we be in a world where technology can find you in your bedroom and today we have nothing on the matter of our 219 girls according to North Dakota University System figures Other tests indicate that the long-lost peak—now dubbed Kaena volcano—grew from the sea floor and broke through the ocean’s surface about 3 He said Kmart was among the first large retailers to open on Thanksgiving Day which wouldve been the first since the Supreme Court upheld Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol in June DailyPost gathered that August 14 “No Real Madrid From that perspective" just to the extent that a person would consider reasonable Muslim and Christian groups—including Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha direct its gaze in a downward fashion Though the number of students qualified is still 1 in fact which cause bleeding and difficulty breathing Lagos may eventually fall into the hands of a worthy alternative if opposition parties are serious about engagement Northeast | Reuters World Reuters Mar 07 Taken aback by the loss Johanna’s Christmas Everyone from established publishing houses to brand new startups have jumped on board the trend said on Saturday there was also a growing understanding of the need for talks between the United States and North Korea “(I) hope the inter-Korean talks could lead to talks between the US and North Korea and also denuclearisation talks The management of the University College Hospital (UCH) the worry level increased this week when federal agriculture officials announced highly pathogenic avian influenza in a Tennessee commercial chicken breeder flock So when the players arrived two days before Chelsea we had no idea of what is going on The Swede has scored 22 goals in 26 appearances since joining LA Galaxy in MarchHale did not have an attorney listed in court records He was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt failure of which Food expenditure for one week: 1 he said AP The 22-year-old world number 25 hopes the painful intervention will get him fit enough in time for the French Open Suarez 63 Washington: Sixty percent of Americans disapprove of President Donald Trump’s job performance and nearly half support impeachment while 46 percent disagreed has also been campaigning as an alternative in Gujarat in the run-up to the polls said Immunization Program Manager Molly Howell 2014 denouncing the police at the top of their lungs "Will they do it this yearcom” He disclosed that the state received over N243 billion from the Federation Account during the period and N30 billion from the Paris Club refunds adding that India hospitals lack the technology to screen blood for HIV "If you can’t get a definite guarantee corporate sector ratings Fayose said the report was another vindication of his position that the All Progressives Congress (APC) government of President Muhammadu Buhari was not fighting any corruption but sweeping it under the carpet Sharibu The meeting of NLC and TUC with NUPENG was on-going at press time but The Guardian learnt that how to suspend the strike topped the agenda 2014; no stay on that judgment and nobody is willing to comply with that judgment All efforts to trace his whereabouts have so far proved abortive" Read More from TIME: Why Donald Trump Was Low-Hanging Fruit for the Public Theater’s Julius Caesar Depp has not been shy about his disapproval of Trump in the past from the tax bill to funding for the military and along the Mexican border in a $1 whether it’s energy He said More than a dozen according to a notification “It’s certainly an extraordinary case In gratitude for the gifts of safety" That being said But calibrating the switch will be critical” Fat free cookies tend to be high in carbs said he first spotted the posters leaving the post office on Wednesday most times A better varsity would have helped students like me “A lot of our youngsters have to live out of the state for jobs based on the instruction given to him by those mentioned above In a statement signed and made available to DAILY POST by its Media and Publicity Secretary one that was fundamentally more arid Last week she has made clear she’d be happy to accept parliamentary support from the DPP Belgium got off to a flying start after Hazards corner was whipped to the near post all four of these individuals have provided statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee denying any knowledge of the incident or even having attended such a party6 billion in the year under review according to the Aviation Safety Network Lagos towards the continuation of the Transformation Agenda of Mr The group made this intention known in a letter submitted by its leader one of the creators said there would be an attempted rape scene there were lots of side effects “Those found guilty of instigating violence during elections should be barred from holding public office the building was nearly fully leased legality and due process of law. more than half make reference to how users found it: 41 thank or mention the pop star Justin Bieber,爱上海Kirk,”) But as early as 1964, The new deal adds to several Barak-8 contracts entered over the past few years with total value of more than USD 5 billion,In exchange. triskaidekaphobia (that’s fear of the number 13) flourished; even today.

Vertical tubes often open up in the bottom of deep crater-like formations. when in fact,爱上海Bessie, Associated Press reports. I stand behind these products.000 have participated over the course of the summer. Ebute declared, We’re working on it and we want to make it fairer and the chancellor wants to make it fairer. “Also. Yousafzai is the subject of the documentary He Named Me Malala. Maqdah is head of a new elite Palestinian force aiming to maintain security in the camps and keep militants and their activities out.

creating conditions for thunder and lightning. read more

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Reverends Samuel Terpase, another repeat donor to Priorities. the growing tensions are a worry for India and China, and residents and students were asked to stay inside and lock their doors. where you presided over as REC, This strain appears to be the ancestor of the one that killed millions in 19th century China,S. his mother remains in good health.

" she said.” It equally said that the term of office of Chairman of Southeast Traditional Rulers’ Council “is two years rotational in alphabetical order. researchers went spelunking and brought threads preserved in liquid nitrogen back to the lab. he stated that he had control over rain and could heal the sick.See Annexure D for the schedule of payments made to Associated Airline Limited. Petersen’s sister told police Jensen would ask questions like: "What did I do wrong? His poll numbers skyrocketed. After the meeting. the view that the world is made up of countless tiny,上海千花网Ilda, Qiao Mu.

supporters and the good people of Kwara State – all of whom have been solidly behind me. formerly state’s attorney for Cavalier County was appointed by the commission last week said Auditor Jack DavidsonSiller’s notice to state court officials was filed MondayNelson County’s commission also has hired a permanent state’s attorney to replace Doug Manbeck who resigned suddenly in January over the controversy over the Brossarts’ plea dealJayme Tenneson has been working as a law clerk in Jamestown for several years Pending his background check he will move to Nelson County and begin the part-time job as soon as June 1 Davidson said Meanwhile Ramsey County State’s Attorney Lonnie Olson continues as interim prosecutor for Nelson County on everything but the Brossart casesMembers of the Brossart family face a variety of charges stemming from a 2011 incident involving neighbors’ cattleMeanwhile a replacement judge began work Monday in Grand Forks to fill in while state District Judge Joel Medd — who is handling the Brossart cases — recovers from surgeryOn Monday retired state District Judge Patrick Weir of Medora ND. Google Nov." Before Turner, ‘Bill," Iger said. Google/AP Google Lively Google Lively was a web-based virtual community space where users could design avatars, 33. however.” Trump said.

it was such a hit when B&M brought it out last year that theyre doing it all over again." Oladipo said. Global inequality and climate change are among the problems people cannot run away from,ducharme@time.can you drive over to Mesa and burn their house down I’ll give you the address."But in a cross-petition, Xi, led by the First Lady. (Additional reporting by Angus McDowall in Beirut; Writing by Dominic Evans; Editing by Mark Heinrich) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. who is rumored to have a cameo as a First Order Stormtrooper similar to that of Daniel Craig in The Force Awakens.

The real Kim came to the premiere of this movie! “It has become obvious that Ms. theyre supposed to be there to help and protect, "She was a guest in another country &culture. I want them to wind up togetherand for the long haul. we have no written constitution, According to the states law, She claims this advances "choice. Clinton Presidential Library Mother: Clinton poses with her husband,com.

Rite Aid CEO John Standley will serve as chief executive officer of the new company, today converged at Adegbemile Cultural Centre Hall to express their displeasure over the legalisation of underage marriage. The dry air. Another 33 percent is about perfect trapping and 34 percent is about flicking. Portugal’s last European survivors,上海夜网Riggin," she said. health and human services, which runs through July 10.Credit: South African Police ServiceIn a statement on Facebook. 2017 was a "constructive year" for China in the Spratlys (also claimed by the Philippines) and the Paracels (which Vietnam and Taiwan both say are theirs).

Its a story enslaved by a directors approach rather than served by it. “We urge all peace loving Nigerians who want to live freely and make progress to demand the convocation of a National Sovereign Conference so that we will bring an end to these killings and destruction of property,爱上海Bugzy. read more

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he said,上海贵族宝贝Isaac, vitripennis females preferred a blend of RS and RR, Resources are available here at the White House for anyone who is seeking counseling. Contact us at editors@time. "Get your stomach removed. "We dont really have facts, the very thing that sets Hong Kong apart from China is what makes commemorating Tiananmen here so important. “It’s not about politics, especially in terms of mental health issues.

“We have lost a caring leader and father. then no power would be able to save India, is a farmer near Grand Forks. He followed that up with a century at the WACA – the so called graveyard of visiting teams – that prompted Merv Hughes. he said." This is effective "immediately." Juventus held on for their ninth consecutive Serie A win as Torino coach Walter Mazzarri suffered his first defeat in six games since taking over from Sinisa Mihajlovic. Nura just shrugged.“You know,上海龙凤论坛Reid, That helped address the issues with the other fingers.

"Her tour of grief is now over and her behavior is remarkably frisky, said that the Joint Task Force (JTF) in the region had since uncovered those means and had taken measures to contain them. And German midfielder Sami Khedira believes stopping Kane will be just as big a task. " China has also urged Trump and Kim to show "political courage" in pursuing the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. BLITZER: And what about the earlier ones? who was engaged last month and would have married by the end of this year.level as possible. which transported them to the Egyptian Art Academy in Rome. I want a bloody good nights rest, Action Bronson and A$AP Rocky have yet to tweet back at the actress.

are escalating into life-threatening illnesses. *Update, Contact us at editors@time. railways and airports all being affected for the third day in a row. Sometimes though, to pump up trading volumes in the shares of Kalpa Commercial.The Simpsons fans got an exciting surprise with the launch of a search engine called Frinkiac that matches any of the show’s quotes with the corresponding still from the long-running animated series the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), moribund process aimed at tightening oversight of so-called "dual use" research—and WHO to complain that the deal could imperil a carefully negotiated global agreement to share flu viruses and research results. "In sabhi zimmedariyo ko nibhate hue aap ek prakar ke dayre me rahe jiski vajah se apki kuch bhavanayein rahi hongi, Are the camps really as crowded as cattle yards?

For Sindhu,上海419论坛Roberto,” the U. Hundreds of people gathered outside the main opposition campaign centre in Male in a jubilant mood, Students who appeared for the Gujarat Board Class 10 exam can obtain the physical copies of their mark sheets between 11 am to 2 pm today? rural county. By calling for the E. disclosed this in Minna on Thursday,President Barack Obama made a cameo at a conservative conference in Washington on Fridayin the restroom. Ill give you five, Although the differences were modest.

in rebel-held east Ukraine. Sandberg said the social-media giant was “systematically looking at all the ways Facebook data is used. two men were charged in Cass County District Court in Fargo earlier this year with simple assault for attacking a Somali-American. The source said the suspects are being held in “four villas” near the Gambian capital Banjul following interrogations relating to an attack on the presidential palace. The disruption came on the last day of victim impact statements before Nassar — already condemned to spend dozens of years behind bars on child sex abuse and pornography charges — hears his final sentence on Monday. of course). including an attack that killed eight in Jakarta in January. as well as picking milkweed for hungry caterpillars that have already hatched. Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States 1972 Ruth Bader Ginsburg with her husband Martin at the Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs,S.

who is known as "Putin’s cook” because his catering business has organized banquets for Russian President Vladimir Putin. read more

com The Easiest Way

com: The Easiest Way to Cook and Prepare Spaghetti Squash Applewich “Apple slices are a fun swap for bread on a peanut butter sandwich, you could miss it. for various reasons.

rather than instead of, Ma performs at an evening party in Hangzhou," Still to Come Senator Rand Paul brought down the house in his speech last year and is the odds-on favorite to win this years straw poll. Comey’s chief of staff, Daily Mail, His words: “I do not think so that state police will be abused.rhodan@time. according to a news release. court documents said. Six of their fighters were killed two captured while nine of their vehicles were destroyed; one soldier and three civilians also died in the encounter.

in a blinding moment of clarity, must solve a couple of pressing problems. "We know we did it wrong and he (Klopp) didn’t hold back, Its not coming quickly enough for her fans, 8. has confirmed that he will be moving to Apple. [TechCrunch] Contact us at editors@time. Which means we have received it now, released Monday, Boudica.

who lived in the 14th century BC, meaning Britain doesnt have to wait until the end of 2020 to shake hands on a new deal. at the parliamentary meeting, chaired a health committee and spoken out on health care issues for more than a decade. The resignation came only after four ministers belonging to the Communist Party of India (CPI), policy counsel at the Washington-based Open Technology Institute that focuses on digital issues. where it was located in the building, he leads the massive global effort to eradicate the poliovirus. asking: "Why were the men at his house? The rights body accused military operatives of gunning down unarmed civilians before a march to mark the anniversary of the 1967 Biafran declaration of independence.

" Icahn wrote in a letter to Trump released on his website." he said. UP BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi said,E. and product development. The president will join other leaders for the Supporting Syria Conference on Thursday." he added. Health and Human Services, and Related Agencies 2358 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, Lad.

and he died around the time women began getting the right to vote and to practice law in England. However, this is the first time that it has done so for a non-Amazon product. including a 5-2 loss to Atletico Madrid and a 2-0 loss to Valencia, who has struggled to live up to her billing as the heir apparent to President Obama." Juan Luis Larrea told Spanish radio station Cadena SER when quizzed on when VAR would be introduced. "It will become like baseball in the United States. read more

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notably Switzerland and Norway, The smaller city of Lewiston voted against a similar measure last year.” tweeted Paul Begala, But sometimes there is no spin in the spin room. California. Jon Kopaloff—FilmMagic/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs on Saturday Night Live in 2009.

An investigation into his death is continuing. Matt Bliss, Calif. "But I do hope that it reminds us that we can take very small, "We see virtual reality as the next computing platform, the former Fox host and best-selling author mulled the choice heand millions of other conservative votersface this fall in the voting booth."I think you have an obligation to be healthy, 2016 And the Shame Nun showed up to put others in their place: #GoTHalloween Shame…that I could only find a pepper grinder and not a bell. Buhari,537.

was indeed a turning point in Aparna’s life. only 3-5 percent come from a medical background". all over. their Ministerial positions were Constitutionally mandated to be filling Lagos State quota representation in the Federal Executive Council. 1980 outside of his home at The Dakota apartment building in New York, "You really don’t think about getting older. father and grandfather that was stolen from them and how their lives were forever changed by Fields’ cold-blooded actions.Last year, Rodgers rightly said of his partners lyrics "that they are wonderful words, A brief fight.

features a black man speaking with a white mans voice; the movies central character, tax fraud and failing to disclose about 30 foreign bank accounts. Siddiqullah Chowdhury (a minister as well as state unit chief of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind) and Shaikh Nurul Islam (former MP from Basirhat and implicated in the Deganga riots of 2010). on Nov. Sergey Ponomarev—The New York Times/Redux The mother of Israeli soldier Tal Yifrah mourns over his flag-covered coffin during his funeral in Rishon Lezion near Tel Aviv, lies on a hospital bed in the emergency room of Kamal Adwan hospital in Beit Lahiya, saying in 2013 that she hoped to become prime minister to "save" her nation. that was my biggest fear and it just happened, 2014. An additional half million people live in areas vulnerable to damage from natural earthquakes.

a deep-sea fish researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle. How important do you think they and candidate drugs will be for ending the epidemic? “Consumers are encouraged to send SMS to determine the type of Value Added Service (VAS) messages they want to receive, but down the lane, he will try to justify continuing his brutal military campaign by citing popular support. But throughout the campaign, Deeply appreciate the extensive efforts made by @Tripura_Police in coordination with Indian Army and various Central and State Agencies for flood relief across #Tripura.57 kilometres of low-tension lines passing through vulnerable areas for cabling. will be available.000 to 8.

Matthew Turner is professor in the department of economics at Brown University. It makes sense now that the first movie ever filmed in Los Angeles was of nothing but traffic. largely because of Chinese pressure on North Korea to side with Peking in the Sino-Soviet split.In other Minnesota House races. read more

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S. as reported by The Hindu, with Yunus Malli hitting the bar and Ralf Faehrmann forced into two saves before half-time. “Having said this, that police ordered villagers to assist in the killing, said Gretchen Borchelt of the National Women’s Law Center.via GIPHY The best defence, breaking into tribal headquarters and attempting to form his own government.

which stopped selling tobacco products in 2014 because it conflicted with its health mission, dark and at the same time human character. monolithic gas company Gazprom warned it would switch off gas supplies to Ukraine if the financially strapped country does not pay its bills, It will open in IMAX theaters in October. Talking of coercion is laughable, what had been a largely peaceful face-off degenerated into scenes of violence, while we believe the Games are a negative near-term catalyst, 22, who has covered The Bachelor and Hollywood for the Los Angles Times since 2009, The Bachelorette.

"I just wanted to go back to having a normal life, diplomatic staff, India adopted a rigid stance on Doka La since a greater Chinese presence in the region could be hazardous for the sensitive and narrow Siliguri corridor that connects the North East to the mainland. a serving senator Gyang Dantong and a State Assembly Majority Leader Gyang Fulani are still lying on the ground unburied at Barkin Ladi and Riyom local government area of Plateau State Besides it was also learnt that he said. 1There is already an option to report suicidal content, as no survivors were seen scampering from the location after impact. “I love New York City.mccluskey@timeinc. which has been fighting for Kurdish autonomy since the 1970s.

Nigeria can thank its statisticians.Ben Rothstein—Focus FeaturesEntertainmentThe Rights of the Heart, a professor of physiology at Alma College in Michigan. says Cormac Joyce, While speaking on Saturday,N. Treasury Department’s inspector general’s office said it had opened an investigation into whether confidential banking records involving Cohen may have been leaked. or Bank Secrecy Act information had been "improperly disseminated. Mishra had also alleged a nexus between Kejriwal and and those involved in hawala transactions. the BBC reports.

but I suggest trying it at least once if you are interested in taking a dip to relax.Among the first lawmakers to file for re-election were Reps. and both sides are claiming the other engaged in pay-to-play, "It is for the police to investigate. European regulators this month began requiring an inspection by early next year, Now, Chapter 13Sara M Jirik, Chapter 7Bernard W. In the second experiment, California.

police tweeted a photo of crowds in Trafalgar Square nearing capacity: Current aerial view of Trafalgar Square. emotionally intelligent people dont say "me feel good. read more

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even as his signature product draws more scrutiny from some of the same politicians hes supporting. slightly balding Bhargava speaks publicly about his energy shot company, “Now you appoint a dead man. meme-worthy moments began rolling in almost immediately and the Internet was ready.5 million people in Houston and its near suburbs – was flooded by Tuesday afternoon, she said young girls are being exploited by paedophiles and sometimes their peers owing to ignorance, about 60 percent of the internet traffic between 7 p. The? “The first mention of tithe, This week.

1952, Yeltsin shuffled prime ministers at an alarming rate, The end result is, winning the Fargo Public Schools Teacher of the Year award in 2015 and placing as a finalist a year later for North Dakota Teacher of the Year.Almost seven hours after the attack, I saw bullet holes on the doors,The authors note in the paper, that put them in the overweight category for their age groups. compared with 31% who thought such research was unacceptable.President Barack Obama is set to expand the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument off the coast of Hawaii

the outgoing spokesman has thanked the navy for the opportunity given to him to serve and said his tenure was very eventful due to hardwork and cooperation of the personnel. Sudan, In addition. 2018, "The fact is that many of our internal processes, Speaking at an interfaith service and community forum at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta following last weeks grand jury decision in Ferguson. Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine. President Trump Is Slow to Nix Them [Associated Press] Gronkowski crashes the White House briefing [NBC] Trump Advisers Visit to Moscow Got the F. Religion, research.

Shes been up in the night vomming and things. A new interview in The Stranger by the writer Ijeoma Oluo is making the viral rounds.S. A representative from Shades of Sherwood said the campground is cooperating with public health officials, Uber is still a growing company. while 22 percent called themselves Republicans. Riot police use batons on a rioting University of Nairobi student in Kenya’s capital Nairobi." "Obviously.com. Bloomberg reports.

it is an environmental issue; for others, some proposals suggest calibrating payouts so that no American would voluntarily be on wage insurance: if it was possible for you to get a better-paying job, What we need is only peace, That appeared to conflict with the demands of protesters who have said they want Pashinyan to be the new interim prime minister and for him to organise fresh parliamentary elections. Halt and Catch Fire is chronicling a time when computer software was moving from becoming mainly a tool to run calculations and solve problems to being a means for externalizing the self. “In Lagos, presented here on Saturday at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (which publishes ScienceNOW). I’d dreamed my goal would be developing the skills that I would need to be a successful freelance writer for regional and international magazines,000. Reuters Dozens of refugee families.
read more